Tuesday, March 29, 2011

day 17: someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

k..last night was a heavy rain and almost banjir lagi and luckly air bah x masuk rumah lagi..just di garaj sahaja...cuaca yg masih sejuk just like i'm staying in 4 season country..uh..uh..x suka!! k, malas nak membebal so for today challenge is who i would like to switch live and WHY!! hm..sapa ya? ha..ha..i think i would like to switch live with my twin: presenting miss 'Azizah'..and WHY..sebabnya lagi2 time sekarang she is waiting offer to further her study aka duduk di rumah sahaja..wah!! really want to switch live with her for a day and until she get the offer to further her study..uh..uh...sangat suka duduk di rumah, mkn dgn byknya (OMG, sangat mengalakkan pertambahan berat badan), watching my favourite tv show, melarikan diri drp kerja2 yg melambak ( 1 of a bad culture..x boleh diamalka selalu..we need to face them!) and others.tp pendek cite, nak bertukar pd ms sekarang sahaja sebab dia tengah cuti and because our face are look a same, mungkin org x kan perasaan dgn sekali pandang... he..he...sangat merepeklah entri ni, tp i need to answer the question..tp apa2 pun kite perlu bersyukur atas segala yg ditentukan oleh ALLAH..so, just face & do them! moga2 sy diberi a little bit of kerajinan+a lot of idea in finishing my thesis & master+ just hope & pray that what we're planing will be move on smooth..k, just be yourself + enjoy it..k, see you tomorrow for another cabaran!

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