Wednesday, February 10, 2016

alhamdulilah....hapi birthday to me

di kala uni ni cuti dek cny...I gi uni due to few things and of course utk update blog di kala both boss are holiday..
last January, on 29 was my birthday....yg ke...haha, alhamdulilah I am official 31 years old...personally, I don't believed I already reach that  age and like what kak diya  always said..'ni usia u akan jadi cantik plus jelita'...cantik ke idak...lets wait and see
My wish list for this year are:
1. hope my study will be smooth...easy to get subject, publish paper and had good relationship with my supervisor and both co supervisor...and I can get into my study short, di permudahkan segala urusan and be better me as a student
2.  stay healthy and beautiful plus fit. so, I can had a lot of travel this year 
3.  dimurahkan rezeki and be nice to other person and perbanyakkan ibadah padaNYA
4. Finding 'him'....haha...what a big question which I don't know how to answer it..please pray for me
thanks for all the wishes...thanks sooo much to friends, family and lecture..tq to those yg belanja  I makan2  and present..hehe..pic time
2 slice  of cake by muni...the red velvet and blue berry chesses  

treat by shuhada and  ditemani with Julia: lasagne, walnut chip, and 2 other cake...this year paling banyak slice of cake I get for my birthday...hehe   

the present from my bro: pak din...owl in the green color
new York cheese cake and also nasi arab from lovely lab mate: dayang 

the most touching birthday speech I get this year...from my beloved master's supervisor...tq prof

ok, that's all for my those yg nk belanja lagi atau bg present pun boleh lagi...haha...
ok, tq for reading  and take care ^-^


Lee-kun said...

Happy Birthday Kak Chenaaahh..! ^^

Sy lagi aktif kat sini daripada WhatsApp.. -Farrah-

hasnah said...

haha...tq farah