Tuesday, April 5, 2016

seisi fotoshoot with auraseri


ok, first time ever did this thing...fotoshoot for auraseri and been photo and makeup with the professional... haha...ok, apa itu auraseri? ok, korang boleh terjah kat google and ask for en google to look for the answer...ok, in short...auraseri used adunan minyak aroma pati bunga-bungaan terpilih yang di pertenagakan dengan Tenaga Alam semesta, tenaga kristal, tenaga garam kristal dan tenaga bunga emas. Ia mampu membangkitkan aura anda dalam tempoh paling singkat dan mudah.

ok, for the further info, boleh terjah ke website ini: http://auraseri.blogdrive.com/

and since ima's company currently was one of the main yg supply for aura seri...makanya, she need some new face to promote the product...begitulah alkisahnya

first time fotoshoot...ok, it was not easy to be a model...and to smile freely in front of people...nervous mak...haha but it was a good experienced and good opportunity in the whole life and looking forward to do that in the future...if I got the offer...haha..tq ima for the chance and opportunity...hope this auraseri will be a successful product ever again. and it was good to met other person and add a lot of friend list in life

picture time: 
the product

behind the scene

bila hati tertanya2

with the bunga

my makeup artist...tq caused conteng2 muka sy dgn cantiknya..sapa2 nk book for event or wed boleh contact di fb dia:https://www.facebook.com/qaseh.zueieda?fref=ts

candid yg x tahu jadi ke idok

the casts with the product

girls talk

the casts and both makeup artist with s7even studio...oh ya, studio ni was located at section 7, shah alam at jalan Kristal sebelah adan dobi.

the product

ok that's it for the entry....b4 the end...meh belanja 1 gamba

yeah...with the makeup...ok, kalo ada org Tanya gamba cantik..leh letak gambar ni....

ok, tq for reading and take care ^-^

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