Wednesday, May 11, 2016

movie review:captain america-sivil war

this movie started it showed time on 28/4/2016. and due to some activities I need to do within the weekend after that at last I was able to watch it...with who? of course with muni and we went to tgv setiawalk caused it was near to muni's house

captain America, other marvel's story and should be this story is more focus to captain America. however, it was not happened for this sequel. this story started with the avengers team need to carry out one task to catch the bad guy. however, they caused other citizen death as well as building collapse and others. so, the world come to agreement to control the avengers's team and they can carried out their job, if the world ask them. so, iron man, his friend and some avengers team sign the agreement. however, captain America, the flying guys and some of avengers don't agree with the agreement. kemuncak cite ni when one of the pemimpin who purposed this idea death and was suspected was because of the winter soldier. so, the avengers split into 2 groups: captain America (who believed winter soldier was not guilty) and iron man (believed winter soldier was guilty). this sequel also explain how winter soldier can become a bad guys and how iron man's parents dead. who won during the war? that part u have to watch the full movie. so, lets go to the nearest cinema.

what do I loved about this movie 
1. the fight scene...thump up mostly at the airport scene
2. the new team member in avengers: spiderman, black panther (if I didn't mistake his name) and antman....
3. the funny antman who become a giant like ultraman...haha..giler best
4. please do full investigated before u tuduh someone...haha, that's what happened to ironman 

the poster

pendek cite: cite kali ni is not fully about captain America but how captain America believed his friend: winter soldier was already change and how he try to convince other people to believe to what he trust.

ok, thank you for reading...take care^-^
p/s: bila suara pembantu ironman dah bertukar lain...sangatlah x best...huhu  

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