Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ke tempat asal

k, cepatnya ms berlalu...and it's about 5 months at biostatistic unit & it's time to say good bye to all staff & student in this unit.

to bos & her daughter: Thanks for your opportunity & guide me along this 5 month. thanks for the patient & thanks for the makan2...kenyang giler...& all your advice, I will always remember it!

staff: K, in biostatistic unit, it's only had 3 staff, kak da, kak nik & din...sangat sempoi, satu kepala (lagi2 time tengok tv sampai terjerebak dgn cite bella..he..he...sama2 emotional ms tengok stairway to heaven versi filipina, 5 rencah 5 rasa & little star: where I always told Haikal (Kak da's son the story is twinkle twinkle little star...he....he....)..din pulak aku leh anggap as individual who always fell sleepy even though he not married yet, quite pelik kan?

student: aisyah, hana & dia & kak mazian-x sempat kenal lama2...kalo lama2 mesti lagi best

Not forget to the head of unit who also known as my neighbour: thans a lot for everything & also to dr sarimah & dr aniza..k, although this unit is small but the situation is some best!!

k, need to keep move up & Hasnah, Welcome back to the real place, HGC & your next aim: PHD level. so, need to reset back my mind & read about genetic aspect back..