Tuesday, April 12, 2016

review movie: before i wake


post kali ni pasal movie review which I watched this horror movie with muni at time square...I not a huge fan for horror movie as I more to adventure, shooting etc..but x salah tukar2 genre movie..haha

before I wake..hm...sedikit synopsis ya, ada parents lost their only son and decided to take anak angkat which they don't know this child had a special ability...but thd child ada 1 habit which he likes butterfly and don't like to sleep cause he said the canker man will come..so, every night he will take something to make him wake and read his butterfly book...and if the child see something memorable before he sleep, the memorable will come true like the parents son is alive back and they even can touch it but suddenly their son disappear when the child wake up...until one day he imagine something bad as there is a boy in the school always bully him and the canker man show up as he go to sleep during rest time in the school

and the canker man continuously show up and cause one of the parent disappear and all the mystery regarding to the canker man, the child and the dream are hunting one of alive parent

so, to know the end of this story, korang boleh terjah wayang and watch it...utk tahap keseraman ya...drp 5 boleh bg 2 caused byk terkejut2 and x menyeramkan sgt...and x de lah dengar suara menjerit2 ms kat wayang hr tu

the poster

ok, jgn lupa to watch this movie and what conclusion I can conclude, kalo nak ambik anak angkat, make sure u know the child background means the parents etc and apa yg budak2 bgtahu kat kita, is better for us to taken care of walaupun mcm x logic...layan je lah

ok, tq for reading and take care ^-^ 

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