Monday, May 23, 2016

ada apa dengan cinta 2


ada apa dengan cinta 2 aka aadc 2....ya, after long time of waiting...finally, after 14 years....

ok, sy menoton filem ni agak lambat which was 3 weeks after di releasekan. caused I was waiting for some good buddies during my secondary school... along plan of small reunion was plan and finally we made it

ok, b4 I watched this movie...there were a lots of rumors about this story, such as:
A: "it was so great...good story line, actor and actress and remain u about the old time"
B: "it was a bored in the beginning and moved late through the end of story"
C: "it was so bored and aadc 1 was better than this"
D: "If u never had this experiences, u will not feel it"
E: "its worth if u watch it"

so many opinion about aadc2 and as for me, this is my personal opinion

overall, it was more excited if u watched it with your old buddies mainly buddies when the aadc 1 which was back on 2002...the friendship between cinta and her friends was the one what I always imagine and always want to do...I imagine that : although we had our own family, busy with the works but we still had time with our old buddies..and the important of explanation, why rangga waited till hundred months to explain to cinta why he left her and break up with for me, the friendship story line was really story line that caught my interest when I watched it

ok, this is the synopses of aadc 2:

after 14 years.....rangga still lived in new York and worked as writer, photographer plus own his coffee shop with his business partner. one day, a girl came to his placed and claimed as his step sister. she told about rangga's aka their mother who miss him so much and suffer with the memory loss as rangga's mother only remembered him cycled to the school. rangga's father was pass away during his undergraduate

meanwhile, cinta open her art gallery and announced she will get engage with a businessman. alya, passed away 5 years ago due to accident.  Maura got her phd in o&g and already got married. Carmen just came out from drug rehabilitation centre after her marriage failure and of course my favourite role in this story: milly who already 6 months pregnant and married with one of their friend during secondary school (SMA). this 5 friends plan for vocation in yongjakarta for 4 days plus cinta need to attend the art showcase.

when rangga heard about his mother, he decided to go back to Indonesia and his mother lived at Yongjakarta...means that when he came back to met his mother was the same duration cinta and her friends were, what's the end of this story...u need to watch it....

however, mcm boleh di sambung lg cite my friend said.."after this the tittle need to be change: apa lagi dengan cinta", do we need to wait for other 14 years or is it the story just end like this...haha....I hope aadc2 was the end of aadc...the scene in the film was superb and beautiful and I should go to that place one day...aminnn

 tq mr google and kak ela for picture

the actor and actress for aadc2...person who stand besides rangga plays as milly's husband

the poster

my old lovely buddies: jiha and kak ni anak ke-2 kak ela was sat between me and kak ela...haha..tq to kak ela's husband caused gave her chance to join and watched this movie with taking care of the kids...haha, hope I will find someone like u, leh jaga anak2 sama ms kitaorg kuar berjalan...tq guys, for the mini reunion and hope it will be other activities we should do together...

ok, tq for reading and take care ^-^

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