Tuesday, December 19, 2017

movie review: Star wars, The last jedi


finally, after waiting more than 2 years the squeal from the last movie: the force awaken came out...How do I feel? haha..of course excited and hope the movie will not turn me down...

I watched the movie with my 2 old friends from secondary school which I knew them since I was 13 years old: jiha and Azie..so, it was nearly 19 years old we had knew each other. However, we didn't had a chance to see each other frequently..maybe once a year..haha..like hari raya kan?

ok, about this movie...it started with the pemberontak attack one of dark side kapal and berjaya memusnahkan kapal yg besar itu after ramai ahli pemberontak yg terkorban. pada ms yg sama, rey berjaya menjejaki luke and asked luke to teach her but luke x nak ajar..so, pelbagai cara rey buat such as follow luke seharian etc until a day luke pun ajar dia..luke dpt rasakan yg rey ada 1 kuasa jedi sendiri yg sukar untuk ditafsirkan and pd ms yg sama rey berhubung semula dgn kaylo ren. 

napa ray berhubung dgn kaylo ren and paling utama who is the last jedi? adakah ini betul2 last2 jedi yg wujud di dunia...semuanya terjawab kalo korang sendiri yg pergi tengok kt cinema

I punya opinion regarding to the movie,
1. best and I puas hati cause dpt tengok pedang cyber back after 2 years
2. action memang best tp ada twist di cite ini
3. kureng puas hati caused I tak tahu who is rey real parents..diaorg just ckp mak bapak dia already died, tp who are there?hish...
4. cannot wait for the sambungan..tp I nk tengok sambungan pasal rey and kaylo ren...yg lain2 tu mungkin kurang berminat sikit...please buat sambungan diaorg cepat sikit boleh tak


Jgn lupa tengok tau...memang korang x menyesal..and this squeal is the last appearance of princess Leia caused she died last December 2016 walaupun ending cite ni dia x mati...but according to the production, they maybe not used footage of princess Leia for the next squeal of star wars...

I bagi 4 1/2 bintang

ok, take care and tq for reading and lastly May the force be with you!!haha  

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Fun walk hari kitar semula (HKS) 2017


ok, kali ni nak letak dlm blog ni pasal HKS 2017 on 18/11/2017 at Putrajaya...ok, why join this event? hmmm...actually muni yg ajak and caused saja nak melepak2 di putrajaya for walk...and meeting with one of my previous housemate in Kelantan, marjanu hikmah...susah tul nak jumpa budak ni..

a day before the event, I slept at muni new rent house at shah alam..best umah sewa muni yg baru ni and it was fully furnished but x de mesin basuh...but, there were a lots of laundry shop near her house and of course near to restaurant, hospital and supermarkets like 99 speed mart..and the best thing was near to surau which I really like it..haha..kitaorg dh early register for the HKS 2017, and we supposed to get our free t-shirt and food. FYI, we didn't pay anything for the event..it was totally FOC..and because it was HKS, as exchanged to the FOC registration as well as t-shirt and meal, we were required to bring some of recycle items such as bottle, newspaper etc..but because we came late and the organizer open the walk in registration, we didn't get our t-shirt and meal...huhu...that's ok since it was free but I think for the next event, maybe they can separate the items for person who already online register and walk in registration...so, we can get items just like they promised..

the walk was about 2 km and because it was fun walk... along 2 km there were some interesting thing that will make you stop at every section...the rabbit, clown, ultraman, iron man, sticker area etc...haha, tu x termasuk sekali berhenti due to beautiful scenery around putrajaya...after finished walk, we took pictures together and caused mar need to be at her mother's house for makan2, we said bye2 to each other..haha

bdk lambat nk ambik baju utk walk

yeah..baju dpt tp saiz for kids...haha...just got free water...ok lah tu, drp nothing..situasi di atas, we were waiting for mar..haha

yeah...dh jumpa...our first picture together during the event

jom jalan2 and cuci mata

rombongan memulakan gerakan

sekitar putrajaya

yeah...jom jalan

this is masa registration..ramai deh berbaris

with badut

the highlight...iron man...ultraman kat sebelah dia

rabbit area

fish area...just mascot

mood: cuci mata

near lake

picture with duta cilik recycle...good luck on your campaign ..mar, tak tahan cahaya and me sembuni tepi muni..haha

at the finish line

and lastly, hope kita boleh join beramai2 aktiviti mcm ni...jadi boleh sihat, borak, jalan2, tangkap gambar and cuci mata..haha...hopefully, ramai yg boleh join or perhaps we maybe do need our housemate trip

and lastly,

our picture together...haha

ok, tq for reading and take care ^-^

Thursday, November 23, 2017

hapi convocation najib!


berderat post kt blog kali ni pasal konvo...I loved convocation and really miss my day during the convocation...huhu...najib is the youngest children dlm family maamor and selang 10 thn drp I. ms dia kecik dulu, dia agak rapat dgn I caused I jaga dia ms kecik and ms cuti sem ms degree dulu, memang dgn dia je lah anak kat umah..dah besar2 ni yg kureng rapat sikit..haha

convocation najib ni mcm ijah..on the weekdays..makanya, pre convocation gak lah..and interestingly almost all family members were there except for Biha and Kak ety..oh ya, my bro took diploma in Unisel, Selangor...before this, he further his diploma in UiTM Segambut, unfortunately, something happen and he further his study in Unisel, batnag berjuntai, Selangor. 

utk kali ni, najib booked homestay at unisel and homestay was ex -dorm for unisel's student..makanya,byk benda yg x tak de..well, rsnya mungkin pihak unisel boleh memperbaiki service diaorg ni kalo nk menarik ramai org luar mainly ms convocation utk dtg menginap di unisel..such as provide towel, toiletries, small refrigerator, oven, sejadah, telekung, sterika, cerek and televisyen..in short, mcm homestay...br best sikit nak review pasal ni sebab most of the thing, org luar from the area akan cr pasal homestay, hotel or mana2 tempat yg dekat dgn kwsn convocation...boleh buat pelaburan kalo betul2 dijaga drp aspek ini

I went to unisel with pak din. and sampai unisel, we waited for maznah and others. Then, go to the homestay inside unisel dorm and waited for along and the family..dlm homestay tu memang kosong and luckly my mom dh prepared makanan utk makan..haha..waited for along and took our family pictures together. Maznah went back to Sungai Besar first as she worked on the next day (the journey took longer if she stayed in unisel) while others, me, pak din and along family waited for maghrib. wile waiting, I and ijah took hariz, auni and kak iman around unisel dorm (as hariz carried loudly when see Maznah went out from the door). We went to the field, playing with some workout instruments and we saw futsal field with a ball at the field...haha..memang spend byk ms kat futsal tu..penat wei jaga budak2 main..kurus I kalo buat selalu...sampai ms utk balik, hariz refused and keraskan bdn dia..good tried kiddo, but acik didn't care,memang I angkat terus budak ni plus he was in a small size..haha

ok, picture time
the flowers

test try jubah unisel pulak

with bunga

the whole picture with flower

convocation and birthday cake for najib..sedap cake ni..kalo korang nk try boleh beli di cawangan kings..lupa nama cake ni buat why I choose this cake was because cake ni cantik...haha..x tahu pun rs dia pun sedap sekali 

set tmpt ambil gambar and as always haruslah yg dirai x sampai lagi

set tmpt lagi

dan lagi

dan lagi

ala , gambar satu family x de pulak kat simpanan laptop ni...kalo korang nk tengok, please terjah my blog hasnahmaamor

ni org yg dirai with jubah and the cake...nampak tak kat situ, sapa dia lagi sayang...cake yg i bawakkan atau bunga yg mak I siapkan...haha

riadah di petang hr with kak iman..bdk lagi 2 org tu ijah jaga...

to najib...hapi convocation big bro...alhamdulilah, setelah mengharungi byk cabaran, you got your diploma..next step, degree level tp kalo ko nk keje dulu pun ok...I sokong apa u nk buat..and tahniah for your award on the best student for your course...Hapi convocation bro!!! ^-^

that's all and tq for reading

Monday, November 20, 2017

hapi convocation ijah!!


yeah..after 5 years of struggling..a lots of effort, cry, missing home sooo much..she finally got what she dream of..the convocation day to azizah maamor and officially, other medical doctor in our family member after kak ety..

Her convocation was on 30 October 2017 but unfortunately I and kak ety weren't able to attend. another big boss is coming during that time and I need to be around KL..huhu...therefore, both of us spent a time during weekend to Ijah convocation..overall, the schedule by Ijah was well organized except for the homestay where my dad didn't like it much and as the result he need to follow us around (that the good sign actually or else, he will stay at the homestay or hotel by himself...hehe). I started my journey to Ipoh from KL with ETS and thank you ALLAH..I bumped with tasya, my best buddy I miss most near celcom store at NU sentral...haha..I reached Ipoh around 11.00 pm and next day at 7 am I got skype meeting with my co supervisor..haha

During the journey (there were mak, bapak, ijah, kak ety and me in the car while maznah got to work on Saturday), I was busy preparing my slaid until we stopped at bandar casia for window shopping and lunch as well as pray. Bandar cassia is looked like JPO as it sold many well known brand under one place with the affordable price I guess..haha...as my mom bought pillow, sheet etc at the chester (sorry for the wrong spelling). We continue our journey to USM as Ijah got photo shoot with her friends. While for others, we went to the home stay and suddenly ijah called us and asked for her stethoscope and chocolate..hish..hish..we sent it to her and went for shopping..well, what is the best thing to shop in penang..haha..of course jeruk and the most famous jeruk in the town: jeruk pak ali..and the kaki shopping, my mom and kak ety, mcm biasa...shopping..well for the while, mampu takat tengok je la...huhu....maznah arrived at 6 pm and she went to USM first to fetch ijah but ijah didn't hang up the phone (well, it was our fault also caused didn't inform ijah that maznah will come to fetch her)so maznah went to our place near nasi kandar line clear....so, ms tu nak malam..jadinya we went to batu feringgi to jln2 and go to avatar park..haha. while ijah berpusing2 with her friends...end of the first day

second day, family picture time: as we dress nicely to take family picture....pusing2 di tapak pesta USM. ms kejadian tu, one of my junior finally finish her master study and I pergi jumpa dia with congrats balloon. haha..we had our lunch at tapak pesta and at 1 pm me and kak ety went back to Ipoh as my train to KL was schedule at 5.00 pm. 

so, that's it the journey to USM...haha, sebenarnya on the way blk Ipoh tu..singgah lagi kat bandar cassia for starbuck and gi beli tiket murah to maps ipoh...hoho..picture time
stesen ipoh di waktu malam...cantikz..that's why i suka sampai ipoh mlm2

me and ijah at bandar cassia

muka suka lepas makan nasi kandar and mertabak

sun set at penang

ms kitaorg gi ni, ada upacara utk budha..habis semua jln jem sikit

at avatar...sila buka lampu suluh anda tau caused keadaan di sini gelap..tetapi

cantik...and lampu suluh tu berguna utk korang ambil gambar tau...


pada peminat journey to the west, this is your place...byk gila maskot2 utama kat sini..plus tempat ni sgt dekat dengan pantai..ada satu port tu, memang pantai, so hati2 tau..caused x de lampu kat situ

ada bunga bercahaya jugak

ok, this is the place for the avatar tu...memang dekat tokong and parking rm5..ada org akan guide korang utk parking and free for enterance

this is our homestay...ok je, tapi line internet sgt slow plus kedai2 mkn pun jauh...huhu..so, bpk kena kitaorg berjalan2

ijah and our parents..gambar yg lain akan diupload nanti...ms hr kejadian pun aku ambil gambar sendiri caused ms master hr tu x sempat nk ambik..haha..so, I x sabar nk tunggu gambar I siap..

with my junior..mira..akak so pround of you...yes, finally all my juniors already finish their study..yg senior ni, sila insaf diri ya..haha..

other genomian yg konvo sekali, master human genetic 2017

cari mira lain, mira lain yg jumpa...ambil gambar wei...

ni ms hr konvo ijah..maz x masuk, maka di tugaskan utk cari surprise present for ijah...asal ms aku konvo dulu x de..huhu

ok, that's all for ijah konvo...makanya secara rasmi, maamor clan finish study in USM with flying colors...x tahu lah kalo lepas ni generasi USM bersambung lagi kan...haha..tapi memang hatrik lah caused 3 org sambung belajar kt USM...kalo kak ety gi USM memang lagend la...dah lah semua USM kelantan..boleh masuk book of record ni..haha..that's what we call legacy

last picture

attendance check and every one is happy...ijah got 3 bouquet flowers for her convocation and officially your'e Dr Azizah Maamor now...gi rehat2 puas caused nanti kena keje kuat2...dah keje jgn lupa belanja kakak ko ni..yes^-^

tq for reading and take care ^-^  

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Review movie: berbisik pada langi and tambiruo


I memang sgt2 jarang tengok movie Malay di wayang..bukan apa, it was to hard utk mencari which Malay movie will worth utk anda tonton plus I am a huge fan of action movie..so, most of Malay movies is not action movie, that's why, I x tengok kat wayang. but because of high review and recommend by many of my friend, menggerakkan hati utk melihat filem family di wayang...mungkin review saya will help u to choose them kalo rasa2 nk purchase kat astro first kan? ok, ada 2 movie akan direview...kita review yg pertama dulu

1. Berbisik pada langit
tengok di sunway pyramid with muni. Pelakon2 cite ni rsnya x perlu diperkenalkan. memang mantap2 semua..cite dimulakan dgn kelahiran anak ke-2 the only daughter of the family. memang di jaga sangat baik sampai mendatangkan dengki pada si adik. the daughter got offer to further her study in Australia. After few years, it was a time she need to go back to Malaysia. but b4 she went back, she wanted to rode with her motorbike around Australia with her 'best friend'. during the rode, the tire suddenly burst and made the daughter fallen down from her motor. at the same time in Malaysia, the father fell uneasy feeling and had nightmare dream. what happened to the daughter? is she alive and able to get back to Malaysia? what happened to the family? tu korang kena tengok sendiri...memang berbaloi..jgn lupa tengok kt astro first tau...tengah main kt situ

My review:
I love the scene of this movie. khabir bahtia, director yg kalo korang tengok cite yg dia arah..mesti tahu, this film/movie belong to him. cite ni memanf about family. how u face the problem together and how u can trust the stranger. and most of all, patient or S.A.B.A.R and always pray. I cried at the end of movie ms the daughter buat movie for her family about her daily life and how much she missed her family..huhu

2. Tombiruo-penunggu hutan
an action movie and gambar memang cantik...action move yg menarik and di adaptasi drp novelis ramlee awang murshid. cite ni bermula drp kelahiran tombiruo. mak tambiruo diperkosa hingga melahirkan anak luar nikah..ms nk melahirkan tu, ada sorang bidan merangkap dukun yg sambut..di luar rumah dukun di kala kilat sambung menyambung, huband ni berlawan dgn perogol tu caused he wanted to kill his wife. but the end the husband die and also the wife. bomoh tu berjaya selamatkan tambiruo and kill the perogol. tambiruo dihanyutkan ke sungai dan ditemui oleh sorang lelaki. lelaki ni yg membela and menjadi ayah pada tambiruo. beberapa tahun kemudian, tambiruo dh besar and enjadi penjaga hutan. pada satu hari, ada sorang usahawan terkemuka nk buat sedikit pembangunan di kawasan hutan and masa tengah upacara perasmian projek baru tu, ada satu kumpulan membuat kacau di kawasan lain and menghalau penduduk di kawasan hutan tu drp tinggal di situ. and ms tu, tambiruo and ayahnya pergi membantu penduduk2 di situ. ms tengah bergaduh2 tu, ayah angkat tambiruo mati and tambiruo mula mengejar pembunuh ayahnya. usahawan tu serta anak perempuannya, pergi melawat kawasan yg kena ganggu tu, mereka terlibat dgn kemalangan dgn pembunuh ayah tambiruo and msk ke gaung. dua2 mati and ms menantu usahawan tu dtg menghampiri wife dia, dia nampak tambiruo kt situ and halau tambiruo...x lama lepas tu, wife dia mati and si suami menyimpan dendam pada tambiruo. so, apa yg berlaku lepas tu? tu korang kena tengok sendiri..I bg spoiler sikit je

My review:
Pd pembaca rangkaian novel ni mungkin akan merasa kecewa sikit caused byk babak2 yg x de...babak2 gaduh yg x dipotong tp korang perlu faham caused movie is for 2 hours and it was so impossible to put all together. and that's why kenapa I kureng melayan novel yg di moviekan...I lagi suka kalo buat drama caused x terlalu rushing nk ke habis. tp part gaduh dia memang best...and adakah berbaloi nk tengok kat astro first ya..hm...memang berbaloi lagi2 kalo korang memang berasal drp sabah caused about 1/3 movie ni shoot di sabah and sikit2 watak kat sini berdialek kadazan..overall it was ok and for me x effect pun watak tambiruo tu x berbaju pun...bukan nampak muka pun caused I more focus to the action not personal figure..haha

picture time: credit to Mr google

poster berbisik pada langit

poster tombiruo

ok, 2 movies for October and all the Malay movie...tq for readiang and take care ^-^

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

my first medal in running: hearts and action run 2017


after Sabah trip, girl trip di teruskan dgn satu aktiviti berfaedah dan sihat..haha..hearts and action tun 2017..tq maz caused sponsor larian ini...moga dimrurahkan rezeki..aminnn

larian ini diadakan last September bertempat di maeps Serdang and that was my first ever running or joined the marathon..we woke up as early 4am, and get ready to maeps..

There were 2 run categories: 6 km and 12 km and of course I took the short distance..If it has less that 3 km, I will join it also..haha...we started run around 7.15 am after funny session of warm-up by the Chinese DJ..tq bro, you really knew how to wake us up with your funny stories and way of warm-up...marathon in Maeps, I will say it a little bit challenging as most of the places there berbukit plus during the event,matahari betul2 di depan muka kita...huhu..mencabar betul larian mcm ni...sampai sejuk2 tangan kakak I..sian kak ety but we managed to run...no, I will say walking for 6 km non stop...haha...most of the time, I enjoyed the scenery around Maeps...cantik sih with a lots of small park and dusun around there..

picture time:
event banner

view early in the morning

during kit collection...candid picture

warming up with abam sado and kak cun

jom lari

lautan manusia join for 6 km

tinggalkan cop mohor

with cop mohor and medal...kalo korang perasan, baju kitaorg lain2 color which represent different purpose of the run event..event ni utk raised up fund..blue is for children, pink-lady, green-health and oren-animal

yes..achievement lock...new activity 

the medal

muka kepanasan

ok, that's all for the first event together..next running will be on March 2018 at UM. should be this coming December, but the committee had postponed it to next year...oh, forget, next walking will be this coming November at Putrajaya..it is free and just bring any item u can recycle...they will provide free t-shirt and meal...will join there with lovely muni...yeah as we promise, at least, we will met up once a month...haha


my medal and beep number

tq for reading and sapa2 yg nk ajak I join run, don't forget to contact me..hehe ^-^