Friday, April 1, 2016

alin dah kawin


Hapi wedding day to alin….how did I know this lady? Hehe…we used to be lab buddy caused 2 of us sat at the dna lab in immb b4 we got our own desk…caused during that time there was no empty aka enough space for me (RA) and alin…alin was registered under applied sc faculty but all her worked was performed here in immb uitm sg buloh… caused we’re the lab buddy and sat near to each other, we became close to each other…
She was the one who willing to send me during uitm interview, drove me when I craving to eat, tumpeng blk tido during the hatic time doing ra lab work and etc…haha…(terharu tak? hahah)and when suddenly she said she wanted to engage…huhu….i felt happy and sad at the same time…happy caused finally she found her prince charming and sad caused alin will not able to berjimba bersama2…haha
Ok, after 4 months of her engagement, the big day was arrived…akad nikah was the same with MM second convocation and the next day was a reception day…..alin looked so gorgeous with her white dress…oh ya, b4 I forgot, alin’s husband was an army and means that, alin ada upacara berjalan di bawah pedang…wah!!!and sebab dtg majlis lambat, termiss lah part ni….haha…

pictures time: kredit to Julia
after akad nikah....alin with abby, mira and fara

suku of immb's member during alin's wed

the highlight during the day

alin with Julia's family and me...haiya..berapa inchi dah kasut alin ni

other highlight picture....alin said, during the time she was blank caused she didn't know anything about it...before her husband lift her, 2 person who stand in front of line were not raised up the sword...and suddenly her husband lift romatic..muahhhh...nasib alin ringan...kalo idok?

B4 I end this entry….selamat pengantin baru alin….enjoy your new life and tittle…u guys look so perfect. Dikurniakan a lots of babies and jgn gaduh2 ya….and alin, jgn serik melepak dgn ku…haha

ok, that's all and tq for reading....^-^ take care  

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