Thursday, March 31, 2016

maznah second time convocation day


nampaknya, pengeluaran blog yg agak merosot buat bln ini...haha....juggling with 10 undergraduate student, case study, assignment and play2 and can see with the decrease of blog entry...

baiklah...this time post is dedicated to beloved sister: maznah maamor aka MM...her second convocation in MAS academic kelana jaya....ok, dlm pemikiran korang, adakah adik I ni jadi peramugari? haha...the answer obviously no cause the first syarat pun is the big no....ketinggian...unless di support with the heals 4 inchi maybe....muahhhhh....

she joined the program under MHB and it was same as skim latihan 1 Malaysia but this want was under KLIA 1...the programme took about 2 months for the theory and other 10 months for the practical at klia airport and they were assigned to the different department based on their exam result...and sepanjang program, what I can see the big change of MM was her personality caused her work need her to wear makeup....and luckily, her face x de cacat cela mcm I...bersih je...jelous tau I...hahha and she need to wore the high heal...

makanya, x kan lah I nk gi sorang2 bukan? activity begini harus dikongsi bersam dgn kawan2...haha...adik beradik lain pun cannot go so makanya adalah a few candidates yg di plan nk bwk either muni, kak diya, dayang atau kak di.....setelah difikirkan the pro and cons masing2...makanya I decided to bring kak di...why? caused kak di was a home tuition teacher caused kalo yg lain2 tu need to apply for a leave if they want to accompany me...haha...x elok susahkan kwn2 ya....melainkan no choice....

ok, there were our first time went to MAS academic....makanya dgn gigih we met up at kl sentral...ate lunch, took lrt to kelana jaya and taxi to MAS academic....and we managed to reach there b4 3....ok, convocation MM kali ni was more to the performance...lama tul x join aktiviti mcm2 ni...start with the sing, dance, music and others...and MM did the sumazau dance with her friends....thump up kalo zapin memang lagi mantap lah....haha...and we end it up with the light meal....makan lagi... time and credit to MM

me & kak di...tq kak di caused sudi berjimba dgn saya...hahah...jgn serik tau

the love shape with the love from sibling..hahah

hapi convocation sis

with the MAS airbus

and b4 I end...just love to say....apa yg kita dpt or what ever your degree scroll your hold it or bidang yg korang belanja may be different from your study....just grab the opportunity first..maybe from that u will something or discover more what u capable to do...mungkin ada hikmahnya, napa Allah aturkan jalan ini utk anda, just redha and berusaha...sambil2 tu carilah peluang yg lain yg maybe berkaitan dgn apa yg korang belajar....bak kata ramai org, soal jodoh, rezeki, ajal dan maut bukan kita yg merancang tapi kita boleh berusaha utk ke arah yg lebih baik...x gitu? so, adik2 yg baru nk mulakan kerjaya tu, just explore caused u still young....x for me dulu pun, I took about 6 months working in different field I, stay chill ok! ^-^

and lastly

maz after performance and convocation
on her first day

haha....that's all, take care ^-^ and tq for reading 

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