Friday, August 11, 2017

kad student Komuter link hilang...What should you do?


B4 ni I pernah post how to apply for student komuter link kan? so, this time, what should you do if you lost your can you apply it back..

alkisahnya, my card was lost...huhu...I didn't remember where I put it and already search everywhere, places I always went, used to visit but I cannot find it..huhu....that's why I need to apply it back caused I can save 50% of my fare every time I travel as well as I am frequent komuter's user. so, 50% save is quite a big save and help me to save my pocket money...

how do you apply for KTM student link card if you lost the previous one? these are the steps:
1. do the police report and state in the report that you lost your card..nearest police station at KL sentral (the komuter link counter located) is outside NU sentral, under the bridge. You can ask for the direction to the security guard at NU sentral if you didn't find it..hehe
2. Print back surat pengesahan university or confirmation letter from your university..this one you can ask your register's or postgraduate office's staff to clarify your status as a student. you can download this form via internet..just log in :

and go to  Permohonan KOMUTER LINK Atas Talian Pelajar Sahaja or in english  (ONLINE APPLICATION FOR STUDENTS)

3. make a copy of your IC and student card.

4. Go to the first floor KTM student komuter link counter near ETS counter ticket. Please bring RM 15 (RM5 for card price and RM 10 for money inside the card) as well as your original IC and student card in case the staff as for it.

Counter will open from Monday to Friday at 9.00 to 5.00 pm (counter will close for an hour at 1-2 pm). Closed at Sunday and public holiday.  

If you remember your previous card number, they will trace back the card and you can get the money balanced from the, please snap the card photo..maybe it will benefit to you in the future 

so, these are the steps if you lost your student komuter link card...I already make the new one and I can save my money back..yahuuu...

ok, that's all and tq for reading ^-^ 

Friday, August 4, 2017

corak coret raya 2017


raya...oooo...raya..alhamdulilah after fasting for a month, syawal is coming and post ni after syawal..yes

starting with the syawal with lovely family..setakat ni, I memang ada 1 family sahaja which I will spend my raya in sg besar and memang x perlu berebut kampung mana #gengselangor #family di hati gitu...and after 2 years, memang riuh rendah rumah caused the kids were there and everybody was, need to wait for other 2 years unless something big happen which need everyone there...jeng..jeng...

first day raya, berbaju boria which was not to boria as I provide only kain sarawak sahaja..the baju, it up to them what design they want...sorry, I x ckp duit nk bg everything semua...wait until i graduate and get a sha allah, I will sponsor something which will benefit and memorized to always, after family photo, we went to nenek, wak rob, umah arwah wak pan and went back as we prepared for other people to attack us at night..haha...memang kena attack pun caused x tahu sapa dtg caused I in charge with the kitchen duty sambil tengok cite di TV...dah surut br kuar ke depan...adoi...

second day, continue our photo shoot at anjang house after went to wak ramli's house...went to alang's house and went back home and get ready to get attack at night which also been attack too..haha..that's ok, this is what we call raya..and on third day, same of maznah, ijah and najib friends came to my house for raya..

the raya continue with raya at kak diya's house...alhamdulilah, me and muni managed to visit her new house, recite yassin and doa...finally after 5 months I visit her and in sha allah kak diya, we will come back cause it was so easy to search for your new house..we went back to kak diya house cause there was an open house raya...tq mel and family (kak diya sister) for the foods, drinks and cookies

last raya is raya in UiTM selayang...first time raya under uni x ramai org berebut...kalo x, memang beratur panjang memang tenang and damai lah...dgn varieties of food there..tq to the sponsor

picture time:
unofficial picture for raya..yeh..everyone is here

along & kak lin with azzam, iman, auni and hariz (sibuk tengok duit raya)

my parents and me with my duit raya

maznah ootd

ijah ootd

biha ootd

my sister and mom OOTD

second day of raya: slot akasia pose bak kata adik ipar i

slot samarinda pose

rumah wak rob

the girls

the boys

gaya pose bebas paling popular...penat ajar auni buat..haha

lovely couple with hariz

ni ms first day....

third day: geng basuh pinggan

geng masak ayam

geng mop lantai

at kak diya aka mel's family house..I sorang x angkut anak

candid picture..tq ikin's hubby

raya di UitM new buddy in UiTM..en jamil, linda, dayah, nad and su

from left: linda, dayah, su, me and nad with the props

the most refresh food during makan2

that's was my corak coret raya 2017...why sikit sgt ya? this is what we called hidup bernomad...haha, raya pun susah and caused I ambik cuti awal, raya ke-5 I dah msk mengahadap keje2...huhu...

in sha allah raya 2018 mungkin lebih menarik..well, bg menambahkan menarik di situ, harus la study pun tip top and menghampiri penghujungnya...and mungkin lebih menarik if .................(sila sambung di sana)


well, that's a wrap for syawal....

tq for reading and take care ^-^

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

coretan iftar 2017


Before cite pasal raya, rasanya molek habiskan post pasal bulan pose hr tu…secara keseluruhannya bulan pose ni boleh di anggapkan sebagai mencabar caused need to travel a lot…mostly sg buloh-selayang..sometimes sg buloh-selayang-cheras and in the weekend sg buloh-selayang-shah alam…and ada a few situations need to breaking fast inside the train which was cool as the staff made the announcement and we san ate in the train freely..haha, sometime when I was hungry which so starving, I will eat in the train..jom, story about breaking fast or ifftar for this year…

Start with ifftar with tiqa and tiqa’s friend at r&r sg buloh…specific at KFC caused menempuh jem di cheras..haha…see, I told you, kalo keluar UCSI after 5…get ready to be stuck in the jem for more than an hour…luckily, we manage to be there before 7 and ordered our meals…after maghrib, went to buskin robin for a dessert and of course I ordered my  favorite dessert drink at buskin robin: chocolate mint shake …hahaha..what a lovely ifftar

Second, breaking fast with buddies.. This was first year kak diya was not around us forever..I still remember every Ramadhan she will be a busy person and ask us when we will go together for breaking fast…is it will be in our annually place or what? Which actually most of the time we end up at the same restaurant except for 2015, we went to Fish Manhattan…haha..and those asking hanya tinggal memory yg me, shikin and muni will remember forever…How we miss you so much kak diya. this time, we went to our favorite place for ifftar…the chicken rice shop at midvelly megamall…tq to ikin’s hubby for joining us and let ikin lepak2 with us as well to baby caused tak meragam sgt..hehe…I really hope that me and muni’s future husband can hang out together and most important ikin’s hubby will had a friend…haha

Third: the most happening ifftar…ifftar with ex bos in shah alam…OMG, there were a lots of foods (from western to kampung), drinks, good performance etc…the most excited part during the event were solat maghrib, isyak, terawih , hajat and witir together….and after that moreh…oh my, I can still feel the taste of foods mainly the lempeng and sambal…haha

Fourth: ifftar paling jauh for 2017..ifftar at Kelantan and the most important part fully sponsor my Ijah…haha…and supper 2 hours after that with the most delicious ice cream in kelantan 

Fifth: and not forget with the closest friend in IMMB: ju, mira, yat, put, ain, fara and ju’s small family: chai, maira and adam at black canyon…the tomyam was so yummy and the foods were fantastic…you guys should try and the price was quite affordable for us as students…

Sixth: ifftar with pak din and biha at food jam, sg buloh...I wrote this restaurant before and as usual x menghampakan...haha...sedap sih..

Lastly as same like previous year..the grand ifftar at my grandma house…as usual a lot of fruits, news etc..started with bacaan Yassin and doa2 di akhir puasa

pictures time:

suasana di hari terakhir ramadhan di rumah nenek
makan beramai2 di akhir puasa...sapa yg bakal x de tahun depan ya...haha

ifftar with budies..we missing someone over here

gelagat bila ibu membawa anak2 keluar makan versus bujang kuar makan..hehe

ambil saiz sederhana besar for ifftar with pak din and biha..yummy

see...pinggan gila yg nak basuh pun suka...

geng ifftar buka picture sebenar ms kejadian but this was the attendance during ifftar..start from in front, right: fara, put and the back from right: ju, me, yat and ain

So, I guess that was my lovely ifftar for 2017. with a lots of friends and relatives..hopefully, we will met again Ramadhan 2018 with fully of activities and I will be at the end of my study phase during that time...cayok hasnah

That’s all and tq for reading ^-^..take care

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Azizah white coat ceremony


white coat was that? white coat ceremony is the event for final year medical students who pass their final exam...during this ceremony, ada majlis angkat sumpah where intipati during oath ceremony are treat patients equally, x kira bangsa atau agama, enemy or not etc...

jadinya, 3 days before raya last June 2017 (haha..lama tul I perap cite), Maznah, amat and me went to Kelantan for Azizah white coat ceremony...where was our parents? well, they're not coming and we went there on behalf of them. To be back to USM, well what I can remind me a lots of things..the place where I know about life, patience, communication, success, fail short remind me who I am and of course goods memory with friends although most of us were not longer in USM..

The final result was announced during evening a day before white coat ceremony....huhu...they sat for final paper on Sunday and had to wait until Wednesday to know either they pass or not...Kalo I, memang x makan and minum la...huhu...and I still remember my whats app to her a few days we went there..she was so worried and cannot do anything...and afraid she failed..well, we as family, we knew she will pass with a flying colors...and the same time we also pray for her success.

A night on 21/6/ we took a first flight to Kelantan, we slept at the airport...that was my first experience slept at the airport which was not bad...haha...caused there were a lots of people sleeping there to wait their flight and of course because we touch down to the airport, we rent the car and went to fetch Ijah (I called Azizah as Ijah) at USM before drove to our, we can saw her worried face at the morning before the, berjalan2 di sekitar pasar cik siti which was so untrue if you didn't buy something..haha and also aeon before we went back to USM to hear result. alhamdulilah, she made it and there you go, third child of En Maamor and Pn Raudzah with Dr tittle..after kak ety and along...congrats sis and as celebration, we ate like crazy during breaking fast..haha which followed by supper 2 hours breaking fast

the next morning...was the white coat ceremony...well, what I can say, I love the ceremony..ceremony where the lectures share about their story to the student and where the lectures hand back their students to the family members after 5 years...the new medic dean (during my time was prof aziz), speech was so funny and prof, actually I didn't mind if you want to speak more..haha..the main event of ceremony was the best student posting in every department...students need to face 9 departments during their fourth and fifth year.

and Ijah was surprised when they announce her as the best student for the orthopedic posting...actually, we're surprised also...haha...she also won best elective student..overall beside her scroll, she won 2 award as best elective student and orthopedic...cayalah sis

jom tengok gamba

tido kat klia2 la kita

muka bangun tido and sahur..tq marrybrown bg tido kat yg best, internet

sampai kelate doh

muka tenang a few hours before result out

during the result announcement

aturcara for white coat ceremony

yes..she do it....!!

attendance check 

her name

award she received

the happy face

suddenly ijah ask, where was her flower...haha!!b4 tu dia kata x nak...dah ramai pegang bunga br tanya...but caused her sisters know her better, the surprised gift was prepared..tq sis caused terima order last minit...this time kita bg bunga coklat kt ijah..haha 

hapi face receive the presents. mana ada org lain dpt bunga mcm dia ms hr tu..haha

3 generations of USM ..we do it...ok, leh pack brg and blk selangor for good...well done sisters and me..haha

gamba during she got her award as best student for elective

best student for orthopedic 2017

her group picture

alhamdulilah, after 8 years we finished our study with flying event ni, I managed to met ain, sha (who currently my teacher for statistic after kak diya) and some of genome's member...well, the feel or vibe when I enter genome was different compared my last visit...why? hm...maybe a lots of faces I know already finish her study and without I realized time moved so fast and what I can do right know, is finished my study faster and hope I will more subjects to be recruited to my study...amin...

so, now it only me left to achieve what along, kak ety and ijah had....yes, you can do it hasnah

tq for reading and take care ^-^ post is hari raya celebration  

Friday, July 14, 2017

movie review: transformer, 47 meters down and spider-man


selamat hari raya!!! wah...dah lama blog ni bersarang nampaknya..last post was a month ago...gambar raya, I post nanti ya..bak kata org, rayakan 1 bulan..haha

ok, post pasal movie..2 movies yg I tengok marathon ni tgv, sunway putra mall..yes...utk kali ni, disebabkan my partner in crimes semua sibuk beraya, I all tengok sorang2 je lah and that was my second experienced watched movie alone...well, memang lah bosan sikit caused x de kwn yg nk berborak and it was more bored if I just stay at home caused all my class was cancel on that week

review pasal transformer first: transformer the last knight...utk movie kali ni di start with king arthur era..and his knights as well as arthur almost kalah dlm satu peperangan, merlin pergi pinjam tongkat sakti from one of transformer knights and arthur menang dlm peperangan tu..when merlin died, tongkat itu dikebumikan sekali and only merlin descendant can hold the stick and the stick become a powerful the same time, optimus gi berkelana mencari penciptanya tp ternyata penciptanya tu jahat and menghasut optimus utk merampas tongkat itu drp pewaris merlin..episode ni juga boleh dikatakan zaman kejayuhan semua transformer caused diaorg semua kena bersembunyi utk elak di buru oleh manusia...episode kali ni juga menunjukkan planet cybertron cuba utk mengambil alih bumi dgn bantuan tonkat ajib tu...jadi apa kesudahan cite ni? kena lah tengok

pandangan I: well, transformer kali ni kureng best sikit and byk cite pasal manusia...kiranya oklah kalo korang memang follow cite transfomer mcm I...utk filem ni I kasi 3 stars

Filem ke-2: 47 meters down mengisahkan dua org adik beradik peri bercuti bersama2. si kakak lakonan mandy more(lama x tengok dia berlakon) br lps putus cinta dgn matahati dia. diaorg pergi ke sebuah pulau and salah satu aktiviti yg dikatakan adventure and rugi kalo x try kalo dah bercuti di sana adalah msk dlm sangkar and tengok shark dr jarak yg adik beria2 ajak kakak caused ms diaorg bercuti diaorg rapa dgn dua org guys yg memang org local kat pulau, pakej yg diaorg tawarkan utk lakukan aktiviti ni murah berbanding org lain. maka dia hari kejadian, diaorg pun pegi ke boat yg anjurkan aktiviti ini and the 2 guys msk dulu dlm sangkar di ikuti dgn the dia org on the way nk naik lepas best tengok shark, tali yg angkat diaorg dlm sangkar tu putus...makanya diaorg ni jatuh dlm kedalaman 47, mcm mana diaorg nk survived dgn dikelilingi oleh shark and adakah mereka selamat di akhirnya?

pandangan I: I belajar beberapa benda bila berada di kedalaman ini and how to avoid shark...kenapa x boleh tukar tong oxygen mcm tu shj and keselamatan itu penting...kalo nk join aktiviti mcm ni pun, safety first...filem ni oklah kalo nk tengok and utk filem ni, I bagi 3 stars

last movie utk review, spider man, the homecoming....bunyi mcm dance homecoming tu kan? yap, memang betul pun...cite ni kesenambungan drp avengers II and focus to spider man...and mentor dia iron man...after avengers II tu, spiderman blk ke sekolah and every ptg, dia akan tolong jirann2 kt kwsn dia....dlm ms yg sama, kalo korang ingat, ms avengers 1, ada makhluk asing dtg bumi kan? jadi ada sekumpulan org mengumpulkan brg2 yg hancur ms perang dgn tujuan tony akan byr lps kerja pembersihan. malangnya, tony dah upah org lain buat and org yg kumpul brg2 tu, di arahkan pulangkan semua brg...which diaorg buat except satu batu ni..batu tu diaorg olah and jadikan senjata utk dijual...kiranya mcm kongsi gelap jual senjata...naluri spider man ni utk membantu, temukan dia dgn penjual senjata tu...and ada satu incident yg menemukan dia dgn penjual senjata...dlm ms yg sama, tony tengah sibuk berpindah ke tempat yg baru...jadi apa yg jadi lepas tu?....

pandangan I: cite ni best, jalan cite yg kelakar and semangat spiderman nk jaga kwsn dia...I bg 4 setengah bintang utk cite ini..yeah!!

picture time, kredit to google:
poster transformer

47 meters


ok, thank you for reading and take care ^-^