Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Fun walk hari kitar semula (HKS) 2017


ok, kali ni nak letak dlm blog ni pasal HKS 2017 on 18/11/2017 at Putrajaya...ok, why join this event? hmmm...actually muni yg ajak and caused saja nak melepak2 di putrajaya for walk...and meeting with one of my previous housemate in Kelantan, marjanu hikmah...susah tul nak jumpa budak ni..

a day before the event, I slept at muni new rent house at shah umah sewa muni yg baru ni and it was fully furnished but x de mesin basuh...but, there were a lots of laundry shop near her house and of course near to restaurant, hospital and supermarkets like 99 speed mart..and the best thing was near to surau which I really like it..haha..kitaorg dh early register for the HKS 2017, and we supposed to get our free t-shirt and food. FYI, we didn't pay anything for the was totally FOC..and because it was HKS, as exchanged to the FOC registration as well as t-shirt and meal, we were required to bring some of recycle items such as bottle, newspaper etc..but because we came late and the organizer open the walk in registration, we didn't get our t-shirt and meal...huhu...that's ok since it was free but I think for the next event, maybe they can separate the items for person who already online register and walk in, we can get items just like they promised..

the walk was about 2 km and because it was fun walk... along 2 km there were some interesting thing that will make you stop at every section...the rabbit, clown, ultraman, iron man, sticker area etc...haha, tu x termasuk sekali berhenti due to beautiful scenery around putrajaya...after finished walk, we took pictures together and caused mar need to be at her mother's house for makan2, we said bye2 to each other..haha

bdk lambat nk ambik baju utk walk

yeah..baju dpt tp saiz for kids...haha...just got free water...ok lah tu, drp nothing..situasi di atas, we were waiting for mar..haha

yeah...dh jumpa...our first picture together during the event

jom jalan2 and cuci mata

rombongan memulakan gerakan

sekitar putrajaya

yeah...jom jalan

this is masa registration..ramai deh berbaris

with badut

the highlight...iron man...ultraman kat sebelah dia

rabbit area

fish area...just mascot

mood: cuci mata

near lake

picture with duta cilik recycle...good luck on your campaign ..mar, tak tahan cahaya and me sembuni tepi muni..haha

at the finish line

and lastly, hope kita boleh join beramai2 aktiviti mcm ni...jadi boleh sihat, borak, jalan2, tangkap gambar and cuci mata..haha...hopefully, ramai yg boleh join or perhaps we maybe do need our housemate trip

and lastly,

our picture together...haha

ok, tq for reading and take care ^-^

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