Wednesday, April 20, 2016

movie reviewer: the huntsman: winter war


baiklah, for entry kali ni: movie reviewer, the huntsman: winter war. this movie is not the squeal of snow white which came out a few years ago...but all about the huntsman and how he became the huntsman

a little bit synopsis: snow white step mother got a sister. her sister fall in love with other man however the man married to others and as the same time she was pregnant. suddenly, the man gave snow white step sister a letter caused he realized her mistake and want to married her but first the man ask her to met him at the jungle near snow white castle. at this time she already delivered: a cute baby girl.when she was there, she saw a fire came from her room where the baby was there,, she ran away back to her room and saw her room was in fire. the guards caught the one who did the fire and it was the man she loved. due to his anger, suddenly her hide power appear. (FYI: any girl who from snow white should had their power)..the ice power (like my friend said: it's like frozen story. elsa's power) and she became the ice queen. after that she didn't believed in love and went to south (if I didn't mistake) to start her own kingdom with one rule: no one can be in loved relationship. so, she asked her soldiers to take the kids and train them to be huntsman. after few years, the huntsman and soldiers will attack others countries to make the countries be apart of their kingdom. however, the huntsman and one girl were fall in loved and their love action was captured by ice queen cctv (she said her owl as her cctv) and both of them was the punishment was like and how suddenly the huntsman was in snow white kingdom...that's u need to watch...

this time we choose tgv, sunway and we took the earliest slot. for you guys who hold any maybank card, please watch the movie at any tgv cinema before 6 caused u will get the cheaper ticket us, we paid rm8 for our movie...overall, this story is a nice story, fairy tale, taught us about believed and don't betray anyone mainly your own family plus if anything happened, u should investigated first before u make your own decision.

picture time: credit to Mr google
the poster: the queens siblings

other poster with the main cast

ok, lastly don't forget to watch this movie...if you like the fairy tale story, magnificent and others..means that u need to watch it...

ok, that's all...tq and see you ^-^ 

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