Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jalan2 Pusat Sains Negara


menulis lagi...sangat bahagia di kala it isn't easy to get my paper to be publish so by publish something in my blog, it feel like 'yes...i already publish something'...a normal phenomena face by our daily life as researcher..ok, story morey this time about PSN or pusat sains negara visiting with lovely muni...ok, kalo x tahu PSN kat mana, just ask mr google...PSN was located at mount kiara area and you can see a giant golf ball building in a green color...why PSN? well at beginning we're plan to go to sogo (girl without shopping, it isn't true right?) but because we're still tired after yesterday yoga+walkaton...here came some genius idea to go to PSN to gain some knowledge about science which both of us love to knew more about it plus there was a new exhibition about Islamic civilization regarding to science & technology, about who is a real persons responsible to some invention such as aero plane, lens, watch & basic mechanical for transportation in how does the transportation moving...

ticket? it was affordable...I forget how much for student..but for adult it cause about rm6 if I didn't mistake..but if you want to enter the Islamic exhibition, rm20 for adult and student & student with student card rm15.00...quite affordable right? cause the knowledge, props they present in PSN were interesting...many thing can be learn in science including chemistry (a big 'jadual berkala'), biology such as genetics, digestive system from your mouth until rectum & physics about big 'tuas' & etc....and in the centre of PSN they got place for young kid under 6 years old...place for them to learn science in interesting way and maybe apply it in life...there was also a demonstration about how science worked by PSN staff and before of that, they got some exercise together (staff & children & some parents) with some interesting move & music (I should ask the staff where the got the music from...., as one of my daily exercise & maybe I can ask my cute 'anak buah' to join me..)...

at the second floor,the exhibition about Islamic invention...what you can learn from the exhibition? there were many things...the things that you guys can say that Islamic or Muslim invention was also creative same as other religion and we as the new generation should be like them and create something that can be benefit for our and next generation. For examples:about our watch which come from an elephant watch, secret how to write a number based on the dot, who actually create an aero plane, about lens, who actually discover the sea road by using making a ship without machine and depend to wind for ship moving, cataract treatment and others...when you guys enter the exhibition, they will show some movie...really interesting movie like real cinema...story about 3 students (if you like to watch harry porter, the 3 students dress like harry porter) who need to finish their project about Islamic invention...this exhibition already start and will be end by february 2014...if you get something to ask during your tour in this Islamic exhibition, the friendly & really informative staff will help you...so, before you ends your tour all the question in your mind will had an answer just don't be shy to ask them...this exhibition get 5 section and don't worry it just in that area only (in the same floor...because in the beginning, I though it got 2 floor for this exhibition...ha...ha...)...so, maybe in the next exhibition there will be other intelligent Islamic invention I didn't know before and maybe other props to be add....

ok, photo time...thanks to muni & my camera

Presenting PSN located at mount kiara..dekat2 dgn hartamas & kwsn2 sewaktu dgnnya...mcm bola golf besar tak?

tempat2 menarik di PSN

me with hidupan aquatic 

muni berjaya tangkap ikan guna tangan lagi...cayalah

what's air pressure game is all about 

tangan kami mengeluarkan electrik

sapa2 nak tilik nasib...meh sini utk tilikan nasib yg palsu...kalo leh tilik yg betul lama dah tahu ms depan..ish..ish...mana leh main tilik2 nasib ni...

cell in side our body: mitochondria, cytoplasms, nucleus etc

me inside mother's womb...ha..ha...

muni inside mother's womb...ala...ala...cute22

upacara angkat diri sendiri...berat sih...sign I need to diet!!

muni mengagkat diri sendiri...naik lg muni...naik lagi!!!

us inside mirror

this is what we call genetic!!

a giant jadual berkala....

exercise time...demo first by PSN staff

mirror...mirror...who's the prettiest lady in the world.... 

ajaib tak?

waiting for a movie to start

muni in planet kiara

suasana di tengah2 PSN

ok, komen ya? PSN dibuka start from 1996..so currently is 2013 so it already 17 years old and there were a lot of props need to be fix..and maybe some interesting events need to be organize here..so it will interact more people to come to PSN...this place is not for student or parents who having the children...it was place for us to learn more about science and maybe get some idea in certain things working on...yeh!!!

me in kiara's suit...sapa tengok planet kiara yg dah msk second season should recognize this suit right??yeah!!!

end of interesting weekend...thanks to muni who came out with amazing idea about walkaton which I really love to do it again & cause tumpangkan umah u and belanja i & send me back to sg buloh...thanks so much...really appreciated it...

k, big event for lovely bff tasya will come this weekend the first week of november 2013...what's is it? I'll post it later...

see you again...take care...da...da...^-^  

Monday, October 28, 2013

Walk pink


hi guys...exercise? how frequently you exercise for week? is it 2/week...1/week or maybe once a month...he..he..don't worry we're in same situation... i remember during my time in USM kelantan during both kak fini & tasya were there we used to go for aerobic class & it was a fun activity to do together in order to get your favorite body figure aka slim or to maintain your stamina...but after they gone and i was busy with my kumon class..there was no exercise activity...in sg buloh, what i did as my exercise were walking and climbing stairs to my house in 5th floor as there was no lift in my apartment and at the 4th floor i can felt that my breathe was become slowly hard...ha...ha...that was a sign of lack of stamina in my body..ha.ha...

last weekend (26th October 2013), muni, me, kak adiya and mel (kak adiya's sister) join a program called walk pink at plaza damas located around sri hartamas area if i didn't mistake as i didn't familiar with the area...why? well it was our first step to do exercise and do something fun activity together and get to know someone else's problem..walk pink actually the activity for breast cancer patients and survival..but it didn't make an excuses for us to join them and heard some of their story during the diet and daily lifestyle and some exercise can be done to fight the number one killer disease for women in Malaysia... so,  guys ad we knew the early protection was really important and perhaps the man or husband should knew how to take of their beloved one by having some knowledge regarding to breast cancer...

this walkaton (walk not run like marathon) was about 3km non stop and each of us was given a pink balloon and a stick to tight the balloon & also a small ribbon, a symbolic ribbon for breast cancer...so just place or pin it on our scarf...why they give us pink balloon...well besides the sign of breast cancer prevent. it was easier for us who left behind to know the exactly direction during our 3 km walkaton..what a good idea..and after that, the organizer give us a demonstration for yoga that can be practice for the cancer & survival & also useful for others as exercise..how to control our breathe might be useful to release our daily tension regarding to our daily busy activity...and also some food & drinks...

ok, jom cuci mata dgn gambar.....kredit to mel, me & muni

banner program

event took place....ye!!pink baby....ada yg dtg by group, with family, with hubby (bakal hubby I sila suka activity ini ok as I think I start to love it) & little children (siap tolak dgn stroller lagi with hubby...how cute!!!I like...)

jln2 sempat ambil gambar mel & kak adiya lagi

starting point with pink balloon & pink outfit

after walkaton...berpeluh jugak lak....berjaya!!!menghabiskan 3 km dgn cerianya...peace!!

b4 beraksi...mcm kanak2 sekolah nak PJ

us...me, mel& muni & kak diya with our 'props' during the event

bila nak start jln2 ni

sebab x start lagi...ambik gambar lagi...he..he....

mereka dgn belon2 mereka

setelah tamat berjalan...sapa nak belon???

kami lagi

us again

kami di tempat perlepasan dgn belon masing2....

ok, after dah successful with 3 km...we're planning for other walkaton for 5km next november in UM...charity program for leukemia's patient...and what will be interesting during this event, there will be 5 station and we need to solve something in every station..yes!!this is what we call exercise & happy together & shikin will join us also...ok, I start to love this kind of event & hopefully I can join other event like this...he...he...

before I end my post, yesterday one of my friend Ain ,lost her mother ( I was close with arwah..I called her 'umi)...It was really shook new...To ain & family...salam takziah and moga umi ditempatkan di kalangan org2 yg beriman...al-fatihah for umi & moga tenang di sana....

ok, see you guys soon!! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

program cuti sekolah 2013


ok, sekolah tinggal 5 minggu except for those student yg ambik SPM...ok, lps ni 'merdeka' sementara from homework, wakeup early in the morning etc...ho..ho...really miss my school day...and kalo time ni selalu berkata pd diri sendiri that I should follow what cikgu maamor asked me to be long time a go or I should not spoil out my interview when I got other chance to be a teacher during DPLI program...ok, no 'if' word cause benda tu dah berlaku and there is no turning back what had already happened & mungkin yg berlaku tu mesti ada hikmahnya...just terima apa yg berlaku and get ready to face what will come next

ok, berbalik pada tittle...to those parents either yg bekerja atau maybe either one of you stay at home, mesti pening kepala apa nak buat time2 cuti sekolah ni kan?takkan suruh study memanjang tak? apa kata give them something else beside of reading or study...something yg maybe boleh dekatkan mereka dgn benda yg maybe will be one of their career or hobby...ok, kat sini nak promote 2 benda yg maybe boeh menarik minat  anda or your children...

1. program berbentuk ilmiah mostly islamic + membentuk pemikiran secara dinamik & what teamwork is all about..ok, presenting: 'Kem fitrah Insani' 22-24 Novenber 2013..ok, fasi ni memang sangat berpengalaman utk program2 mcm ni & in sha allah akan menemui sesuatu hasil di akhir program ini & hopefully berkekalan hingga mereka dewasa...kem akan di adakan di kem jati jalan kebun & yuran pengankutan termasuk sekali dlm yuran pendaftaran...jd for those yg berminat sila terjeh web site mereka: tenagainsan13@blogspot.com atau fb mereka https://www.facebook.com/pusattenaga.insan?fref=ts utk any pertanyaan atau pun pendaftaran

2. ni special sikit...kelas quiling aka gulung paper tapi ingat bukan sebarang gulung cause gulungan ini boleh menghasilkan seni yg menarik and maybe berguna di masa depan...kalo ingat sy pernah post pasal seni quiling ni utk guest book perkahwinan...get go to my previous entry...mungkin anak2 anda akan menunjukkan hasil seni yg sangat baik & maybe memupuk as one of their hobby during kelapangan...yg ni anda boleh ke fb: https://www.facebook.com/pages/KC-Gift-Shop/132027366984108 utk sebarang pertanyaan mengenai yuran and also place utk belajar which is should be around KL area..

ok, take care^-^ see you soon

p/s: sy pun nak belajar buat quiling...leh tambahkan kemahiran sendiri...tp it just for kids only...so, kids lets learn when you still a kid...should be some worth during your adult time and maybe can make your own present for your beloved person

Monday, October 21, 2013

master sun


post kali ni mengenai hr minggu dipenuhi dgn mkn2 & drama korea...rsnya last layan reramai ms duduk shah alam dulu kat seksyen 13 tu...ala, yg dekat dgn stadium shah alam tu, meh mintak tolong en google utk cr..and akhirnya date with puan eha & bakal baby pun menjadi after di postponed beberapa kali..

ok...dgn 17 episod...memang maraton lah cite korea ni...agak latest jugak lah drama ni...tittle: master aun aka I can see a dead people or the tittle in korea hangul....cite dia about a woman who had ability to see a ghost (so, to those yg agak kureng sikit dgn bab ghost ni...di nasihatkan utk tengok ramai2...ada part yg ghost tu muka ngeri dan jalan mcn suster ngesot)...and when this woman met a man (which is a hero on this story) and when this woman touch this man, the ghost will be disappear...mcm biasa dlm kebanyakkan drama korea harus lah ada scene lawak2, cinta2 and etc...cite ni agak menarik gak lagi2 bila bab hero & heroin...bila tengok cite ni ala2 ghost whisper pun ada cause after heroin tolong hantu tu tunaikan permintaan, hantu tu akan pergi...tp ada jugak hantu yg x pegi2 lps hajat ditunaikan like hantu coffee and aunty supermarket..cite ni aku dpt concludekan jgn buat jahat dgn org lain and jgn menuduh org sesuka hati kalo x de bukti yg kukuh...siasat before judge other person..oh ya, cite ni start tengok sabtu mlm dan berakhir dgn jayanya ahad mlm isnin kul 12.30...ha..ha...tengok2 cite korea ni, jgn lupa solat and mandi pulak..that's why take almost 24 hours nak habiskan

makanan...ha..ha...di sebab ibu mengandung mengidam meat ball yg kak faiz buat, makanya ada bihun sup & aiskrim buat sendiri...uh..uh...sedap....dah lama x buat aiskrim sendiri...ms bdk2 dulu je...mahu buat blk nanti lah...and ibu mengandung bwk spageti utk kitaorg...yg tukang taip blog ni tukang kupas bwg & mkn shj!! ha..ha...

jom tengok gambar (kredit to eha):

lunch bersama b4 eha berangkat ke opis...nasi arab ayam...harga agak affordable....rm 55.00/5...so dlm rm11...ok lah harga utk ns arab kan?pernah jumpa lg mahal lagi..ada ns arab, ayam, and  sampingan yg lain (sila rujuk gambar) & air sirap bandung bersoda...nasi dia pun sedap...bah kata iklan gardenia: sedap di makan begitu saja...kedai area TTDI korang cr restaurant ns arab...dekat dgn petron, block berdepan dgn 7-eleven, sebelah kedai mamak yg aku x ingat nama

me, eha, kak faiz & new friend: iman

walaupun bertemu sekejap, tapi ok lah tu drp x jumpa...to eha, moga sihat selalu & take care diri  sendiri & baby dlm perut tu...seriously, x perasaan pun eha ni pregnant cause x de perubahan ketara drp badan & muka...kira mentain je...ok baby sila membesar dgn jayanya ya!!!

last picture 
kak di, kak faiz, eha & me (napa muka mcm nak tido ni...ish..ish...)...friends forever!!!!nanti ketemu lagi ya

ok, take care...see you............^-^

Sunday, October 6, 2013

picnic 1 with lovely PT1201: taman botani, putrajaya


Ketemu lagi...ok, merujuk tittle di atas... picnic!!ye!!!setelah merancang dgn ms yg agak lama akhirnya successful plan for our first PT1201 picnic...although only 4 of us (me, kak adiya, muni & along) were able to come but yg pentingnya...ia menjadi..ok, perancangan awalnya di taman tasik titiwangsa sahaja but at last bertukar ke taman botani putrajaya...why? ha..ha...cause muni x bersiap2 lagi ms tu cause goreng nugget utk kitaorg...jadinya, kitaorg yg gi ke dia...ha..ha...

taman botani...quite nice place...ada tasik & nice place to take photo also and family day utk setengah hari pun boleh and also sesiapa yg mengidamkan perkahwinan dlm taman...I will suggest this place...taman botani terletak di presint 1 berdekatan persint 9/10...nasib baik hr berkenaan (5/10/13) x hujan and angin yg best...rs mcm nak tido je kat situ...ha...ha...aktiviti hr berkenaan...of course girls talk, watching movie together. mama (sedih ending dia...tp sound x kuat, rs mcm nak ambik speaker DJ kat majlis kawin tu je), mkn2 which is the most important thing and taking photo together...oh ya, along dah pregnant...alhamdulilah...hapi for both of you the mom and baby bertambah lagi 'anak buah'...just along cepat letih sikit buat ms ni maybe cause early pregnancy...ok baby...u need to be strong so u will be deliver safely...ok, jom tengok gambar:

makanan..yum..yum...spageti (betul ke ejaan...lantaklah) & kentang-by kak adiya, air & keropok by me, jambu batu-along (aku menguyah benda ni sambil tengok mama...mcm popcorn, nugget and kuih acar berlauk-muni...semua sedap!!!ha..ha...

kak adiya, muni & mom to be-along

along, me & muni

pemandangan indah dr taman botani...thanks to tun M cause mencetuskan idea utk putrajaya

family photo..aku yg besar


lambang universal utk ibu2 mengandung...tahniah along

buat gapo tu hasnah


ms mengemas2..buang apa yg patut bersama2 jaga kebersihan

Taman botani, putrajaya

weeding dlm taman...bestnya!!!

perbincangan hangat

from taman botani with love....tak tahu apa nama tmpat ni...i think replika satu bangunan...kak adiya kata mcm betuk istana di turki...msk dlm x de apa2 pun...tapi ukiran dia memang nice

taman botani

gambar x de kaitan...kitaorg singgah solat di masjid besi cause ibu mengandung request..ada majlis akad nikah sapa ntah, but tahniah buat pengantin & family...first time tengok org buat video kawin...meencabar gak...berapa kali tawaf pengantin pun x tahu....nak request buat video kawin jugak boleh????ha..ha...bila pun x tahu lah

ok, next picnic...misi kami...other taman di putrajaya (ada 4 lg taman utk diterokai) atau di tempat2 yg lain & of course pertambahan ahli....& b4 perut along membesar dgn jayanya.yeh!!!!

last photo:

da...jumpa lagi....take care^-^