Monday, May 30, 2016

ipoh: kellie's castle, pasar karat and funny mountain


recap weekend gate way for last 2 weeks at Ipoh, Perak...bakpo gi Ipoh tiba2....caused it was been a long time I didn't go there, small family short trip as well as to cheer up my date before his minor operation..hehe

ok, as always I went there by ETS caused pak din x confirm nk, ada cite menarik ms naik train ETS hr tu...nasib baik berkenaan I membekalkan diri with a film in my phone and a novel: isteri vs tunang (for this novel...I prefer the drama than novel). so, the train came late about 15 minutes late...when I stepped inside the train, the staff asked me to go the other koc, which it was a little bit weird as every ticket was included with the seat number. when I went to the koc, there were a few passengers and the train looked different from previous ets I rode before. the staff explained to us that this train was a replaced train and the seat was for 300 passengers not 350 passengers (the train I supposed to ride is for 350 passengers). means that, the remain passengers need to sit at the floor at stand which it will take about 2 hours the first, the staff said ktmb will refund us with rm8 but one of the man besides me said " mana boleh, it should be fully refund". a few weeks before this, there was an train accident: ets Ipoh and Butterworth...mungkin sebab tu gamaknya train x ckp..hmmmm...then after few minutes later, the staff told us a good news...yeah!!we will get a full refund..haha means we rode free ets...and I didn't realize the time flew faster as I keep read the novel (I can't watched the film as no subtitle and I can't hear the dialogue clearly)...I only got a seat 2 station before Ipoh...

ok, my mission to Ipoh that time was to taste the best ever soya water called funny mountain. there were 2 options to buy the drink: go to the stall or like mc Donald drive thru...haha...they sold soya drink in small bottle (rm2.50), big bottle (rm6.50) and tau fu fa (yg clear solution and I forgot how much is it)...if you are truly soya drink lover, this is the placed u should go....just type funny mountain on your google map or waze application...then, we met pak din and biha at the famous Ipoh nasi ganja...ok, for me the taste is ok but it will not be my favourite place to visit...caused for the me the taste biasa2 je....sorry ya, maybe other people got their own opinion...

then, we went for movie and watched football game together at the pak din and biha, they went dating at kinta waterfall to see the beautiful light...the next morning, we went to pasar karat and kellie's castle before we (me, pak din and biha) went back to kl....

we also celebrate mother's day during that weekend...hapi mothers day mak

kellie's castle

the boys with mak...which one is my youngest brother? hehe

this is the funny mountain...they're open from 10.30 until the soya, better go there early..ok

that's all for the short trip to Ipoh...tq for reading and take care ^-^

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