Wednesday, May 25, 2016

movie review: x -men apocalypse


kali ni kita tengok movie jauh sikit..kt Ipoh parade...yeah...with my lovely big sis and lovely husband and wife: Pak din & biha

x -men, well most of the sequal I watched it at the cinema...and fyi, the ticket at the first week for this hit movie will be higher...nearly rm20. yeah, film such as x men, transformer etc. so, how to save your money and still can watch this big movie?
1. go to tgv cinema b4 6 pm. and don't forget to bring your maybank card..debit card still accepted...
2. u can wait for 2/3 weeks from the movie released date..the price will be more cheaper
3. u can go to mbo cinema...which is more cheaper compare to gsc...why? the sound and feel are very different...believed me

ok, synopsis

this sequel ni continue from the previous, means ms ke belakang ya kekawan...ada satu makhluk know as sabahan nur (Arabic name in malay called selamat pagi) ni hidup ala2 zaman firaun. he wanted to life forever...therefore, bila dia dah nazak, dia akan berpindah baru dan tinggal badan yg lama. so, ms proses ni go on, there will be 4 guardians to guide him dan tlg utk proses ini...pada ms ni, ada sekumpulan pemberontak cuba nk ganggu proses ini dengan meruntuhkan pyramid yg digunakan utk proses penukuran badan ni....and pemberontakkan itu Berjaya dan 4 org pengawal ni Berjaya di bunuh dan proses penukaran badan tidak complete sepenuhnya

a few hundred years later, so br cite pasal prof X yg muda and beast and also sekolah for the scott eye became like that, how he met jean and others. kat sini jugak cite pasal magneto and his family and also his son yg dia pun x pernah tahu. how prof x became bold, about storm, jean true power etc

so, what happened to sabahan nur and why he kidnapped prof x? and also how do they met wolverine for the first time?how they defeat sabahan nur?so, don't forget to watch it at the cinema...memang thump up!!hehe

tq Mr google

the poster

ok, lps ni mcm mana pulak sequal x men ni ya...sabra lah menanti ya

tq for reading & take care ^-^


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