Wednesday, June 17, 2015

PCOMs 2015


lama giler x upload cite aka perkembangan di blog...sorry guys, a lot of things happened...really facing rough time during May 2015...and alhamdulilah masih diberi kesihatan for continue kepayahan ini...ok, forget about everything and focus on the topic

PCOMs 2015...adalah colloquium yg dianjurkan and diorganize by UiTM postgraduate student. previously it was annually event by the postgraduate but due to some technical issue etc, it had skip for a year, last year 2014..ok, although I am not a student in UiTM, just the's not a big problem to give hand to help them..and I was one of the committee for the hospitality..quite tough job for us (mira & auni) but we made it with the help of other committee mainly the lovely chairperson: abby..

after the hard work and for me as I need to be at 2 places sometimes within a day, I finished my job..cheras-sg buloh...  what am I doing in Cheras, well I will tell u later in my next post

to summarize the event: although it was a lot of things need to be improved in a few aspects..but we did it...with the help of other persons and that's what we call a nice team work...the event went smoothly and finish in the great condition...walaupun agak last minit di approved the budget and etc...with a good team work and doa...everything become possible..

the committee

free style post from the committee

our mkn2 at suka suki restaurant at TSB, sg buloh...a lot of food variety over here...and this is steamboat restaurant...a varietyof seafood, ice-cream, fishball, etc...just sos dia yg agak kureng sikit...service pun ok..if I didn't mistake rm30++ for adult and RM19++..for the price (sorry kalo silap tulis) steamboat & grill and for steamboat u can choose either tomyam or soup

kat meja kitaorg...mkn2 sambil curi mkn org lain kat meja lain..haha

that's it for now...akan di update selalu...ok, esok dah start ramadhan...alhamdulilah diberi kesempatan utk menempuh bln yg mulia ini dlm keadaan yg meningkatkan ibadah compare to the last year...jaga2 diri & mkn...bln2 mcm ni jugak elok utk diet & senaman secara sihat

ok, take care ^-^