Friday, April 15, 2016

korea drama review: descendants of the sun..apa yg menarik?


oh my....I dah tersyok tengok drama ni and I started excitedly waiting for the drama since last year...why? I think first because of the tittle and secondly the actor and actress. Am I the big fan of Korean drama? well...I can say there and I don't care who the actor and actress are as long as the good story line, the scene etc...kalo x best, memang maaf lah....for those yg selalu kata cite Melayu agak cliché jln cite dia, apa kata korang beralih pada Negara lain pulak...tengok drama diaorg and br lah pelbagai drama korang tengok...mcm I...haha

Descendants of the sun....ada 16 episode and yesterday was the end of the story...thank you writer caused wrote the good ending...haha..ok, good fact of this drama
1. tittle
like I said before, the tittle is I like
2. Actor, actress, supporting actor & actress and cameo
semuanya memang real...penjahat pun Nampak real and that's make the good drama. everything is so good
3. story line & dialogue
good story line about dr and special force army. second lead pelakon punya jln cite, how the story build up..the action scene and others. dialogue yg best and ada element funny there. scene tembak2 memang Nampak setiap cite mesti ada kurengnya..that's why korang kena tengok entertainment weekly astro 391...memang kaw2 diaorg siasat...and also the meaning something yg army x leh disclose some private thing to others even to their love one...
4. scenery
superb...I like it...tiba2 rs nk gi Greece
5. OST
OST yg best2...ada lagu sedih, gembira etc...I dah download 9 lagu...oh ya, got 10 OST for this drama and really enjoy listening to them

ok, sikit synopsis pasal cite ni:
it's all about the dr and they met and broke up for 4 time before they finally come together. in other side, how does the other couple try to ask for the father's bless for their relationship. the mean of friendship which cause the lost of main actor bos, the true meaning of cooperation, humanity, trust and others...ok, x leh nak cite banyak, korang boleh tengok cite ni ya...kat astro 391-br ep 14 atau korang leh tengok kat youtube atau mana2 channel yg ada drama korea     

pic time: tq en google:
drama poster

lead and 2nd lead actor and actress

the scenery


ok, that's the wrap up...after this ada 3 lg episode but maybe diaorg tunjuk behind the scene atau etc caused the production the wrap this drama since dec last year...oh ya, this is the drama yg siap sepenuhnya before tayangan which was jarang di lakukan di sana....congrats caused hit the viewer more than 30% which is huge in Korea...good job for all the actors and production team...u guys do the amazing job

p/s: kalo ada cite melayu leh buat mcm ni...memang mantap sih

tq and take care ^-^

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