Tuesday, May 31, 2016

review buku: Sainslah


ok, review buku pasal sainslah.....buku ni mengisahkan about 24 saintis yg telah and currently mengejar cita2...topic pembelanjaran atau background yg pelbagai:fizik, kimia, math, biology etc..that will help to courage and motivate current student either in master or phd as well as those yg undergraduate student

why I terbeli buku ni: the main reason caused my big bro was one of the co-author in the book...he told about his study, interest, challenge and etc...but the story the caught my interest was the one who wrote about the atmosphere layers and the function...that really caught my interest and make we wonder, if the technology can be used to detect and exact predict regarding to the exact location of tsunami, how big the wave will be and etc. and it will be great if it can be predict as soon as possible like a moth before the tsunami event etc

so, guys...mostly who was or will be involved in research mainly in physic and chemistry (caused a lots of co-authors re in those field)..don't forget to get the book near the bookstore or you can purchase it through the website...just google and write Sainslah

ok guys. this is the book...harga rm25 exclude postage....kalo korang gi ms pesta buku kt maeps hr tu, diaorg jual rm 15...memang berbaloi2 beli kat pesta buku....tp, x salah bukan belanja utk ilmiah...x gitu

ok, apa yg kureng sikit kat buku ni...this is my personal opinion...most of lecture yg involved as writer in the book was graduated from oversea...apa kata letak beberapa cite from the local graduate yg rsnya cabaran tu agak mencabar gak. caused near the family (mesti nk join aktivi family bukan?,) financial support, experiment x menjadi, culture be a postgraduate in Malaysia mostly phd and etc...kalo boleh letak yg graduate from both public and private uni atau yg currently sedang study....sekadar cadangan for the next book

ok, tq for reading and hope this book will come one of the hit book in Malaysia...take care ^-^

Monday, May 30, 2016

ipoh: kellie's castle, pasar karat and funny mountain


recap weekend gate way for last 2 weeks at Ipoh, Perak...bakpo gi Ipoh tiba2....caused it was been a long time I didn't go there, small family short trip as well as to cheer up my date before his minor operation..hehe

ok, as always I went there by ETS caused pak din x confirm nk gi...so, ada cite menarik ms naik train ETS hr tu...nasib baik berkenaan I membekalkan diri with a film in my phone and a novel: isteri vs tunang (for this novel...I prefer the drama than novel). so, the train came late about 15 minutes late...when I stepped inside the train, the staff asked me to go the other koc, which it was a little bit weird as every ticket was included with the seat number. when I went to the koc, there were a few passengers and the train looked different from previous ets I rode before. the staff explained to us that this train was a replaced train and the seat was for 300 passengers not 350 passengers (the train I supposed to ride is for 350 passengers). means that, the remain passengers need to sit at the floor at stand which it will take about 2 hours journey...haha..at the first, the staff said ktmb will refund us with rm8 but one of the man besides me said " mana boleh, it should be fully refund". a few weeks before this, there was an train accident: ets Ipoh and Butterworth...mungkin sebab tu gamaknya train x ckp..hmmmm...then after few minutes later, the staff told us a good news...yeah!!we will get a full refund..haha means we rode free ets...and I didn't realize the time flew faster as I keep read the novel (I can't watched the film as no subtitle and I can't hear the dialogue clearly)...I only got a seat 2 station before Ipoh...

ok, my mission to Ipoh that time was to taste the best ever soya water called funny mountain. there were 2 options to buy the drink: go to the stall or like mc Donald drive thru...haha...they sold soya drink in small bottle (rm2.50), big bottle (rm6.50) and tau fu fa (yg clear solution and I forgot how much is it)...if you are truly soya drink lover, this is the placed u should go....just type funny mountain on your google map or waze application...then, we met pak din and biha at the famous Ipoh nasi ganja...ok, for me the taste is ok but it will not be my favourite place to visit...caused for the me the taste biasa2 je....sorry ya, maybe other people got their own opinion...

then, we went for movie and watched football game together at the night...as pak din and biha, they went dating at kinta waterfall to see the beautiful light...the next morning, we went to pasar karat and kellie's castle before we (me, pak din and biha) went back to kl....

we also celebrate mother's day during that weekend...hapi mothers day mak

kellie's castle

the boys with mak...which one is my youngest brother? hehe

this is the funny mountain...they're open from 10.30 until the soya finish...so, better go there early..ok

that's all for the short trip to Ipoh...tq for reading and take care ^-^

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Food jam sungai buloh memang best


last 16/5 hr tu....we the hbp members celebrate teachers day with our lecture: Prof Hoh boon peng...haha, it's not really a celebration caused he treat us with the lunch...haha...it was been long time since our last met up together caused most of the members already finish their master/phd..so, the left member that still struggle to finish our study were kak rafi, ju and me....and since everyone was busy: helmi, kak rafi and syud cannot join the event. that's ok, maybe we should plan for other event?

ok, food jam restaurant...thanks to Julia hard work, we're able to eat here..food jam ni makanan berunsurkan makanan barat means no nasi ya...tp x salah bukan if sometime kita tukar selera makan kita...ok, suasana kat restaurant ni agak santai and byk poster di dinding...nut I syak, the owner like dragon ball story caused there was one poster regarding to dragon ball. kat sini, korang kena self service means korang kena gi order kat casher sendiri...apa yg paling syok kat sini...hehe, pinggan ni memang besar and for girls portion, I suggest boleh kongsi dlm 5-6 person kalo laki maybe 4-5 person...depends tahap kelaparan and kesukaan korang to the western food

ni dia pinggan yg dimaksudkan...haha ada dlm 11 jenis mknan dlm pinggan yg besar ni: 4 types of spaghetti, kepah, mashroom soup, garlic bread with mash potato, nachos with meat ball, beef grill, chicken grill, fish, salad....memang berbaloi2 and the price was rm58....berbaloi tak??? 

cake for teachers day...tq sima for the cake....rasa dia memang thump up...sedap sgt...x tipu...sapa2 nak tempeh kek from sima, korang kan go to her ig: CAKES.BY.YUSHIMAH...korang2 yg dok area bandar enstek jgn lupa order tau...

rakan seperjuangan bersama from USM to UITM and suddenly I went to UCSI but we still with the same supervisor and co supervisor: julia

the lectures with the flower from us

group pictures

the hot mom: sima (left) & umi (right)

caused ramai org got meeting and any urgent thing, we're plus the cameragirl: sima waited for kak ina. kak ina just finish her shift and due to the traffic jem she came late for the event...unluckily, she didn't manage to met dr & kak zu 

about food jam. u guys can go to their id: Food Jam...this restaurant will be operate on weekdays and Saturday from 12-3 and 6.30-11.30 and for Friday, the restaurant will close during lunch hour and open from 2.30pm-11.30pm. It will be closed on Sunday

the map

so, apa lagi...kalo korang pengemar western food or food hunter...apa kata try kat sini...memang x akan menyesal punya lah...korang boleh tempah utk makan sendiri, duo,tiga,empat atau makan yg besar tu...hehe

jgn lupa cuba tau

tq for reading and take care ^-^

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

movie review: x -men apocalypse


kali ni kita tengok movie jauh sikit..kt Ipoh parade...yeah...with my lovely big sis and lovely husband and wife: Pak din & biha

x -men, well most of the sequal I watched it at the cinema...and fyi, the ticket at the first week for this hit movie will be higher...nearly rm20. yeah, film such as x men, transformer etc. so, how to save your money and still can watch this big movie?
1. go to tgv cinema b4 6 pm. and don't forget to bring your maybank card..debit card still accepted...
2. u can wait for 2/3 weeks from the movie released date..the price will be more cheaper
3. u can go to mbo cinema...which is more cheaper compare to gsc...why? the sound and feel are very different...believed me

ok, synopsis

this sequel ni continue from the previous sequal...so, means ms ke belakang ya kekawan...ada satu makhluk know as sabahan nur (Arabic name in malay called selamat pagi) ni hidup ala2 zaman firaun. he wanted to life forever...therefore, bila dia dah nazak, dia akan berpindah baru dan tinggal badan yg lama. so, ms proses ni go on, there will be 4 guardians to guide him dan tlg utk proses ini...pada ms ni, ada sekumpulan pemberontak cuba nk ganggu proses ini dengan meruntuhkan pyramid yg digunakan utk proses penukuran badan ni....and pemberontakkan itu Berjaya dan 4 org pengawal ni Berjaya di bunuh dan proses penukaran badan tidak complete sepenuhnya

a few hundred years later, so br cite pasal prof X yg muda and beast and also sekolah for the mutan...how scott eye became like that, how he met jean and others. kat sini jugak cite pasal magneto and his family and also his son yg dia pun x pernah tahu. how prof x became bold, about storm, jean true power etc

so, what happened to sabahan nur and why he kidnapped prof x? and also how do they met wolverine for the first time?how they defeat sabahan nur?so, don't forget to watch it at the cinema...memang thump up!!hehe

tq Mr google

the poster

ok, lps ni mcm mana pulak sequal x men ni ya...sabra lah menanti ya

tq for reading & take care ^-^


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

movie review: angry bird


haha, this month memang kaki movie caused most of the post for this month is about movie review...ok, for this time movie review is the movie that adapted from the famous game: the angry bird movie...this was my second time watched cartoon genre in the cinema but its oklah plus my kakak treat me...so let's enjoy...

for those who loved to play angry bird game, u guys must watch it, seriously. so, u guys can know why the game was play in that way...and for those who don't play the game, u can came to cinema to watch it also...as for me, I play this game like less than 10 times..hehe

as synopses

angry or red was an angry bird and will become angry if he cannot control it. at the beginning of this movie, red was late for the cake delivery and caused trouble in his client's house. therefore, he was bring to the court and was sent to the anger class together with other 3 birds: bomb, chuck and I forget the name of the big bird...all of them were sent there for different reason like bomb caused always bomb, chuck was always run faster and the other one I forget what was his mistake

one day, piggy came and asked to stay at the bird's island for few days. at the first they said only 3 of them came but red didn't believe it. so, during the feast, he and his friends: bomb and chuck sneaked into the ship (piggy came to the bird's island with the ship) and found there were a lots of piggy in the ship...so, the leader of the piggy make a sad face and said they need to stay in the island for few days...but red didn't believe it as he saw the piggy were practice something near their ship. therefore, he asked help from his friends to accompany him to search for mighty eagle..the legendary bird in bird's island...and the only bird that can fly in that island

what is actually the piggy's plan? why they so kind with the others bird? why red and his friends searched for the mighty eagle?that's u have to watch it by your self....

thanks Mr google for the pictures:
the poster

red aka angry with bomb (left) and chuck (right)

some bird in bird island

the baby birds were so cute...comel sgt...hehe....this movie is suitable for the kids...so, don't forget to bring your kids to cinema to treat them during school holiday....besides cuteness, the friendship meaning was other highlight in this movies besides from cooperation and to become a good leader, u need to listen to other people and investigated it....

ok, tq for reading and take care



Monday, May 23, 2016

ada apa dengan cinta 2


ada apa dengan cinta 2 aka aadc 2....ya, after long time of waiting...finally, after 14 years....

ok, sy menoton filem ni agak lambat which was 3 weeks after di releasekan. caused I was waiting for some good buddies during my secondary school... along plan of small reunion was plan and finally we made it

ok, b4 I watched this movie...there were a lots of rumors about this story, such as:
A: "it was so great...good story line, actor and actress and remain u about the old time"
B: "it was a bored in the beginning and moved late through the end of story"
C: "it was so bored and aadc 1 was better than this"
D: "If u never had this experiences, u will not feel it"
E: "its worth if u watch it"

so many opinion about aadc2 and as for me, this is my personal opinion

overall, it was more excited if u watched it with your old buddies mainly buddies when the aadc 1 which was back on 2002...the friendship between cinta and her friends was the one what I always imagine and always want to do...I imagine that : although we had our own family, busy with the works but we still had time with our old buddies..and the important of explanation, why rangga waited till hundred months to explain to cinta why he left her and break up with her...as for me, the friendship story line was really story line that caught my interest when I watched it

ok, this is the synopses of aadc 2:

after 14 years.....rangga still lived in new York and worked as writer, photographer plus own his coffee shop with his business partner. one day, a girl came to his placed and claimed as his step sister. she told about rangga's aka their mother who miss him so much and suffer with the memory loss as rangga's mother only remembered him cycled to the school. rangga's father was pass away during his undergraduate

meanwhile, cinta open her art gallery and announced she will get engage with a businessman. alya, passed away 5 years ago due to accident.  Maura got her phd in o&g and already got married. Carmen just came out from drug rehabilitation centre after her marriage failure and of course my favourite role in this story: milly who already 6 months pregnant and married with one of their friend during secondary school (SMA). this 5 friends plan for vocation in yongjakarta for 4 days plus cinta need to attend the art showcase.

when rangga heard about his mother, he decided to go back to Indonesia and his mother lived at Yongjakarta...means that when he came back to met his mother was the same duration cinta and her friends were there...so, what's the end of this story...u need to watch it....

however, mcm boleh di sambung lg cite ni...hm...hm...like my friend said.."after this the tittle need to be change: apa lagi dengan cinta"...haha...so, do we need to wait for other 14 years or is it the story just end like this...haha....I hope aadc2 was the end of aadc...the scene in the film was superb and beautiful and I should go to that place one day...aminnn

 tq mr google and kak ela for picture

the actor and actress for aadc2...person who stand besides rangga plays as milly's husband

the poster

my old lovely buddies: jiha and kak ela...ms ni anak ke-2 kak ela was sat between me and kak ela...haha..tq to kak ela's husband caused gave her chance to join and watched this movie with us...plus taking care of the kids...haha, hope I will find someone like u ...haha..so, leh jaga anak2 sama ms kitaorg kuar berjalan...tq guys, for the mini reunion and hope it will be other activities we should do together...

ok, tq for reading and take care ^-^

Friday, May 13, 2016

sekinchan....as your choice for short vocation


sekinchan, sabak bernam Selangor...where was it located? if u travel from KL, it will take about 2 and half hour journey (depend on the traffic)...easy direction, from KL, go to any highway either latar, gathrie atau jalan lama to klang..if korang dah sampai pekan kuala Selangor, means u are in the right way to sekinchan...if u plan to go there during public holiday, it will be a little bit jem at kuala Selangor and tanjung karang...macam mana nk tahu u guys already in sekinchan...u can see the paddy field along the road...and there will be a big sign board to welcome u to sekinchan

if u go there during paddy time...ms menghijau atau menuai...the scene is very WOW...so beautiful so, kalo bln 4 ni menghijau means it will menguning on may...kat sini juga diaorg dah buat 3d gallery art...tp hr tu x sempat nk masuk...for enterance just pay rm12 for adult and rm6 or rm 10 for child ( if I don't mistake). if not, u guys can enjoy the scene and take a lots of picture with your love one. besides that, there is a cabin homestay for you to take a picture. the beautiful cabin homestay with a lots of beautiful color. if u craving for seafood, this is the place where u can get the price cheaper compare to kl or u can taste 'mentarang'. mentarang look like kepah but in the bigger size...there is a lot of store near the road where u can buy it fresh or they will cook it for u. mentarang season adalah pada musim panas aka ms ni...fyi, I pun x pernah try mentarang tu...hehe

fyi, ms tempoh padi menghijau and menguning is different for sekinchan or sg besar...kalo ms korang lalu tu x Nampak yg menghijau tu, so try to go to sg besar...so, if u lucky u can get the same picture like below..hehe 

ok, jom tengok gambar bukti sawah padi yg sedang menghijau
sedang menghijau....so, nk msk ke dalam tu kena hati2...nanti ada org follow balik..haha


cik maz with the paddy field

with me

ok, kalo korang rasa nak bermalam ala2 suasana kg yg dekat dgn kl....jangan lupa dtg sini...kalo x pun, just for short vocation...gi balik...byk gerai2 buahan kt tepi2 jalan je...and kalo korang nk rs cendol bakar yg best...korang kena ke area kuala Selangor...cr jalan yg menghala ke latar highway. b4 highway tu kalo time cuti panjang or public holiday akan ada 1 kwsn yg tiba2 rs jem and ada rela yg menjaga....tp kena tengok2 la, mana tahu tu kwsn org kenduri ke...hehe...kalo malas trn can drive tru atau leh minum and mkn2 kat sini...harga serendah rm2 to rm8 if I don't mistake

and lastly

gaya bila anda terperangkap dlm kesesakan lalu lintas...haha

ok, tq for reading...take care ^-^

Thursday, May 12, 2016

pesta buku antrabangsa maeps 2016


ok, topic kali ini...pesta buku antrabangsa 2016 and was held on 28 april to 9 may 2016...and this year was different from previous year as pihak penganjur used maeps, serdang as the venue compare to pwtc...why? well maybe they want to see how it goes plus there was an event at pwtc during that time, so maybe terlambat booking...hehe

utk ke maeps, serdang...anda boleh menggunakan google maps or waze. maeps ni tempat maha berlangsung so it was near upm and mardi. ok, parking memang sgt banyak disediakan and got 3 categories of parking:free, rm3 and rm10. ada food truck and placed for the kids to play and draw..and for those who want to go with public transport like me, u guys can go to ktm serdang and then menyeberang jejantas ke seberang jalan and wait for nadiputra bus with sign or pesta buku logo...just pay rm1/way..besides ktm serdang, the bus will pick up the visitor from lrt bukit jalil, a various uni and also ioi mall

apa yg terjadi with me and kak di during that day we went to maeps...haha, it was a heavy rain..and after we waited for like 20 minutes we decided to redah the rain...haha and of course basah...becaused both of us had bad experience when to pesta buku during weekend, we went there on Friday evening on 6 May...and there wasn't a lot of people there and in kaki novel booth, most of the novel weren't there...huhu...there's a lot of book during the event but the small booth compare last year for karangkraf. there's a lot of new publisher during the event and comes with a lots of new author. personally, I x berapa suka pesta buku kat maeps ni, first the surau and the hall was smaller compared to pwtc although there were a lots of parking...huhu...and hopefully they will organize next year event at PWTC...vote for pwtc...no need to wait for the bus...boleh jln kaki to pwtc plus ada jln berbumbung from pwtc to ktm...apa I suka of course ada makan2 yg sedap with the affordable price..hehe

ok, apa yg di borong ms pesta buku ni...surprised pemborongan novel berkurangan caused kecewa kat kaki novel novel booth yg kureng buku & buku yg nak tak de..huhu
tabung...huhu, ada cite kelakar pasal tabung ni...I ingat majlis birthday party anak buah eni will be at 7/5...sekali 14/5 dah...makanya, I will keep the tabung first..hehhe

bahan bacaan yg di borong...and thanks to voucher buku 1 Malaysia, this are the hasils...currently I read sains lah and the blue novel and sikit pseudo sc...nampaknya for next year kena cr pseudo sc 2...

why I bought sains lah book caused my big bro was one of the author for that book...the book tell about 24 different scientist from different background (but most of them were from physic and chem background), about how their study straggly to achieve their dream and at the same time the book gave me new motivation that I can do what the authors inside the book did and make my study become true and success and most importantly gave something to the communities.  

sapa2 nk pinjam buku I beli, feel free to see me..hehe..ok, that's all for this entry. see u guys later and take care and of course tq for reading ^-^

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

movie review:captain america-sivil war

this movie started it showed time on 28/4/2016. and due to some activities I need to do within the weekend after that at last I was able to watch it...with who? of course with muni and we went to tgv setiawalk caused it was near to muni's house

captain America, other marvel's story and should be this story is more focus to captain America. however, it was not happened for this sequel. this story started with the avengers team need to carry out one task to catch the bad guy. however, they caused other citizen death as well as building collapse and others. so, the world come to agreement to control the avengers's team and they can carried out their job, if the world ask them. so, iron man, his friend and some avengers team sign the agreement. however, captain America, the flying guys and some of avengers don't agree with the agreement. kemuncak cite ni when one of the pemimpin who purposed this idea death and was suspected was because of the winter soldier. so, the avengers split into 2 groups: captain America (who believed winter soldier was not guilty) and iron man (believed winter soldier was guilty). this sequel also explain how winter soldier can become a bad guys and how iron man's parents dead. who won during the war? that part u have to watch the full movie. so, lets go to the nearest cinema.

what do I loved about this movie 
1. the fight scene...thump up mostly at the airport scene
2. the new team member in avengers: spiderman, black panther (if I didn't mistake his name) and antman....
3. the funny antman who become a giant like ultraman...haha..giler best
4. please do full investigated before u tuduh someone...haha, that's what happened to ironman 

the poster

pendek cite: cite kali ni is not fully about captain America but how captain America believed his friend: winter soldier was already change and how he try to convince other people to believe to what he trust.

ok, thank you for reading...take care^-^
p/s: bila suara pembantu ironman dah bertukar lain...sangatlah x best...huhu