Sunday, February 14, 2016

effy's wed part 3: pusing2 bandar kuching

ok, after akad nikah effy, the next activity was pusing2 Kuching cause for me, ima and eni were the time we had and together with the, what's activity we did? river cruise caused hujan nk turun and our mission to buy cake lapis and also ikan terubuk masin....supposedly, we went to the famous market near Kuching but due to limit time we had, just bought it at Kuching plus there was cny celebration coming, which I heard most of the stall at market was closed
it caused us rm20/person for the go to the famous cake lapis factory, u have to cross the river by pay rm0.50/way or just take the cruise like us...the cruise will take u to the factory either mira or dayang...we choose to go to mira and most of the cake cost about rm10/packet and some cheese cake cost rm20/packet...besides cake, they sold kuih cincin and some of the local cracker and pase for cooking like laksa Sarawak...and we also bought ikan masin terubuk next to mira's factory and don't worry guys caused the workers will pack your fish perfectly and ask them to pack it in the box...ok, the price is ok and the highest price was about rm10/fish...I bought 2 and actually it was not my mom said....the fish was not salty compare when my dad bought it during his visit to Sarawak which was many years ago
I have some tip for buy the cake lapis...which actually I learn from my mistake...I personally think that, just buy few pieces of cake from the factory and buy some at the other side of the river where the city was located...the taste was quite ok and it was a home make cake lapis and the price was cheaper compare to the factory...and the laksa Sarawak past katanya it was quite ok compare u buy at the factory....if u want to buy a souvenir, korang beli kat area kedai which is near the was quite cheaper...for example it cost me about rm1.50/piece for the cat fridge magnet...and I make a mistake with not buy it a lot and the key chain price is quite cheaper and it was about rm1/ trip at the other place, I will remember to buy it more...haha. and u can also buy Sarawak batik which u can make a beautiful blouse or dress or baju kurung from the batik
at night, my new friend...sharma, bring us to the famous pizza in Sarawak, which I forget the name...haha...the bread was so soft and the inti was so yammy...haha...and paling x leh lupa was our journey pusing2 Kuching with the car during late evening and at the night...haha
ok,  picture time:
before the journey and before this beautiful dais di wrap

the groups
before boarding

inside the taxi cruise...pakcik taxi ni mengajak kami mengimbau sejarah about Sarawak...about brooke and a little bit about Sarawak kalo pakcik pakai mic mesti lg best caused all of us will listen clearly about it...hehe..oh ya, this taxi can carry about 12 person/ride

on d way to taxi

at the pakson at Sarawak plaza merdeka if I didn't mistake

having pizza as our dinner

our first boat ride that cost rm0.50/ride....oh ya, the factory for the famous cake lapis was located at the end of the, need to go after sarawak dun building...hehe, kitaorg salah naik actually due to the miscommunication with the local people...hehe

after the mistake boat ride...during this time, the water river is quite high due to the heavy rain....a day after I come back to kl...Sarawak di landa banjir

Sarawak Dun building....tepi tu ada kubu...nk gi kilang tu korang kena melepasi dun short, kilang tu menghala ke arah Bandar Kuching yg byk high buiding

ok, tu je lah yg sempat bersiar2 di Kuching....tq for reading and take care ^-^

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