Wednesday, April 20, 2016

movie reviewer: the huntsman: winter war


baiklah, for entry kali ni: movie reviewer, the huntsman: winter war. this movie is not the squeal of snow white which came out a few years ago...but all about the huntsman and how he became the huntsman

a little bit synopsis: snow white step mother got a sister. her sister fall in love with other man however the man married to others and as the same time she was pregnant. suddenly, the man gave snow white step sister a letter caused he realized her mistake and want to married her but first the man ask her to met him at the jungle near snow white castle. at this time she already delivered: a cute baby girl.when she was there, she saw a fire came from her room where the baby was there,, she ran away back to her room and saw her room was in fire. the guards caught the one who did the fire and it was the man she loved. due to his anger, suddenly her hide power appear. (FYI: any girl who from snow white should had their power)..the ice power (like my friend said: it's like frozen story. elsa's power) and she became the ice queen. after that she didn't believed in love and went to south (if I didn't mistake) to start her own kingdom with one rule: no one can be in loved relationship. so, she asked her soldiers to take the kids and train them to be huntsman. after few years, the huntsman and soldiers will attack others countries to make the countries be apart of their kingdom. however, the huntsman and one girl were fall in loved and their love action was captured by ice queen cctv (she said her owl as her cctv) and both of them was the punishment was like and how suddenly the huntsman was in snow white kingdom...that's u need to watch...

this time we choose tgv, sunway and we took the earliest slot. for you guys who hold any maybank card, please watch the movie at any tgv cinema before 6 caused u will get the cheaper ticket us, we paid rm8 for our movie...overall, this story is a nice story, fairy tale, taught us about believed and don't betray anyone mainly your own family plus if anything happened, u should investigated first before u make your own decision.

picture time: credit to Mr google
the poster: the queens siblings

other poster with the main cast

ok, lastly don't forget to watch this movie...if you like the fairy tale story, magnificent and others..means that u need to watch it...

ok, that's all...tq and see you ^-^ 

Monday, April 18, 2016

urutan selepas bersalin:Kakadek confiment


kalo korang mengikuti blog ni...korang mesti pernah dengar post pasal urutan selepas bersalin ni...ok, nak share pasal urutan ni caused diaorg dah diakui kehebatan pakej ni oleh ramai org x kira melayu, cina, india and also warga asing such as amerika and Thailand

not only that, kepakaran diaorg ni jugak telah mendapat perhatian akhbar tempatan kosmo utk di abadikan dlm salah satu ruangan mereka...and korang boleh gi ke link ni utk mendapatkan keyakinan bg menggunakan produk mereka....

ada yg kata...napa mahal ya? caused service mereka memang di best plus kebanyakkan ramuan yg digunakan utk urutan tu di tanam sendiri oleh mereka...makanya, x perlu takut is it ada ciri2 yg kurang diyakini dalam produk sha allah...halal and paling penting di yakini..bak kata boboboi...terbaik!!!

ok, utk sebarang pertanyaan, anda boleh whatsup saya-0193685434 utk mengetahui info lanjut mengenai pakej2 dan harga2 yg terdapat...

ok, tq and take care ^-^

Friday, April 15, 2016

korea drama review: descendants of the sun..apa yg menarik?


oh my....I dah tersyok tengok drama ni and I started excitedly waiting for the drama since last year...why? I think first because of the tittle and secondly the actor and actress. Am I the big fan of Korean drama? well...I can say there and I don't care who the actor and actress are as long as the good story line, the scene etc...kalo x best, memang maaf lah....for those yg selalu kata cite Melayu agak cliché jln cite dia, apa kata korang beralih pada Negara lain pulak...tengok drama diaorg and br lah pelbagai drama korang tengok...mcm I...haha

Descendants of the sun....ada 16 episode and yesterday was the end of the story...thank you writer caused wrote the good ending...haha..ok, good fact of this drama
1. tittle
like I said before, the tittle is I like
2. Actor, actress, supporting actor & actress and cameo
semuanya memang real...penjahat pun Nampak real and that's make the good drama. everything is so good
3. story line & dialogue
good story line about dr and special force army. second lead pelakon punya jln cite, how the story build up..the action scene and others. dialogue yg best and ada element funny there. scene tembak2 memang Nampak setiap cite mesti ada kurengnya..that's why korang kena tengok entertainment weekly astro 391...memang kaw2 diaorg siasat...and also the meaning something yg army x leh disclose some private thing to others even to their love one...
4. scenery
superb...I like it...tiba2 rs nk gi Greece
5. OST
OST yg best2...ada lagu sedih, gembira etc...I dah download 9 lagu...oh ya, got 10 OST for this drama and really enjoy listening to them

ok, sikit synopsis pasal cite ni:
it's all about the dr and they met and broke up for 4 time before they finally come together. in other side, how does the other couple try to ask for the father's bless for their relationship. the mean of friendship which cause the lost of main actor bos, the true meaning of cooperation, humanity, trust and others...ok, x leh nak cite banyak, korang boleh tengok cite ni ya...kat astro 391-br ep 14 atau korang leh tengok kat youtube atau mana2 channel yg ada drama korea     

pic time: tq en google:
drama poster

lead and 2nd lead actor and actress

the scenery


ok, that's the wrap up...after this ada 3 lg episode but maybe diaorg tunjuk behind the scene atau etc caused the production the wrap this drama since dec last year...oh ya, this is the drama yg siap sepenuhnya before tayangan which was jarang di lakukan di sana....congrats caused hit the viewer more than 30% which is huge in Korea...good job for all the actors and production team...u guys do the amazing job

p/s: kalo ada cite melayu leh buat mcm ni...memang mantap sih

tq and take care ^-^

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

review movie: before i wake


post kali ni pasal movie review which I watched this horror movie with muni at time square...I not a huge fan for horror movie as I more to adventure, shooting etc..but x salah tukar2 genre movie..haha

before I synopsis ya, ada parents lost their only son and decided to take anak angkat which they don't know this child had a special ability...but thd child ada 1 habit which he likes butterfly and don't like to sleep cause he said the canker man will, every night he will take something to make him wake and read his butterfly book...and if the child see something memorable before he sleep, the memorable will come true like the parents son is alive back and they even can touch it but suddenly their son disappear when the child wake up...until one day he imagine something bad as there is a boy in the school always bully him and the canker man show up as he go to sleep during rest time in the school

and the canker man continuously show up and cause one of the parent disappear and all the mystery regarding to the canker man, the child and the dream are hunting one of alive parent

so, to know the end of this story, korang boleh terjah wayang and watch it...utk tahap keseraman ya...drp 5 boleh bg 2 caused byk terkejut2 and x menyeramkan sgt...and x de lah dengar suara menjerit2 ms kat wayang hr tu

the poster

ok, jgn lupa to watch this movie and what conclusion I can conclude, kalo nak ambik anak angkat, make sure u know the child background means the parents etc and apa yg budak2 bgtahu kat kita, is better for us to taken care of walaupun mcm x logic...layan je lah

ok, tq for reading and take care ^-^ 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

our last class together


yeah...akhirnya after 4 semester...setelah berhempas pulas with the assignments  and  diaries...finally,  this is the day we're waiting  for...our last  class and  after  we will  focus with our own study..but  of  course  I will  miss our fun together,  fun,  laugh  and others...pass ni payahlah nk  sesame

our second lecture for lab & project management..she will leave our uni and we decided  to do double celebration...tq dr  hwang for your guide  during  my earlier time here...

my  classmate...we share a lots of thing together...the  class  for us  except   for  Sophia...cayok  Sophia..

and  last...cayok everyone for your study & lets do it together

peace...after this the  last step  for the  class..our exam...huhu...will sit  at exam   after  8 years..haha

ok,tq for  reading and take care...^-^

Friday, April 8, 2016

homestay di shah alam:Evan suitestay yg best


antara homestay or hotel...which is you're choice kalo nk duduk2 dgn family mcm umah sendiri...kalo I, I prefer homestay cause the price, luas and borak2 walaupun x tido situ....makanya, awal bln 4 hr tu, was my aunty wed at kelana parents kata nk tido kat kl tp x nk tido umah anak2 nya caused umah anak2nya x de aircond...haha...almaklumlah cuaca panas ni...huhu

makanya, mula2 nk cr hotel and my dad ask cr kat kelana jaya...memang I bangkang lah (I memang kaki pembangkang tegar family..haha)...makanya I suggest for shah alam...mula2 cr lah hotel area shah alam until my aunty suggest homestay adik dia...kat area seksyen 14 shah alam...first thing, I think...celah mana pulak lah homestay kat tengah bandar shah alam tu...and when she said near ingat...when my previous visit to DEMC, I saw buildings dlm, that building maybe caused my aunty said the homestay is still new

makanya, after dpt no drp my aunty...I try to book for the homestay..tapinya dah full and suddenly there were 3 other person promote their homestay kt kawasan yg, after discussed with the family, I choose Evan suitestay....why? caused ada 2 rooms( kt homestay area ni ada yg ada 1 room shj, so for family I think is better to choose 2 rooms) & 2 bathrooms (setengah homestay just ada 1 bathroom) and fully aircond (as what my dad request)...haha...and the price just rm50 beza...oh ya, homestay yg I book ni: Evan suitestay was rm200 utk 2 hari 1 mlm...ok apa

overall, Evan suitestay is the best place for you to stay kt tengah2 bandar shah alam ni...kt area homestay ni ada swimming pool (anak2 buah x nak kuar, berendam lebih sejam utk 2 hari and sanggup x nak balik ikut mak ayah dia), gym, squash, playground, private parking & keselamatan terjamin...kena ada kad everytime korang nak kemana2 unless korang nk drive kete kuar drp apartment ni...haha...suitestay ni ok, everything lengkap ada dapur, tuala, iron, hair dryer, tv, cerek, 3 in 1 nescafe, sugar, sejadah, arah kiblat, yassin etc...apa yg x de adalah alatan mandi...ada sabun je yg mana kalo x bg pun x pe caused bkn jauh pun kedai...haha... one more yg x sepanjang aku gi homestay memang x pernah jumpa pun..telekung..mungkin perlu diletakkan..oh ya, disebabkan prking private was just for one spot...kete2 lain boleh letak kat bawah and motor ada tmpt parking sendiri...leh Tanya guard kat situ and make sure kunci tau....and kalo nk book homestay ni, boleh contact en zairee:012-6609603 dan untuk maklumat lanjut

jom tengok gambar Evan suitestay yg best ini:
my aunty wed

iman and azam mkn berdua...parents diaorg jaga si kecil lagi 2

plan ke vista alam where Evan suitestay was, it was near to DEMC...

the buildings...ada a few kitaorg kat block A and this placed was open 2 months ago...cantik wei

the playground

mandi hr ni I gi ambik maz kt klia with kak ety and amat

master bed room

second bed room

kitchen and dinner place...boleh panas kan mkn and msk air...and kalo nk sejukkan air ada peti kat situ...nk msk mcm kt umah sendiri memang x de ok lah utk style homestay...tido pun utk 1 mln...sgt ok..

the hall...yg warna hitam tu actually katil and tilam...kena buka sendiri...kami reti buka tp x reti buat mcm kt gambar tu balik...haha

alatan bersenam sekitar vista alam kalo korang x nk ke gym

the gorgeous view

bdk2 x ikut mak bpk balik serdang..hish..hish...sebenarnya x kisah sgt yg besar tu..auni ni main problem..nasib abg dia Berjaya kawal dia di kala dia x nak dengar ckp...well done abg azam...nice bro ever 

auni yg nakal gi hempap kak iman...auni!!

mandi hr ke-2 b4 balik...the kids with the bodyguard

at last, we all memang berpuas hati dgn homestay ni...and highly recommend and yg kureng tu adalah minority je...bkn besar pun 

kami yg berpaus hati..hehe

ok, thanks all and take as well as tq for reading ^-^

Thursday, April 7, 2016

gambar konvo usm MM


yeah..finally after almost 4 months, gambar konvo MM bln 11 tu siap....lama2...hasilnya, hanya dpt lihat from what had been capture by kak, kena pulang nanti br lihat....jeng2

jom tengok gamba
MM in action...well, gamba USM agak berbeda compare to other uni...caused other uni focused badan ke atas....nanti tengok contoh mcm kat bawah.....actually, ada je gambar dr dada ke atas, tp mcm pelik sikit tengok gamba mcm ni...hehe

with parents

with family member yg dtg meredah hujan

the girls...haha, akhirnya ijah yg selalu x ada sanggup dtg konvo maznah...well done ijah caused travel sorang2...dulu kan ada kakak, sekarang kena travel sendiri...officially the girls first time hang out together...and hopefully we will always travel together even we had our own small family aka after married...haha

ok, and not contoh like what my mom said

my degree photo...ok, muka dah lain sikit and I really need to get convo before 2018 caused this photo was taken in 2008...haha..cayok!!for master, I didn't take photo like this and I will take it during IJah convocation caused we wear the same jubah

ok...That's it for today entry...take care and see u later as well as tq for reading ^-^

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

taman botani negara shah alam & intan bidadari spa shah alam


mood rajin update mari..haha...ok, activity yg tertinggal for story were taman botani shah alam and intan bidadari spa

I start this entry with taman botani Negara located at section 8 shah alam...previously known as bukit cerakah....dahulu kala when I was small my father loved to bring me, along, kak ety and odin short every school holiday, this place will be tempat yg wajib gi sampai sudah jemu....last time I was here during undergraduate which was 10 years ago....and after 10 years, I'm back here with muni....hehe...we want to do something adventure...haha...ok, utk msk ke taman botani Negara...for park, u had to pay for rm3...for motorcycle I not sure how much fee u need to pay. and at the counter, for adult, the entrance fee was rm3 and I think it should be less for children and old citizen... near entrance counter, there was a counter to those who want to do something adventure like flying fox,meniti titi yg kecil antara pokok....and the adventure start from rm35 and I saw there do it in the small group with 1 instructor each group. For us, we choose to rent bicycle which was rm10/hour...mcm mahal kan? haha..but believe me rs mcm nk pengsan kayuh naik bukit....turun mcm best, after u rent the bicycle, there will be 2 way u can cycle: left or right...for us, we choose the left side....naik bukit rendah, boleh lah mengayuh.....sampai bukit tinggi mengalah wei....mcm nk cabut pernafasan...haha...ok, apa yg ada kt bahagian kiri ni: ada the adventure site like I said previously, taman buahan ala2 dusun pun ada, taman herba and taman kaktus....ok, dalam perjalanan balik ni, kitaorg byk break caused muni dah x larat....ok, berehat je caused lagi bahaya kalo paksa, balik ke tempat basikal tu.oh ya, taman ni x bersambung tau...makanya, kena patah balik kt tempat mula tadi...blk dr basikal, I ajak muni naik bus, tp kena break lama caused muni rs nk, take a break b4 we rode the bus...oh ya, the bus was free and it bring us to the right side of taman botani...ok, kat sini ada sawah (tp kering kontang caused musim yg sgt panas skrg gamaknya), taman haiwan (ada rabbit, dear, peacock etc), rumah 4 musim (ms gi tengah renovate from musim sejuk ke musim bunga...entrance fee was rm3 except for winter rm5)...cuma tmpt renang tu I x Nampak pulak..hmmm

ok, balik dr taman botani Negara, kitaorg singgah kt satu spa baru di buka 2 bln kt section 7 shah alam:intan bidadari, cepat2 lah gi sekarang caused tengah promotion sampai hjgn bln 4 ni...tempat dia kat 1 floor sederet dgn tempat lama DEMC...ada satu kedai makan Indonesia kat situ & kedai bengkel kete...mcm I ambik pakej tangas+urut+scrub just caused me rm100....wah...murah tak???and muni ambik pakej rambut..cut+wash+blow pun just rm35...ada byk lagi pakej yg harga rm 100, korang boleh survey and pilih.  kalo weekend better korang book dulu....layanan diaorg pun best.mcm hrtu I dgn muni melepak almost 5 hours there...haha mcm buat umah sendiri dah...kalo korang nk solat kt sini pun boleh, so x payah risau ok...and only wanita je yg boleh msk ke spa tak? utk tempahan, korang boleh call kak intan
0123498869 atau office 0358807730 atau boleh usha fb diaorg intan bidadari beauty spa....kalo x dpt acu korang rapatkan..and kalo korang dtg weekdays, korang leh dpt diskaun ni dbuka kul 10am-7pm setiap hari kecuali raya puasa and raya haji....apa lagi, mr memanjakan diri anda...

jom tengok gamba & tq to muni
entrance taman botani Negara shah alam

adventure spot...ada berani, jom cuba

taman cactus mcm kt oversea dah

di spa

ok, b4 end....kalo buat activity luar tu make sure sarapan jgn makan byk2 sgt and jgn lupa bwk air plus jgn paksa diri...kalo x larat, berhenti sat...and jgn lupa try intan bidadari spa tu tau...memang puas hati dgn perkhidmatan diaorg

ok, that's all and take care..thanks for reading ^-^

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

seisi fotoshoot with auraseri


ok, first time ever did this thing...fotoshoot for auraseri and been photo and makeup with the professional... haha...ok, apa itu auraseri? ok, korang boleh terjah kat google and ask for en google to look for the answer...ok, in short...auraseri used adunan minyak aroma pati bunga-bungaan terpilih yang di pertenagakan dengan Tenaga Alam semesta, tenaga kristal, tenaga garam kristal dan tenaga bunga emas. Ia mampu membangkitkan aura anda dalam tempoh paling singkat dan mudah.

ok, for the further info, boleh terjah ke website ini:

and since ima's company currently was one of the main yg supply for aura seri...makanya, she need some new face to promote the product...begitulah alkisahnya

first time fotoshoot...ok, it was not easy to be a model...and to smile freely in front of people...nervous mak...haha but it was a good experienced and good opportunity in the whole life and looking forward to do that in the future...if I got the offer...haha..tq ima for the chance and opportunity...hope this auraseri will be a successful product ever again. and it was good to met other person and add a lot of friend list in life

picture time: 
the product

behind the scene

bila hati tertanya2

with the bunga

my makeup artist...tq caused conteng2 muka sy dgn cantiknya..sapa2 nk book for event or wed boleh contact di fb dia:

candid yg x tahu jadi ke idok

the casts with the product

girls talk

the casts and both makeup artist with s7even studio...oh ya, studio ni was located at section 7, shah alam at jalan Kristal sebelah adan dobi.

the product

ok that's it for the entry....b4 the end...meh belanja 1 gamba

yeah...with the makeup...ok, kalo ada org Tanya gamba cantik..leh letak gambar ni....

ok, tq for reading and take care ^-^

Monday, April 4, 2016

gambar kawin effy lagi


gamba kawin effy lagi...ya, nampaknya demam effy kawin masih lg belum kebah...and the cameraman buat keje cepat gila dalam 2 bulan...caused ada sesetengah org tunggu sampai 3 months kot...anyway, good job cameraman team

jom layan

pengantin and the 14 pengiring...haha....byk sih

majlis berinai

sekitar majlis akad nikah

wefie together

outdoor photo shoot

10 second picture...gile byk sampai pening

majlis akad nikah

and that's it...and it is the really wrap up for effy and boy wed....who will be next?haha..sama dah mcm remake nama baru dlm group whatsup for the bridesmaid during effy's wed

and lastly 

let this beautiful friendship will remain together and happily walaupun semua jauh and terpisah oleh lautan...haha

that's all...tq for reading and take care ^-^