Tuesday, May 31, 2016

review buku: Sainslah


ok, review buku pasal sainslah.....buku ni mengisahkan about 24 saintis yg telah and currently mengejar cita2...topic pembelanjaran atau background yg pelbagai:fizik, kimia, math, biology etc..that will help to courage and motivate current student either in master or phd as well as those yg undergraduate student

why I terbeli buku ni: the main reason caused my big bro was one of the co-author in the book...he told about his study, interest, challenge and etc...but the story the caught my interest was the one who wrote about the atmosphere layers and the function...that really caught my interest and make we wonder, if the technology can be used to detect and exact predict regarding to the exact location of tsunami, how big the wave will be and etc. and it will be great if it can be predict as soon as possible like a moth before the tsunami event etc

so, guys...mostly who was or will be involved in research mainly in physic and chemistry (caused a lots of co-authors re in those field)..don't forget to get the book near the bookstore or you can purchase it through the website...just google and write Sainslah

ok guys. this is the book...harga rm25 exclude postage....kalo korang gi ms pesta buku kt maeps hr tu, diaorg jual rm 15...memang berbaloi2 beli kat pesta buku....tp, x salah bukan belanja utk ilmiah...x gitu

ok, apa yg kureng sikit kat buku ni...this is my personal opinion...most of lecture yg involved as writer in the book was graduated from oversea...apa kata letak beberapa cite from the local graduate yg rsnya cabaran tu agak mencabar gak. caused near the family (mesti nk join aktivi family bukan?,) financial support, experiment x menjadi, culture be a postgraduate in Malaysia mostly phd and etc...kalo boleh letak yg graduate from both public and private uni atau yg currently sedang study....sekadar cadangan for the next book

ok, tq for reading and hope this book will come one of the hit book in Malaysia...take care ^-^

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