Thursday, May 26, 2016

Food jam sungai buloh memang best


last 16/5 hr tu....we the hbp members celebrate teachers day with our lecture: Prof Hoh boon peng...haha, it's not really a celebration caused he treat us with the was been long time since our last met up together caused most of the members already finish their master/, the left member that still struggle to finish our study were kak rafi, ju and me....and since everyone was busy: helmi, kak rafi and syud cannot join the event. that's ok, maybe we should plan for other event?

ok, food jam restaurant...thanks to Julia hard work, we're able to eat jam ni makanan berunsurkan makanan barat means no nasi x salah bukan if sometime kita tukar selera makan kita...ok, suasana kat restaurant ni agak santai and byk poster di dinding...nut I syak, the owner like dragon ball story caused there was one poster regarding to dragon ball. kat sini, korang kena self service means korang kena gi order kat casher sendiri...apa yg paling syok kat sini...hehe, pinggan ni memang besar and for girls portion, I suggest boleh kongsi dlm 5-6 person kalo laki maybe 4-5 person...depends tahap kelaparan and kesukaan korang to the western food

ni dia pinggan yg dimaksudkan...haha ada dlm 11 jenis mknan dlm pinggan yg besar ni: 4 types of spaghetti, kepah, mashroom soup, garlic bread with mash potato, nachos with meat ball, beef grill, chicken grill, fish, salad....memang berbaloi2 and the price was rm58....berbaloi tak??? 

cake for teachers day...tq sima for the cake....rasa dia memang thump up...sedap sgt...x tipu...sapa2 nak tempeh kek from sima, korang kan go to her ig: CAKES.BY.YUSHIMAH...korang2 yg dok area bandar enstek jgn lupa order tau...

rakan seperjuangan bersama from USM to UITM and suddenly I went to UCSI but we still with the same supervisor and co supervisor: julia

the lectures with the flower from us

group pictures

the hot mom: sima (left) & umi (right)

caused ramai org got meeting and any urgent thing, we're plus the cameragirl: sima waited for kak ina. kak ina just finish her shift and due to the traffic jem she came late for the event...unluckily, she didn't manage to met dr & kak zu 

about food jam. u guys can go to their id: Food Jam...this restaurant will be operate on weekdays and Saturday from 12-3 and 6.30-11.30 and for Friday, the restaurant will close during lunch hour and open from 2.30pm-11.30pm. It will be closed on Sunday

the map

so, apa lagi...kalo korang pengemar western food or food hunter...apa kata try kat sini...memang x akan menyesal punya lah...korang boleh tempah utk makan sendiri, duo,tiga,empat atau makan yg besar tu...hehe

jgn lupa cuba tau

tq for reading and take care ^-^


Lee-kun said...

Boleh pergi niii...Dekat dah ngan sy..! >v<

Sedap tak, Kak Chenah?

hasnah said...

sedap...not bad lah rasa and jgn lupa bwk reramai utk test plate besar tu tau ^-^