Tuesday, May 24, 2016

movie review: angry bird


haha, this month memang kaki movie caused most of the post for this month is about movie review...ok, for this time movie review is the movie that adapted from the famous game: the angry bird movie...this was my second time watched cartoon genre in the cinema but its oklah plus my kakak treat me...so let's enjoy...

for those who loved to play angry bird game, u guys must watch it, seriously. so, u guys can know why the game was play in that way...and for those who don't play the game, u can came to cinema to watch it also...as for me, I play this game like less than 10 times..hehe

as synopses

angry or red was an angry bird and will become angry if he cannot control it. at the beginning of this movie, red was late for the cake delivery and caused trouble in his client's house. therefore, he was bring to the court and was sent to the anger class together with other 3 birds: bomb, chuck and I forget the name of the big bird...all of them were sent there for different reason like bomb caused always bomb, chuck was always run faster and the other one I forget what was his mistake

one day, piggy came and asked to stay at the bird's island for few days. at the first they said only 3 of them came but red didn't believe it. so, during the feast, he and his friends: bomb and chuck sneaked into the ship (piggy came to the bird's island with the ship) and found there were a lots of piggy in the ship...so, the leader of the piggy make a sad face and said they need to stay in the island for few days...but red didn't believe it as he saw the piggy were practice something near their ship. therefore, he asked help from his friends to accompany him to search for mighty eagle..the legendary bird in bird's island...and the only bird that can fly in that island

what is actually the piggy's plan? why they so kind with the others bird? why red and his friends searched for the mighty eagle?that's u have to watch it by your self....

thanks Mr google for the pictures:
the poster

red aka angry with bomb (left) and chuck (right)

some bird in bird island

the baby birds were so cute...comel sgt...hehe....this movie is suitable for the kids...so, don't forget to bring your kids to cinema to treat them during school holiday....besides cuteness, the friendship meaning was other highlight in this movies besides from cooperation and to become a good leader, u need to listen to other people and investigated it....

ok, tq for reading and take care



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