Tuesday, September 29, 2015

dental clinic UiTM Sg Buloh is now open!

dental faculty UiTM Sg Buloh....finally, after more than 3 years, siap juga faculty dental which is located with medical faculty...and the good news is there also provide a clinic..i mean a dental clinic also and officially was open yesterday (28/9/2015)...so, this clinic is a open clinic means that public can also come for the dental treatment & check up
The dental care clinic will be operate:
Monday to Thursday: Morning session (8-11.30 am) & Evening session (2.00-3.45 pm)
Friday: Morning session (8.00-11.00 am) & Evening session (2.45-3.45 pm for appointment only)
Saturday & Sunday & public holiday: closed
For info call: 03-55211258
p/s: I take the number from the website which I think is not the latest number...Uitm sg buloh number should stat with 03-6126 and the extension..that's ok, just have a try. and there are providing a lot of services related with the teeth 
Dengar cerita, on their first day opening, ramai yg datang sampai ada patient x dapat nak jumpa dr..& dikatakan antara clinic pergigian tercanggih di Malaysia...well, I x sempat nk tengok lagi...maybe next time during my visit to UiTM sg buloh, I will go there
for any info, U guys can go to their website:  http://dentistry.uitm.edu.my/v1/
bagi yg x tahu where UiTM Sg Buloh is located...the easy landmark is hospital sg buloh...from the main enterance of hospital sungai buloh, it take about 5 minutes drive to UiTM sg buloh and along the way, there're a lot of nursery (plant nursery) which u can stop and buy your grass or flower..and in UiTM Sg Buloh, there is only one entrance for enter and exist..the UiTM police will guard u how u can park your vehicle..
ok, apa ditunggu lagi..kalo ada masalah gigi jgn lupa ke sini ya
thanks for reading & take care ^-^

Monday, September 28, 2015

kerja atau sambung belajar

working or further study? hm...hm...soalan cepu emas will be asked by the lectures mostly during final semester in undergraduate....and these questions will be hunting u after u made you're own decision...ok, this are my opinions why you should choose working or further study and the disadvantages
ok, if you choose working.....it's not wrong to do it....since u will gain a working experience, salary, soft skill and others. with working, u can have your dream car, house, vocation and others...meeting a new friends and buddies. but what will happened if suddenly u decide to further your study due to the same position for past 5 years, unfriendly environment and others? haha....most of the time, u will face the financial problem unless u got scholarship..i mean the secure scholarship.  how to get it? well u can have a look or alert any universities, NGOs, private company scholarship and most of them will be announced by the end of year....but I honestly my opinion, is better to working first before u further your study as it will help u in your resume and for the future...believe me
ok, if u're decide to further your study....non stop form degree until phd level.....well, the good new is you save your age number as you will get your phd less than 35 years old...well for me, it is considered as young phd holder. but u need to clear in mind as most of postgraduate students are struggle with: the financial problem such as monthly salary as well as tuition fees (it's totally the nightmare).thus, it a little bit segan to ask money from your parents. furthermore, to student who wish to do research mode in master and phd, u need to know your supervisor...it's not wrong to choose or terlampau memilih like you're choosing a clothes or shoes in the mall in term of your final supervisor as once you enter your programme, u need to face them, maybe 2-4 years...haha...as for mix mode course, u guys will entre the class for most of the time and need to had a good cgpa to pass your programme. u also need to have strong physical and mental aspects as the salary of postgraduate student is not like the working person...how is the different...well maybe 3 or 2 or 4 times compare to working person...cannot buy house, car etc.....need to do part time work and others...and the most issue is after graduate as most of postgraduate don't have a working experience.....and most of master by research will take longer time to finish compare to mic mode as they don't have any dateline and the dateline is depends to their own determination...
to conclude, if you're asking me what should you choose...I will say working....just working for 3 to 6 months to gain the experiences and see if you still interest to further your study. at the same time, it will show your interest...is it still same or change due to time, friends and environment....and also try to find scholarship and lecture that will help you to finish your study with the colourful kites. for muslim, don't forget to ask help from Allah...in sha allah, dan mudahan di permudahkan urusan. so, its your choice...working or further study
ok, thanks for reading and read my nagging....haha...take care ^-^ 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

International conferences of addiction, prevention and treatment (APT) 2015

it's quite a long time I'm not going to the conferences. I mean the proper conferences. the last time I remembered was back on 2012 at Kuala Lumpur...so, it was nearly 3 years ago...forgot the place but currently I think the replace the hotel with other building..hm...
ok, for this time...I'm not attended as a participant but I helped my friends ikin and ayu for the conferences as well as to full fill my external research seminar course. I took research seminar subject for this semester which required me to go to the several seminar that will be in charge by our lecture and some of the seminars are out of my field but at the same time, I glad to heard a lot of things that not familiar to me before. thus, will increase my knowledge as well as I got an idea to do something related with the field I interest with. and I need to choose one external conferences to be attend.
ok, APT 2015 was the first seminar organized by University of Malay, centre of addiction sciences aka UMCAS with collaboration with the Turkish green crescent society or TGSC with the theme 'Prevention, Treatment & Rehabilitation come together'.  In this conferences the experts of this field  was shared the current updates on this issues related with the drug and behavioural addictions. besides that, this conferences is also focused on latest method for addiction treatment, problem related to non chemical addiction, such as pathological gambling and internet addiction, effective management of problems related to drug and non chemical addiction, medical problem associated with HIV and hepatitis and social impacts as a result of addiction. for APT 2015, it was held at TMCC (Menara Telekom Convention Centre) on 19-20 September 2015.
During the event, I and my 'partner in crime': kak diya & muni were handled for the registration part and I managed to attend one full seminar entitled 'Harm reduction against HIV/AIDS among IDUs' which I think I can managed to deliver it back during the research seminar symposium on the end of October, please pray for me...During the talk, it gave me a knowledge about the decrease situation of HIV/AIDS in Malaysia and the plan of shut down the rehabilitation centre and replaced it with OSCA program. Increase my awareness of air ketum in term of color as well as the second chance that deserve by them who lived with HIV/AIDS.
anyway, it's nice to attend other conferences besides the genetic as long as the presenter give  the basic talk about their topic...so, everybody can take home the notes from the presenter..pic time & credit to lovely muni...
take 5 before someone come for register

the event banting

the 5 of us...of course u guys know the tan tin members...yg comel besides me was ayu

one of the plenary speaker from Japan gave this to us..at the began everyone afraid to try it but I started it first cause I had confident it was halal and started it with bismillah....I ate it...it tasted like keropok jagung that I always ate during my primary school...really appreciate if someone can help me to confirm it is it halal or not cause everything was wrote in Japanese...hehe  

acting back how the registration process happened

the book program and also tag for committee aka secretariat and participant. the tag also contain with the USB which was similar what I received during my first day I register last January...and as far as I remember, the tag was the wow tag I ever had during the seminar

that's the wrap for APT 2015...and sorry cause not helping u guys for the second day...besides gain the new knowledge, it also good to know new friends and plus a new thing...mostly when it related with the car parking, hehe...FYI, on weekend the car parking at the TM building was about rm25 (we parked for 10 hours, conferences took a long time..hehe)...so, my advice, to the participant or committee, ask the guard first or double confirm by asking the committee for the parking before the event...sometime, they forgot about the small thing as this was their first big event...besides that, there was a lot of thing can be improve for the next big conferences...anyway, good job and a big round applause for UMCAS for the successful event...

and lastly

our picture together before me, muni and kak diya went home

to ikin & ayu: thanks for inviting and having us as committee...for me, I really enjoy to do it and if there is any event that need my or our help, feel free to inform us...we glad to help plus I can learn something about event management...hehe...oh ya, thanks for the foods, the tag and all the goodies...sorry if we're did something wrong during the event

thanks for reading...take care ^-^  

Monday, September 21, 2015

hapi 1st anniversary to eza & kuzek

ahak...actually their anniversary was a month ago...LOL...to eza & kuzek...hapi anniversary & may a lot of good things happened in your life as a couple & having lots of kids...
motive why I'm doing this post is recently, I just see my picture during their wed at kuzek side as me was eza pengapit at that night...the most happing pengapit job I ever do
and for this year...I maybe will not be pengapit to any bride since I handle other event in my university....not because of me will be a bride in my own wedding...hehe
ok, photo time and thanks for eza for tagging me through the FB:
ikin, eza and me...after the event...yeah...

the pengantin & pengapit...from left: kuzek, kopang, azhar, me, ikin and eza posed at the dias..all of us know each other very well...by d way, what is azhar try to do with kopang in this picture? hm..hm....

the simple and elegant photobooth...currenlt update: ikin already has someone aka her husband and as for me, still searching for the one who hold my heart...ahaks

ok, at last...hm...thanks eza & kuzek for the picture...and for those want to hire their photographer, just go to their ig:

Personally, I quite happy with their photographer cause they will teach you how to post and will make u comfortable within a short time...mcm me and ikin, main suka2 minta ambil photo but they just follow our request ..haha...memang sempoi and what is the most important, their pictures are superb and u will look beauty ....love to have them on my own wedding..haha...

thanks for reading...take care ^-^

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

movie: maze runner 2: the scorch trials

movie review....I'm not do the review quite a long time, right?...last weekend, my 'crime friends' (kak diya & muni) watched movie we waited for quite a long time...the maze runner 2: the scorch trials
for those who watched their first movie...u guys should watched this sequel...to summarize this sequel, those guys who survived from the maze 1 were brought to other placed which at first they though it was the safe place as the evil dr (I forget the name but she wore the white coat) was dead...in that place, there were batch of other kids and there were from the different maze (at that time they just knew that there were other maze exist)..Thomas, felt something different about that place as in every day during the dinner, the securities will call out a few names and claimed that the will be back at the same place (at this time, Thomas can remember about his mother). Thomas met a mysterious boy (arias), and arias brought him to the place where the other kids (that the names were called during the dinner) were placed. they saw the kids were hanging on and they were supported using an oxygen and not moved...suddenly, Thomas saw the evil dr (he knew the dr was alive) when one of the security staff entre the rooms and they doing some Skype at that room (regarding to the cure etc, but some evil plan was working out)...
a.s.a.p, Thomas run to his room to inform his friends and after of some action with the fire gun, they managed to escape from that place...however, they met zombie at other placed and one of Thomas's friend got hurt because of zombie and ask them to leave before he killed himself with the gun...and the journey begin as they searched for the right arm to against the evil dr team....and they met other kids who was survived after escape from the security place and know where the right arm was...
what will happened next...u guys should see by yourself...this movie quite take a long time...almost more than 2 hours and we watched it at wangsawalk. but what make me sad when min ho was took away by the evil dr and the other kids cannot safe him including Thomas...in this sequel, one of the kid betray the other kids..it was....ops...u need to watch it by yourself...all I can say at the end of this story, u need to wait for other sequel which I hope it will be in cinema by next year...oh man, need to wait for other sequel..really hurt this feeling but there is nothing I can do...or other wise maybe I should read the novel...hm...hm...
credit to Mr google
the poster....due to the haze in Malaysia..this poster had been parody by a few people, change the maze runner to haze runner with the runner applied the mask..haha...quite a clever parody....

ok, that all and thanks for reading...take care ^-^

Nachos kat chewbit station batu cave

post entry di kala x dpt info yg di cari....ok, for those yg suka melepak tengok bola ke..oh ya, piala Malaysia dah start kan...of course you guys (mostly male tp sekarang pasal bola, girls pun boleh join gak mcm akak...haha....), mesti u guys will search for the nice restaurant for lepak2 right? and x kan lah nk makan nasi and nasi and bihun and bihun or mee kan? apa kata I suggest one place for u and your friends to hang out and makan something light after taking a heavy meal sambil menonton bola
khas for those who lived near giant batu cave or who suka2 jln2 cari port yg best...or cari port best for lepak2 while watching football match with your friend with large skrin layar...meh nak promote 1 gerai yg menjual kudapan ringan sambil menonton bola after your taking the heavy meal....
Nachos kat chewbit stall...Nachos? ya, nachos yg mkn mcm ala2 mexico tu...and this nachos memang sedap+thump up+ serious u guys will feel no regrets after try it

the location? Nachos ni adalah subgerai under mamak republic restaurant...and this stall and restaurant was open about 2 months ago...the exact location yg mudah...sederet dgn giant batu cave korang akan nampak PETRONAS... this restaurant berdepan dgn PETRONAS tu....area rumah kedai sederet dgn speed mart...signboard kedai ni besar, and red in color so u guys should see it...oh ya, selain this nachos stall, ada 2 stall which are chicken wing(ni memang win!!) and also roti bakar (by amir raja lawak...sorry amir cause not try your roti bakar cause we had order a lots of food...next time maybe)...

korang kalo gi sana, cari gerai ni yg dijaga oleh en abg sado+tinggi and akak yg cun +comel...hehe...mamak republic juga ada menjual makanan goreng yg memang best plus service pun agak pantas...tu yg kita mahukan....hehe

jom tengok gambar...credit to ima
the nachos....with cheese+mayo+beef....wow!!!what a perfect combination...haha....makan2 x sedar diri..bg yg melepak lama tu, leh lah order more than 1....oh, the price, this one is the big one and call beef nachos cheese which cost about RM9!..it's cheaper right compare u go to other restaurant..according to the menu its for 2-3 pax...but when you're so much crazy about this..u should consider u can eat that all by yourself...and for the small size is for RM5...and I recommended u to pick the bis one instead of small one....believe me  

as always....my beloved partners in crime for food hunting as well as jalan2...kak diya & muni...on that night we ordered maggi goring & nasi goreng kampong....the taste are ok, not bad...tasty and my milo ice is not so sweet also

me & the nachos...mkn sambil tengok bole..kel vs sel...where I believed Kelantan won that match..haha...they lead sel by 2-0 when we left the restaurant

oh ya, beside beef nachos cheese, u guys can also try for the chicken nachos cheese. for operating time, ya guys can go to their ig: ChewbitStation or their FB: ChewbitStation....or call them: 0136010704...

ok guys, don't forget to go there and try the Nachos by yourself

thanks for reading..take care ^-^

Thursday, September 10, 2015

video tasya & rais solemnization

quick post and this time dedicated to one of my close friend...tasya...although it had been more than a year (since aqil, tasya's son is almost a year), I think I never share this video to my blog
to those mostly who know tasya or her husband rais or maybe one of them was your friend during the school and never saw them for quite a long time or maybe not know this couple and want to know about this couple can go to this link:
I quite like an idea to make a video during the wedding...cause u can see the movement in the video (the bride, bridegroom, family and friend) and it will make it more memorable compare to the picture...I don't say that picture is not quite an important for the long and forever memorable (picture u can do some cute pose)...but my personal opinion, video is meaningful...so, when they (the spouse) are fight or having some argument in their marriage, maybe they can take a look the most memorable thing they share to each other as the first thing carry on the tittle as husband and wife
ok, enjoy the video
thanks for reading....take care ^-^ 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

picnic lagi di taman tasik titiwangsa

study memang study..bersocial x boleh di lupakan...it will be a permanent head damage (PHD) if u always think about study/work...and as always, where did I go for last weekend? this time is  a picnic time
at first, plan ni mcm seems difficult as it is haze in Malaysia due to the fire at Indonesia and also due to the angin monsoon that cause haze to be worst...and we're so lucky as a few days b4 the picnic, it was rain for almost the single day around KL and during that Saturday morning, I can saw a normal picture of the sun...not the red sun....haha
attendance kali ni.....me, muni, kak diya, ain & hubby-en nizam and not forget our new member who just pick up, wrap up and clean up their things and bring it from Kelantan to Selangor....mar & hubby-zul... this plan all began when Ain said she wants to come to KL for short visit..at first we're thinking about meeting at the mall but I didn't think it will be a great idea as we just want to sit, eat and having fun talking together and that's why I purpose having picnic together as the last time we did it when ami was around at FRIM
ok, picture time..credit to ain & muni
makanan hr berkenaan.....meriah+sedap....makanan secara potluck...kek batik by me, sandwich by muni, macaroni goreng by kak diya, kerepok lekor cheese by ain & kek cheese biscuit & air sirap limau by mar..napa ada botol minyak di situ? cause kerepok lekor ain di goreng fresh di sini...makanya, muni mengangkut sekali her portable dapur, wok, sudip and minyak masak...setakat menggoreng ni I think it should not be a problem here but for bbq I not quite sure cause it didn't mention at the board around titiwangsa area   

makanan cam ni...thump up...ms cari tempat & cr mar agak mencabar cause parking kete jauh2...haha normal lah tu...treasure hunt sikit b4 makan....chef muni tengah tunjuk bakat memasak keropok lekor cheese

the attendance....check.....let's having some activities together later...hehe...nice chatting+gosip etc

lps tu, around 12 picnic time abis cause mar need to go to her in law's house at tanjung karang and ain need to attend weeding at setapak...for me, kak diya and muni...our journey is still continue and we went to midvalley..haha...watch pixel movie and there was an exhibition regarding to WWF at mid...and also at that time at mid valley convention centre held home & furniture expo....one thing that get my attention at the expo was that small iron...easy to bring and it's light...wish I will have it later...will write it on my long wish list paper...hoho

WWF exhibition at mid...the used cardboard to make tiger, monkey and etc...well job guys

and keesokkan harinya, I went to my aunty weeding at muzium Selangor....first time attend wed at the muzium...to pengantin angah raihan and hubby, selamat pengantin baru & moga berkekalan hingga ke syurga and having a lots of cutes babies yg soleh and solehah...sorry gambar pengantin x de...credit to my sis in law for the picture

muka puas hati dpt makan

that's all for last weekend getway....how about this week?jeng...jeng.....tunggu

thanks for reading & take care ^-^ #phdjourney

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Topic hr ni...is related to me and hopefully I can follow the tips success
Kredit to FB
1. Secure The Best Funding Package Possible - Given how significant the increase in difficulty is when compared wit...h the previous study you have completed, it is essential that you don’t become too bogged down in outside work to fund yourself through the degree. Ideally, you want to secure a postgraduate funding package which allows you to focus all your mental energies on your research. If this is not possible, then tutoring students in your degree subject is a good choice as it pays well and keeps you sharp. To be efficient with your postgraduate degree study you should try to avoid working long, draining hours at a non-study related job, if possible.
(to summarize: it's all about money...aka grant..to postgraduate although your doing master in research in mix mode or research mode this is the most important think...grant secure...kalo x de, better u search for others although u really like the lecture or the topic...and also your monthly or daily pocket money need to be secure..if possible do part time job that will not effect your work to....haha..I pun tengah cari part time gak, sapa ada?)  
2. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help - If you’ve made it as far as entering a postgraduate research program, then you have undoubtedly already proved that you rank in the top few percent of your peer group in terms of intellect. Prior to commencing an intensive postgraduate research degree, it can be easy for some students to successfully sail through exam after exam without ever needing to ask for help. This presents one of the biggest problems to the effectiveness of many students’ research as they are not used to asking for help. It can even be a little embarrassing. However, to be effective you really need to get in the habit of asking for help as and when you need it. Soon it will become like second nature and you will be a far more effective student for doing it!
(to summarize: jgn jadi bodoh sombong...amboi bahasa...minta tlg kalo korang needs help although actually benda tu sgt memalukan utk minta bantuan...contohnya korang x leh kuar makan cause you're doing experiment yg memang x leh kemana2...minta bantuan kwn....pastu kalo korang Nampak ms dia tengah sibuk2 pulak at the next day, jgn lupa offer bantuan....buat baik di balas baik. x gitu? atau pun korang lupa nk tutup mesin ke atau korang nk Tanya pasal method etc)
3. Go Into University Regularly - Unlike undergraduate study, as a postgraduate student there are very few defined limits about how much and when you should do your research. This lack of structure works well for some and less well for others. It is a good idea, at least to start with, to make a habit of going into university on an almost daily basis. This gives you a chance to discuss ideas with peers and helps to delineate study time from the rest of your life.
(to summarize: walaupun sv dan co sv jauh di mata, jgn nk ponteng2 gi u unless memang u got something at the outside...just inform your sv or co sv where are u....kalo I lah...I memang semua keje kena buat kt U cause kat umah byk dugaan and it's way to hard for discipline myself in term of doing my homework at home..haha)
4. Build A Good Relationship With Your Supervisor - Cultivating an excellent working relationship with your academic supervisor is an essential part of effective postgraduate research study. It is vital that you communicate well with them and get all the feedback and advice you need from them on time. If there are problems with their feedback, their approach to guiding you with your research or you generally don’t have a good rapport, then you need to let them know. If the relationship simply isn’t working, then don’t be afraid to ask for a change of supervisor.
(to summarize: this is the main important work to be do....supervisor will help us till the end...although they will some arguing with your sv...please not too be rude to them...and always listen to them...although some of the thing is not right, take another way to prove u're doing the right thing)
5. Have Some Fun, Too! - Postgraduate research can be incredibly challenging; furthermore, it is inevitable you will go through some ups and downs over the course of your study. During this process, it can be easy to let everything else go and focus entirely on your research. This, in terms of both effectiveness and happiness, is not the correct approach. Make sure to balance your research with a little down time to allow for some fun and relaxation, too. You will come back refreshed to you research and, in turn, make faster progress.
(to summarize: jgn nak dok lab je...sekali sekala kena berhibur jugak and always think your work make you'll be in fun too....although u need to let go some of the thing u really want too such as gi merayap dgn kekawan di waktu opis atau mak ayah ajak gi jejalan tiba...u need to focus....just pesan apa2 kat depa je....)
ok, that's all a little bit  about postgraduate student....and that 5 tips need to be practice ya hasnah...ok, thanks for reading & take care ^-^#phdjourney

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ikin big day

entry kali ni...special dedicated to one of Tan Tin Tun's member....cik yg telah bertukar tittle to puan which was a month ago & last weekend was the reception event for her hubby side
sedikit throwback...where, how and when I met this crazy+funny+caring person....it was all began during master time and we're at the same room...ikin org yg terakhir msk dlm bilik asrama tu & like me, she went to Kelantan along...without family..haha..really independent..cause we're having a friend we can rely at Kelantan...like me during that time, I had ain, mar, eha, kuzek, azhar and kopang...while ikin had wana....and after we got a notice that said we had to stay outside hostel to give the place to the undergraduate students...we also stay together until couple last months her at Kelantan she moved out (ok, not because we're argue etc but ada ura2 our house owner nk ambik blk umah tu)...ikin went back to KL earlier than me...about 2 years earlier...haha
so, when ikin said she had someone...we (me, kak diya & muni)....we just scream and said WOW!!cayalah ikin...hapi sgt for u...sapa sangka ikin dlm diam2..haha...kalo dah jodoh x ke mana bukan? walaupun kalo ikut apa yg ikin cite...dia buat dek je...tp akhirnya kesungguhan yus menambat hati ikin...woow ayat..haha....walaupun ikin bercerita how she acted so weirdo and not like in herself...yus just ikut je rentak ikin sampai kitaorg pun pelik bila dengar cite ikin...mungkin betulah apa org katakan...ms bertunang ni kena hati2...silap langkah, x menjadi hubungan ini and akhirnya a week after raya, they finally got married....maka tinggal lah other 4 person from original pt1201 yg masih bertittle cik...haha...in sha allah semua nya akan berpasangan & in sha allah hingga ke syurga
secara ringkasnya...ikin look wow+deebak+cun sih with her makeup and outfit...the pelamin was so nice plus the foods gila thump up lagi2 part cake2 tu....
picture time: credit to ikin, & aini's husband
usai majlis ijab & qabul...ms majlis penyerahan majlis ni pada tok imam...ikin telah buat majlis ni jadi dramatic....nasib kejap je...ikin was so close with her family as she was the eldest child...so, it must so hard for her family mostly mom & dad to let her go to other one....that's ok, sekarang ikin nampaknya sgt happy dgn kehidupan baru...alhamdulilah..by d way, ms majlis ni is the first time I saw yus face to face...ok, not bad and way to different from what ikin describe

the tan tin tun...haha...congrats ikin...and who's the next...jeng...jeng....muni kah? kak diya kah? me kah?wait & see

ikin & yus...at yus reception...yap, makeup ikin agak heavy compare when in Melacca but still terserlah cun nya di situ...

ikin family

taken from aini's husband FB picture and just know he previously work at the same place with ikin's husband...I really like the concept of ikin dais...something I had imagine during pak din's wed reception, which was a year ago....but mana pulak nk cari kayu and placed at the hall....maka, bantutkan dulu hasrat tu

that's the end of ikin big day...to ikin, tahniah+congrats+well done...you are already a wife...enjoy your new tittle...x moh gaduh2 ya...and one thing u need to know ikin, the tan tin tun always there for you and please had a some time to hang out with us or interrupt our group conversation....haha...to yus, please give a time to your wife to hang out with us also...haha...you guys like partner from heaven...moga dikurniakan zuriat yg soleh & solehah, di murahkan rezeki, sabarlah menempuhi alam rumah tangga ni....to ikin, we (tan tin tun & pt1201) always love you...muah!!! and sorry ikin cause x leh nak tolong byk benda during your wed day...tp yg penting sempat dtg ms korang akad nikah

moga berbahagia hingga syurga ikin&yus

that's all....thanks for reading....take care ^-^ #phdjourney