Thursday, March 3, 2016

effy's wed part 4: it's a day

sorry, for the late ni br leh curi  ms sikit...ok, let's move to our last entry in Sarawak: it's a reception day....
ok,same like akad nikah, effy bersiap  dgn 6!!and  for us 9.30am dah gi ke  dewan which is a new thing I know about Sarawak's wed....hmmm....overall, effy's wedding dress is superb....cantik sgt like princess...haha
jom tengok gamba

ketibaan pengantin around 12 pm...cantik  bukan?
met my undergraduate's friend...mdm ami...she's worked at unimas....currently we further our  study in same institution:  msu and usm...haha 

suasana di dewan


pengantin di atas pelamin

outdoor picture

mcm artis wed


the 4 of  us...2 already married

best candid picture from official photographer

me & effy

the gang

12 of us

newly wed...cantikkan effy punya dress

bridesmaid and pengantin

order  air


me & dr shasha

and lastly

to effy and  hubby,  selammat pengantin baru. enjoy your  new tittle and  lived happily until jannah....have lots of happiness together and have a lot of cute babies together....effy, u look gorgeous on your  day and also terserah  wajah  gembira dimuka u  guys....ok, jangan gaduh2 tau....hehe
that's the end of my kuching's journey and love to be back to Sarawak next time 
ok, tq for reading...take  care ^-^  

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