Thursday, April 7, 2016

gambar konvo usm MM


yeah..finally after almost 4 months, gambar konvo MM bln 11 tu siap....lama2...hasilnya, hanya dpt lihat from what had been capture by kak, kena pulang nanti br lihat....jeng2

jom tengok gamba
MM in action...well, gamba USM agak berbeda compare to other uni...caused other uni focused badan ke atas....nanti tengok contoh mcm kat bawah.....actually, ada je gambar dr dada ke atas, tp mcm pelik sikit tengok gamba mcm ni...hehe

with parents

with family member yg dtg meredah hujan

the girls...haha, akhirnya ijah yg selalu x ada sanggup dtg konvo maznah...well done ijah caused travel sorang2...dulu kan ada kakak, sekarang kena travel sendiri...officially the girls first time hang out together...and hopefully we will always travel together even we had our own small family aka after married...haha

ok, and not contoh like what my mom said

my degree photo...ok, muka dah lain sikit and I really need to get convo before 2018 caused this photo was taken in 2008...haha..cayok!!for master, I didn't take photo like this and I will take it during IJah convocation caused we wear the same jubah

ok...That's it for today entry...take care and see u later as well as tq for reading ^-^

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