Thursday, May 12, 2016

pesta buku antrabangsa maeps 2016


ok, topic kali ini...pesta buku antrabangsa 2016 and was held on 28 april to 9 may 2016...and this year was different from previous year as pihak penganjur used maeps, serdang as the venue compare to pwtc...why? well maybe they want to see how it goes plus there was an event at pwtc during that time, so maybe terlambat booking...hehe

utk ke maeps, serdang...anda boleh menggunakan google maps or waze. maeps ni tempat maha berlangsung so it was near upm and mardi. ok, parking memang sgt banyak disediakan and got 3 categories of parking:free, rm3 and rm10. ada food truck and placed for the kids to play and draw..and for those who want to go with public transport like me, u guys can go to ktm serdang and then menyeberang jejantas ke seberang jalan and wait for nadiputra bus with sign or pesta buku logo...just pay rm1/way..besides ktm serdang, the bus will pick up the visitor from lrt bukit jalil, a various uni and also ioi mall

apa yg terjadi with me and kak di during that day we went to maeps...haha, it was a heavy rain..and after we waited for like 20 minutes we decided to redah the rain...haha and of course basah...becaused both of us had bad experience when to pesta buku during weekend, we went there on Friday evening on 6 May...and there wasn't a lot of people there and in kaki novel booth, most of the novel weren't there...huhu...there's a lot of book during the event but the small booth compare last year for karangkraf. there's a lot of new publisher during the event and comes with a lots of new author. personally, I x berapa suka pesta buku kat maeps ni, first the surau and the hall was smaller compared to pwtc although there were a lots of parking...huhu...and hopefully they will organize next year event at for need to wait for the bus...boleh jln kaki to pwtc plus ada jln berbumbung from pwtc to ktm...apa I suka of course ada makan2 yg sedap with the affordable price..hehe

ok, apa yg di borong ms pesta buku ni...surprised pemborongan novel berkurangan caused kecewa kat kaki novel novel booth yg kureng buku & buku yg nak tak de..huhu
tabung...huhu, ada cite kelakar pasal tabung ni...I ingat majlis birthday party anak buah eni will be at 7/5...sekali 14/5 dah...makanya, I will keep the tabung first..hehhe

bahan bacaan yg di borong...and thanks to voucher buku 1 Malaysia, this are the hasils...currently I read sains lah and the blue novel and sikit pseudo sc...nampaknya for next year kena cr pseudo sc 2...

why I bought sains lah book caused my big bro was one of the author for that book...the book tell about 24 different scientist from different background (but most of them were from physic and chem background), about how their study straggly to achieve their dream and at the same time the book gave me new motivation that I can do what the authors inside the book did and make my study become true and success and most importantly gave something to the communities.  

sapa2 nk pinjam buku I beli, feel free to see me..hehe..ok, that's all for this entry. see u guys later and take care and of course tq for reading ^-^

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