Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 & wed cousin-hafiz


k, first entry in 2014..after 13 days in 2014 br decided to write entry..currently nothing special happening...everything was moving same as before except for one of my wish list 2014..I already achieved it last December..alhamdulilah di murahkan rezeki & currently I am doing weekend part time job as lab demonstrator in one private college di bukit jalil..I already finished the first batch and how much that I earn for this part time job? boleh lah utk memenuhi keperluan berbelanja and for's more for my C.V. and having some teaching experience. so the class was once a week.. supposedly but it up to lecture and students to fix the time.. 

ok, next cousin's wed-hafiz..was held at Sabak Bernam..near PAS markas...So, need to help my cousin family during the ceremony as I not able to come during a day before the ceremony.ha..ha..alhamdulilah, weather was fine although it was hot maybe due to a lot of movement to clean up the are some pictures from the events..for this time due to the busy things helping this wed event..I not able to take other pictures except during the arrival of bride & bridegroom and we (my cousins) & I didn't have time to 'gosip' & chat2...uh..uh...

ketibaan pengantin & ni because everyone is quite rombongan kena tunggu sebentar b4 wakil dtg menjemput..sian...sian...

posisi pengantin yg betul after di tegur oleh someone..ok guys...lelaki di kanan dan perempuan di kiri...ok, alert and practice for tasya's wed

pengantin mahu makan!!!

lastly...cause x sempat tulis ucapan kat buku nya..selamat pengantin baru to hafiz and atikah and to atikah welcome to our family and maybe we'll see each other during other session yg kurang kecoh sikit & to know each other..hope you guys like our family present..and moga berkekalan ke jannah and having a lot of cute babies...please take care each other

ok...take care...^-^