Thursday, December 31, 2015

bye bye 2015

mak  ai, today is the last day of 2015. apa  yg di capai for this year? honestly, i'll say this year start with the great news for me....not really good news start from the mid to the end of this year. honestly again i'll say this year is the tough year for me...really tough mentally, physically and financially (haha, wang pun terlibat), ok lets recap...
1. me & my study
ok, for this year...after jumped from 1 uni to other uni to further my study....i'll make my decision (hopefully this will be my good decision) to study in the local & private uni. currently, I doing my study in UCSI university located at Cheras, Kuala Lumpur..finally and luckily I currently is the UCSI scholarship holder... 2 months after I registered, I got some good's like my hope finally come true... I got other scholarship from UiTM...however, I got to reject it (it make my heart crying like crazy..hehe), due to the different field, I hope I make my smart decision to go to my current uni, graduate with flying colour and get my dream job
2. me as the event committee
for this year, I was a committee for 4 conferences and seminar event. 3 tough events and 1 light event. it so contrast compare to the 2014, me as the bridesmaid... cause as the event committee, u have to work for about 2 or 3 months before the event...the good team work make your job easier and need to be patient as well as good communicate cum patients are all u need
3. me with my buddies
this year is the year where we went to eat a lots of food and hang out least once a month...for this year, we just go around KL area but we managed to go hiking at bukit brogan, singing together, watch the box office movie, picnic, attend wed and celebrate raya and also tan tin tun anniversary... the biggest event for tan tin tun was ikin wed...hopefully for the next year someone from tan tin tun will get married or many the rest of the group member...haha...and hopefully, we will see a tan tin tun junior sha allah...guys, we should met frequently for 2016. for other buddies like KTT and MSU...the MSU buddies finally I managed to see Eha and seldom I went to kak di and kak faiz placed. and I went to see Ima less than 3 time for 2015...haha, so sad
4. me as the bloggers
ok, my post entries are decreased for this year due to my study...haha....ok, it's not an excuse...cause writing make me feel relieve of my tension and my blog like my diary, something that I can to share with others and record my activity digital...
5. me and my family
this year, was a year where the girls travel together...girls are me, kak ety, maznah, ijah and mak...opss..I forget our bapak also..we went to Cameron and penang together..since I came back to Selangor, at least once a month, I'll spend my time to go back to sg besar. this year, we received new person in our family. along and kak lin's, currently, the got 4 children and the children sequence were as same as our family...boy, girl, girl and the boy will be the knight to the girl...haha..this year also Maznah manage to graduate and the silly mistake cause my bro need to repeat back his, be careful next time bro   
6. me as the part time worker
this year, was not very lucky cause I just had 1 part time job...huhu...need to search for it...but I need something will not disturb my study...means the job only in the weekend...
7. me and the gadget
this year no new gadget....I more focusing my duit kutu for my clothes and need and also bought the giant bear for maznah.....haha, ni pun include ke?
ok, that's the recap for 2015...nak buat panjang2 pun x de idea cause I need to do my hope for 2016, I'll finish more than half of my study, stay healthy, travel a lot, learn something out of my comfort zone, gain a lots of part time job, stay fit, be a good daughter and sister, a better slave to Allah, hangout with a lot of friend and hope something big will happened for 2016
so, bye2 2015....2016 need to be me...amin
thanks for reading and take care

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

mini reunion genome 2015

ok,kali ni nk share pasal reunion genome 2015...idea asal utk reunion ni was came from fawaz (he currently lived in UK, continue his phd and he will be in Malaysia for few months for cuti2)...proposal regarding to reunion ni dah di buat almost 3-4 months mini? cause this reunion is for ex-genome who now lived around kuala lumpur and Selangor...and  there are nearly 9 persons from ex-genome who lived around this  area
so, the date was 28/12/2015..monday after working hour...and the placed was at kak fini's lovely house at section 22, shah alam... well, perasaannya bila tengok semua org yg dtg? mesti lah best and of course semuanya mengalami sedikit perubahan pd diri masing2...means that kami membesar bersama2 selari dengan peningkatan umur masing2..haha...well when u're near or at your 30's, it was a little bit difficult to maintain your weight without diet and exercise...means, kalo korang sibuk pun keje, 2 benda ni lah penyelesaiannya...haha....utk kali ni, list yg dtg were: me, jue(pakej with hubby and maira and adam), mar(with hubby zul), yan yan, kak fini aka tuan rumah (with hubby-abg amin) and fawaz (with his wife)...yg x dpt menghadirkan diri: tasya, kak marin and arfah)
jom tengok gambar...kredit to fawaz:
rumah kak fini....I suka umah kak fini...adam sado x ready ms ni...minta lps nk jalan2

peace...adam sado dah ready

d girls

d girls plus maira

d boys

jue family & fawaz family

fawaz family & mar family 

fawaz family with hmmm...the single ladies...haha

before end, thanks to kak fini for the mkn2...sorry x leh nk mkn time buat pagi jom...boleh melantak byk sikit plus byk sikit masa nk berborak and moga kita dpt kumpul sesame mcm ni lagi....

walaupun kita sibuk berkerjaya and jauh berkelana, persahabatan yg terjalin perlu di kekalkan cause sahabat itu org yg bakal membantu anda selain drp keluarga sendiri

ok, take care and tq for reading ^-^

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

penang trip IV: fort conwills, kapitan restaurant and muzium 3d

sambung balik entry last month...after MM convocation, we sent our beloved sister at Sungai Nibong bus stop as she need to go back to USM aka back to the reality...
at the next day, b4 we went back to Ipoh, we went to the historical place in pulau pinang, fort conwills.. the entrance fees is RM10 and RM5 for the old citizen.. what was interesting about this placed? hm...this was the placed where the sir francis light statue was located and during the past, it was known as one of the perlabuhan. and I just knew that, the face of francis light statue was not really his face as the artist imitate the face of francis light's son for the statue... it was a good place to take a picture as it was near to the sea and there was a wifi and café at this place.
next, jejalan sikit and we went to the 3d yg ada kt museum 3d ni? of course there were a lots of lukisan...real sih & salute to the pelukis...alangkah bagusnya kalo aku leh lukis mcm ni...and of course kt sini, if korang tak tahu angle mana atau how to posing....just tengok pada tepi lukisan tu...ada instructionnya....and paling penting, muka and gaya kena sempoi...haha...fees msk kat sini, I  x ingat lah berapa..huhu...but not more than rm 30

jom tengok gambar
depan pintu msk  cornwill

dekat pintu  msk and cafe

pintu msk

posing cr  angle cun

cr ilham yg x jumpa2

replica kat muzium 3d

betulkan  terompah cina

penatnya nk  hidupkan api

kutip telur b4 pecah

hm...kutip tikus b4 jatuh?

cubaan mengagalkan rekod Malaysia yg nak di cipta

cubaan  memadammkan  api...haha...api ke?  tomyam berapi adalah

should I accept it? hm...

siot  tul lah bdk2 ni...lari2

cayak lah bro...gambar  lagend 

huhu...kena sirim

maju...asal lambat sgt ni 

roti canai satu


minta upah kat santa

teh Tarik terbaik

pasukan menyerang

sekitar perjalanan from fort conwills to muzium  3d

lastly, b4  I end my entry....a few things or tips b4 start your journey during hot day...make sure  had your mineral water, sunglass and umbrella and don't forget to apply  your sun screen....

last but not least 

it's a bye2 from us...till our next trip

thanks for reading ^-^

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

15 december 2015- laluan ktm yg baru for next 6 month

I dah mcm agent ktm pulak cause all of my entry for this month berkisarkan about fare, student price and new route. The new route will start on 15 December 2015....mula2 ingat tak terlibat, but when I saw the new route yesterday...oh my, I will be involved....normally, I do not need to change my route every time I travel with ktm to my uni....but starting 15/12...I need to change my route...huhu
ok, meh tengok route masing2....senang cite kalo skrg ni laluanya:
tanjung malim/rawang to sungai gadut/gemas akan bertukar ke tanjung malim/rawang to perlabuhan klang 
perlabuhan klang to batu cave akan bertukar ke perlabuhan klang to sungai gadut/gemas
masih lagi kureng understand, meh tengok peta...kredit to ktm:
sila double click utk tumbesaran......
ok huys, make sure your route, as usual stesen pertukaran adalah di putra/bank Negara/kuala lumpur/kl sentral.....I pun pasni kita beringat utk tukar...huhu
ok, tq for reading & take care ^-^

Monday, December 7, 2015

mcm mana nak dpt harga student price utk KTMB intercity aka train jarak jauh and KTM biasa

tittle entry paling panjang lah rasanya  setakat di blog ni...just want to inform u guys, yg org sibuk kata pasal kad student ktm tu kan...its just for a long destination means that it is for ETS, train to timur, south and also north. u guys can get about 40% discount from the normal fare. just download the form from ktm, download a form to give to your institution to verify that you're a student in the uni or college. than go to the first floor at kl sentral, take the number from the ETS staff and wait for your number to be call...and b4 I forget, the staff that process the form will be rest at 4.15 pm-5.15pm (so, kena pandai2 baget masa tau) & u can go there after the office hour but I not quite sure until what time the staff will be there. the fee for the application card was rm 31.80 (including 6% of gst )....jadi sapa2 yg student and dok area kltn, Johor, perak atau utara memang agak menjimatkan lah kalo buat kad ni...

and start from 2/12/2015...selaras with the kenaikkan harga tiket ktm...makanya, berita baik utk student yg berulang alik with ktm to the uni (mcm I)...just show your valid ID student card to the counter and u can get 50% off from the normal price (tunjuk dulu card b4 say your destination..hehe)...boleh jimat separuh duit utk makanan, plan your time perfectly, so x de lah tertinggal train ms tengah beli tiket..ok? and jgn lupa beli tiket pergi balik...jimat dah masa korang kt situ berbaris nk beli tiket..oh ya, for student price ni, memang x de cara lain...means that x de tiket for monthly or short, everytime b4 naik train kena beli tiket...x salah tunggu sat, bg mendapatkan penjimatan yg terbaik..

and b4 I end my entry, tq to ktm cause bg kitaorg yg student ni cara utk berjimat dgn best and sy akan menggunakan this benefit sebaiknya... 
  p/s: for rapid train (monorel, lrt and putra...korang kena beli kad discount kat counter..kalo I dpt info, I will update later).

ok, tq for reading..take care ^-^

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tambang baru lrt, ktm and erl....

baiklah...stop kejap regarding  to penang trip &  focused on the hot issues today...kenaikkan fare for  trains di area lembah klang and sewaktu dengannya
baiklah, start from today 021215....semua org  mostly yg used trains for ulang alik ke rumah and tempat kerja atau belajar  kena mind set that we had a new fees...huhu....makanya, kena kurangkan a few pembelanjaan bulanan for fare trip
honestly, I think it will take a long time utk adapt with the new fare di zaman almost every thing nak umur pun nk naik thn depan..hehe....maka, bersabar2 lah semua ya, in sha allah ada hikmahnya and semoga dgn kenaikkan ini, mutu perkhidmatan juga di naikkan plus moga semua org akan di murahkan rezeki..amin....
  baiklah utk melihat tambang baru lrt putra/lrt star and monorel...boleh lah menjengah ke website ini:
utk tambang baru ktm:
and tambang baru utk erl:

utk lrt and ktm tu...tambang berdasarkan harian and pakai, as for child, old citizen (60 years ++) and student, there will be 50% from the original fare...I will show how to apply for ktm student card at the next2 entry as I'm applied for it currently
bersabar lah semua and all I can say to myself and others, plan your monthly budget carefully....cayok everyone
thanks for reading and take care ^-^ 

Monday, November 30, 2015

penang trip: part III :muzium emas public gold

ok, for this were participants by kak ety, bapak and ijah as me, mom and maznah were at the convocation events. ok, as I mention USM, there was no place for other family member to wait or see the event...therefore, they went to the first gold museum in Southeast Asia and waited for a signal of the end of MM convocation...
The fee to entre the museum is quite hmmm....but the experience inside the museum, u will not get it at the other cost about rm30/'s quite ok lah in one condition...need to explore the museum really well...
what was interesting in the museum...everything in the exhibition was about gold and u can touch 10kg of gold by just 1 kg..the most heavy one I pernah pegang but to hold the 10kg of quite heavy..& price must also be this museum, u can also experienced to be like pelombong emas mcm zaman2 dulu and saw some of their work...
and u can feel the way of mendulang emas...and kalo bernasib baik, ms mendulang tu korang leh dpt emas which u can take it back as your hr tu, kak ety and ijah managed to mendulang their gold but ketulinan and keberatan emas tu x di ketahui..hehe....
pelombong emas yg Berjaya....merasa suasana melombong emas....kaya2...leh tukar karier after this

punggah emas yg dah dpt

himpunan emas plus duit2 Malaysia....

ok, for my is good to visit the museum at least once in your lifetime..hehe...first ever in Southeast!!that something we should be proud...and this museum was just last July 2015....why not just bring your kids here and let them experiences about the gold...haha....this museum was located at lebuh bishop. Georgetown Pulau Pinang

ok, tq for reading...and the journey in penang will be continue in the next post....take care ^-^

Friday, November 27, 2015

part 2: penang trip-maznah maamor (MM) convocation

baikla sambungan from previous entry..honestly, I will say that jubah USM bukan mudah utk di pakai as compare to other government uni.  it needs other person that will help us to pin  the jubah and make u look stunning on your convocation day. I used to write the post about pins u need for USM for other government uni, if u got your jubah size, it is easier for  u to wear...haha..anyway, it will be your last challenge b4 u get your certificate either diploma, degree, master or phd
52 USM convocation was held from 17-21 November 2015. as for MM, her convocation graduate was at the last session on the last day..makanya, bersiap2 and makeup her at mosque but the pre make up was more beautiful as we're rushing on that day..haha...this time, I accompany my mom to the hall as my other sisters accompanied my dad to other placed in penang.
since MM course was the first course to receive the certificated, I not able to take her clear picture when she received the certificated plus it was quite far from the screen..haha...what I love to see during this convocation ceremony were the weird name, clothes and shoes mainly for female..and luckily at that day, x de peristiwa such as topi atau kasut tertanggal during certificated received. I think there were few things USM need to do to improve their ceremony such as the diploma receiver should had a hat on same as the other course. it looks blank when they not put the hat on. besides that, the photo booth should provide more plus the space for the waiting mainly during the rain session..and also a place for other family members to wait and see the ceremony. big hall like during UKM convocation,  there is the hall near the dewan chancellor. anyway, it was a successful event just need a lit bit improvement..haha, anyway it was my suggestion. tepukan yg sgt kuat when the last receiver get her certificated as that was the last day for the committee...haha..lega semua dah habis...mahu nk 1 bln punya planning. x gitu?
anyway, MM already get her certificated &can focused on work hunting plus doing what she love: baking..oh ya, sapa2 nk order cake or brownies or cheese blueberry tart or egg tart for mkn saja2 or any event just let me know. that's for Sabak bernam area and for klang valley, u can contact my sister in law...her cake was sooo good...nanti I buat post for explain it deeper
ok, picture time. credit to MM and ijah
actually this is MM pre convocation picture..b4 we went to bukit bendera. location at vistana hotel penang..

the attendance check for MM convocation

the present from the family

the present from the family and a little bear from me...bear besar on d way...ada hikmah gak x de ms tu kalo x mesti basah cause hujan sgt lebat after MM convocation. this little bear pun kena hujan...nasib ada topi...haha

pre convocation at vistana hotel. ijah was not here yet since she was on the bus from KB-penang. this picture was a night of MM convocation rehersal

the hall b4 the ceremony

MM with her audiologist friend

beside MM, there were few of my friend had their convocation also. but unfortunately, it was at the different day

ros (left) and namirah (right). both were my junior jaundice project ..congrats guys and thanks to ros baby cause bg mummy ambik scroll..yeah

and my lovely friend...yes u do it ain!!! fyi: my punya kalung warna merah but they (USM0 already change it to yellow for the science master

and last b4 I end this entry...we're waiting for the picture from the photographer...giat tu duduk dlm hujan cause nak ambik gambar sesama

pre photo from ijah...Nampak cantik...hasilnya pasti menarik bukan? in sha allah....dah ada nanti I will post it in this blog

ok, that's it but the penang trip is not over yet...will be continue

ok, thanks for reading & take care ^-^

Thursday, November 26, 2015

penang trip part I: pre convocation

bg memanjangkan post kat blog I ni...maka I decided to split the penang trip into few chapter..ok, before I started...penang trip ni was dedicated to lovely maznah aka my sis who just received her degree certificated...alhamdulilah, after 4 years of study, she managed to get and currently she is looking for a work specifically in audiologist area. so, if u know any company that need audiologist please let me know ^-^
ok, pre convocation was held at bukit bendera, pulau pinang...sangat lah tabah kami (me, ijah , kak ety, mak and maznah) mengharungi cuaca yg panas di atas and as the result, my face was burning and currently slowly recovered...kena pakai sun block yg up spfnya cause I used my 20 spf and cause burn for my face...ok, that was my first trip to bukit bendera and since 2011 (if I didn't mistake), they used new and fast train to bring the visitor to bukit bendera...the price was about rm 10 (with mycard), old citizen means 60 and above & student was, if u got valid or unvalid student card, just bring it anyway u go...well,boleh jimat rm5 tu...right?
bukit bendera was a nice place kalo korang nk tengok pemandangan pulau pinang and of course to compare between the 2 bridges: the old and new bridge. memang sgt ketara jauh & panjang nya...kat sini best utk cuci2 mata and sgt di suggestkan if u went there early in the morning cause cuaca x panas plus dpt tiket murah with my card..just pay for rm5 if u come b4 10 (if I didn't mistake) and at the late evening around 6 (if I didn't mistake)..bila dah gi tempt yg saujana mata memandang ni, of course gambar2 yg terhasil haruslah cantik...haha2...xmemerlukan dslr...Samsung note pun dah memadai..
kalo korang x de transport, korang boleh ambik bas dr jeti ke sini and kalo korang drive set kan waze or gps ke bukit bendera and korang boleh park your car kt bangunan bertingkat berhampiran pintu masuk bukit bendera... and dinasihatkan to go there during weekdays or besides school holiday or early in the morning utk mengelakkan kesulitan and u can bring your own food or drink...and jgn risau, kt situ pun ada café..2 tingkat, the first floor for drink and dessert (sgt best for cuaca yg panas) and second floor for food..there were variety of food...and the price sgt affordable.
ok, jom tengok gamba: credit to ijah, kak ety and maznah
gambar b4 berlepas...kt sini nanti akan ada org ambik gambar korang...ala mcm kalo korang trn dr jeti kt langkawi tu and it was up to u nak beli ke idak...harga gambar rm31...kitaorg x beli pun...hehe

peta bukit bendera aka bendera hill...kitaorg berjalan almost semua tmpt except for  few places such as satu jln yg banyak dgn monyet, owl museum and kt atas bukit yg ada masjid tu...oh ya, dr counter ke puncak take about 10-15 minutes and sapa2 yg gayat tu hati2 ya...dia mcm korang naik roller coaster sikit kelajuannya... and curamnya..haha...tipu, slow sikit dr roller coaster

org yg diraikan.....amacam? ada gaya tak?

us at bukit bendera I

us at bukt bendera II

berjalan2 sambil cari tempat yg sesuai utk pre convocation

tmpt yg redup di kala matahari menyinar

berlatarkan petak bak kata ijah

merenung nasib

trial picture

with the landmark

kwsn ni ala2 namsan tower kt korea. korang boleh beli lock kat sini and sila lah kuncikan cinta anda di sini

org kuat pre convocation

dlm train

muka bahagia bila konvo..pre convocation I

us at bukit bendera III

pre convocation II

pre convocation III

we want the I nak topi bulat utk kali ni..hehe

pre convocation iv...Berjaya melompat dgn jayanya...

ok, tu shj cite utk dikongsi for part I aka pre convocation...cuaca yg sgt panas but it was good for taking memory on your big day.....

ok, next pre convocation di penang adalah for this cute girl in next 2 years...amin...hope ms tu anda x kerja lagi, leh buat pre convocation dgn jayanya...kita gi tempat lain pulak ok?

ijah punya konvo pulak in 2017

ok, that's all and thanks for reading...take care ^-^