Wednesday, May 24, 2017

larian standard chartered 2017


yeah, menulis again after 2 months..huhu...ok, post kali ini, kalo korang pernah baca my blog, I pernah post pasal ni 2 years back...and after 2 years, me and muni still x join the event..hahaha...bila ya? in sha allah, we will join next year as participant and we will do for the easiest run which is 5 km or maybe apply for the volunteer during the event

last Sunday, 21 May 2017...was the event which was quite earlier compared to previous, maybe hujung2 thn takut jerebu berlaku which it had happened before or maybe the organizer had another big event in the end of the years..well, the real person who actually join this run was my sister: Maznah while I was there to cheer her up and I asked muni to accompany me...haha...and because she took 10 km event, the run start at 7.45 am. Maznah drove from kak diana house at shah alam to NU sentral to park her car and hoop into lrt to masjid jamek station where the event starting point is at sogo and end at dataran merdeka....well, it was good to walk in the middle of the busiest road around jalan tar and dataran merdeka...a lot of perangai manusia and gelagat u can see during the event like run with the tutu, run by carrying little children or put it inside the stroller...during the middle of event, the was a heavy run and luckily maznah had arrived to the end point...

us near the starting point

sekitar event 1

the participants

the participants 2

the most important price

the run, which is less than 10 km...and she managed to do it at 1 hour 6 minutes...kalo I maybe separuh kot masa tu...and look how many calories and steps she went through

ok, that's the wrap for standard chartered run 2017....there will be more run for me to join...yeah, so, register yourself and this event can be great event for whole family , husband and wife as well as best friends....sekaligus, i help you to still fit and healthy

tq for reading and take care ^-^


Friday, March 31, 2017

movie review: life


movie review for life pulak...on the same day muni and I watched Power Rangers movie. As summary, life mengisahan sekumpulan saintis from different countries( USA, UK, Japan) membuat kajian di angkasa lepas after they obtained the specimen from the beginning, it was small...very small and suddenly it grew bigger but at that time the scientist didn't know how it happened until a few research and they knew that it will bigger due to water, oxygen and fire...However, this thing which they call it as Kelvin try to kill the scientist one by one.

Oh ya, if Kelvin managed to kill one of the scientist and drink the blood, it grew more faster. a lot of technique they used to kill him but as long as Kelvin grew, it also become intelligent and hard to be kill

Can they Kill Kelvin? how many scientist save? can they save earth from Kelvin existing? Don't forget to watch Life

Out of 5 starts, I gave 3 and half start for this movie..and what can learn from this movie is never estimate other thing who lived outside earth. Be careful while doing research and if the specimen is become aggressive (for specimen who didn't exist on earth), kill them before anything happened..hehe
the poster

and tq for reading ^-^

Monday, March 27, 2017

movie review: power ranges the movie 2017


movie review kali ini...firstly, tq muni caused temankan I tengok cite ni....haha...mengimbau zaman kanak2 dulu

ok, power rangers movie kali ini, well it is same as what we saw and watched before..just ditukar sikit, the 5 persons tu masing2 got their own problems. the watak's name is still the same: jason (red ranger), kimberly (pink ranger), billy (blue ranger), zack (black ranger) and trini aka didi (yellow ranger). Cite was started with Zordan area, when he and his friends hold the ranger's stone and they all di tewaskan oleh Rita. untuk mengekalkan batu supaya tidak jatuh di tangan Rita yg jahat tu, Zordon mengorbankan dirinya plus metroid langgar bumi as well as menyebabkan kepupusan dinasour and batu2 itu tersembunyi, well Rita tercampak jauh ke dlm laut. millions years later, the 5 teenagers came. Jason ni curi lembu and caused kete rosak during the night he stole the cow. Kimberly pulak tumbuh her ex boyfriend face and gigi dia jatuh while Billy caused his lunch box exploded. this 3 guys need to go for weekend detention class and this is where they met each other.

when Billy said to Jason, he can helped Jason terlepas drp pengesan kaki (Jason case was classified as juvana case and he need to be at home by 7 am or else police will come and caught him wherever he was) and can let Jason to drive his mother's van..Jason agreed to do it. Billy asked Jason to take him to the mint where he believed there was something precious thing at that place. Jason willing to help Billy but just for a while. Then, he went around the mint and saw kimberly dive from high place. then, they saw zack as well as trini. Billy caused huge exploded in the mint and all of them gathered around Billy and saw the 5 different color of stone. they took it and quickly run from the place as they heard police siren. when they try to run away, Billy lost control of the car and the next morning they wake up, they already at home and gain a new power

They went back to the mint area and went to the weird place where they met alpha 5 as well as Zordon. However, it took them long time before they can morphine to power rangers. and at the same place, Rita had wake up and try to find a Crystal to conquered the earth

can they morphine at last? is Rita find the Crystal? why they cannot morphine? is Zordon back to live at last? can power rangers defeat Rita and angle groove become peace again...that's u need to watch. this movie was classified P13..means children less than 13 years old need guardians who aged at or more than 18 years old to accompany them. well it was nice to feel back your old time and for me during I was 8 or 9 years old. never miss the showed during pass time

for this movie I gave 3/5 starts. I heard that it will be 5-6 squeal of power rangers after this. cannot wait to watch it...and maybe the green ranger will come at the second squeal

the this movie, the costumes are nice and i like it...well done guys for the movie

ok, next review for our second movie...Muni and I watched 2 movie during our last outing...hehe...tq for reading and take care ^-^ 

Monday, March 20, 2017

cikgu tuition. Tuition PT3 and SPM di TTDI and seksyen 13 Shah Alam Selangor


lama dah x menaip...x de latest picture yg nk di kongsi plus kehilangan kak diya memang mendatangkan kesan mendalam...moga akak tenang di

since early March 2017, I started my part time job as tuition teacher and for this moment I am a teacher for 2 classes, which I was asked (parents and students) to teach English for pt3 as well as SPM. since it was more than 15 years I left my secondary school, the first thing was to prepare myself in term of the syllabus as well as novel. Actually, at the first week, I was asked to teach BM for pt3..haha, it sound easy right...BM..but once the students asked for grammar for example memberikan...why mem and kan were at the end...haha, payah sih...BM grammar rule is not same as, luckily the parents find the suitable BM teacher for my PT3 students...kalo x payah lah, I need to fresh  and flesh back the BM grammar. Furthermore, since I also student, teaching English help me to improved my grammar, vocabulary and learn how to explain...

setakat ni, I am fully occupied for Saturday and still available for Sunday. As for my partner, cikgu Diana, she is not fully occupied on Saturday and weekdays currently but she almost fully occupied for Sunday. For those parents who wish us to teach their children, you are free to ask us via whatsup, sms and call. Since the mid exam had finish (March 2017) before the school break, some of students already get their result and based on experienced, it is better to start earlier, mostly if the student had or facing difficulty to understand certain subjects mainly for those who will sit for big examination such as UPSR, PT3 and SPM. Maybe during the school time or school tuition itself are not enough for them to understand the certain topic
    You can learn together with your friends or doing tuition by your own aka private class...don't forget to get us a call if you're interested to join....There will be a special price for 1 class with more than 2 students..

ok, that's all and tq for reading ^-^ 

Friday, February 17, 2017

the genomian 2013 video


di saat I menulis post ni, sahabat yg sering memberikan semangat, tunjuk ajar serta nasihat telah pergi selamanya...kak adiya, sgt terkejut setelah membaca apa yg di antar oleh malia usai selesai membaca yassin and sgt terkilan cause kita memang ada niat to met together with muni ms terdekat ni caused x jumpa masa birthday saya hari ALLAH lebih sayangkan akak...akak pun pergi hr yg baik, hr jumaat and hope roh akak di samping org yg beriman...maaf saya sebab x dpt menziarahi akak buat kali terakhir kerana sy x rasa sy sekuat muni dan disebabkan oleh hal2 yg x dpt dielakkan...hanya titipan doa, al-fatihah serta yassin yg mampu sy akan ingat segala nasihat akak dan akan terus berjuang utk habiskan pengajian saya...dan akak akan menjadi salah satu sebab kenapa sy kena abiskan pengajian saya...and sy percaya itu juga apa yg akak pun harapkan drp saya...saya akan terus ingat akak dan apa impian kita (sy, akak and muni) yg akak x dpt tunaikan, kitaorg akan teruskan....

sebabkan itu, I terus teringat saat2 di USM ms sambung master...and rsnya baik simpan dulu video tu di sini....sahabat di kala susah and senang, hope kita semua akan bersahabat sehingga ke Jannah and I miss u guys soooo much!!!

jom, tengok video yg dibuat khas oleh fawaz to the genomian :

al-fatihah buat kak adiya and akak sentiasa dlm ingatan saya

Monday, February 6, 2017

best OST korea drama 2016


time2 mencari idea and menghilangkan rs bosan caused teman 1 blk kat uni ni dah x de..huhu...i had my korea best OST I punya pendapat sendiri and mungkin pendengaran and our opinion is different..for 2016, my favorite OST are:

1. Descendant of the sun
almost all the song memang best.....i like and ada group from korea buat medley lagu2 ni...memang up

2. Scarlet heart
lagu2 kat sini memang mantap and byk variasi lagu2 kat sini....

3. Goblin
sapa yg x tahu cite goblin kan? lagi2 kalo korang memang follow cite2 korea...tul tak? ditambah dgn watak utama and yg second lead hero cite goblin ni byk lagu yg agak mendayu and x sebanyak lagu mcm 2 cite di still boleh layan lagi

cite2 lain pulak...OST memang best, just OST drama x byk yg best sebagaimana cite di pendapat I...korang pulak

ok, tq for reading and take care^-^ 

Friday, February 3, 2017

movie review: Split


movie review kali ni....Split..tempat: cathy cinema, damansara last FRiday 27/1/2017, partner in crime:, that was her last balik before faced her final exam this coming june 2017...

Girls sedang menyambut birthday party at the cafe and ada salah sorang drp mereka ni x bercampur dgn org lain. in short with other, bila time semua org dah balik, uncle girl ni still x dtg jemput dia..makanya, ayah kepada birthday girl ajak dia ikut diaorg sekali and dia akan drop dia kat rumah dia..mula2 the birthday girl dgn kwn dia x ayah birthday girl still nk ajak kat parking lot, ada sorang laki ni ketuk kepala ayah birthday girl and msk dlm kete di tempat driver...bila tengok org x di kenali msk kete, semua dah panic and laki ni sembur muka diaorg dgn alat pelali...bila sedar je..ketiga2 mereka dah ada kt tmpt lain..

setiap kali laki tu msk blk diaorg, perangai laki tu berbeza2 dan buat the girls pelik..and pada ms yg sama, birthday girl dgn kwn dia ni memang sedaya upaya cuba cr jln kuar..tetapi memang sia2...any by the end, dia org semua diasingkan di bilik lain2 and everytime salah sorang cuba kuarkan diri, laki ni akan minta salah satu pakaian diaorg, kotor katanya.

at the other part of this story, menceritaka laki ni ada email and nk jumpa sorang psychiatric doctors..and everytime bila jumpa dr ni, dr ni akan meneka sapa laki ni...rupanya, laki ada 23 personaliti yg berbeza dlm dirinya and menanti personaliti yg ke 24 dikenali sebagai monster utk muncul...everytime ms seisi kaunseling, dr ni akan cuba menenangkan laki ni and ingatkan dia utk munculkan and buat dirinya yg betul tu muncul and menguasai semula dirinya...

selanjutnya...kena tengok sendiri cite ni...adakah monster akan muncul? adakah the girls akan selamat? mcm mana dr tu boleh membantu laki ini? and apa sebenrnya berlaku sampai ada 24 personaliti yg berbeza dlm kehidupan?
poster di sebelah kiri tau

bg cite ni i rate 3/5...ok and ada part cite ni lembab sikit jln ceritanya...and boleh belajar mcm mana org yg split personaliti ni berfikir....and yg pastinya memang bahaya...huhu

ok, tq for reading and take care