Tuesday, September 8, 2015

picnic lagi di taman tasik titiwangsa

study memang study..bersocial x boleh di lupakan...it will be a permanent head damage (PHD) if u always think about study/work...and as always, where did I go for last weekend? this time is  a picnic time
at first, plan ni mcm seems difficult as it is haze in Malaysia due to the fire at Indonesia and also due to the angin monsoon that cause haze to be worst...and we're so lucky as a few days b4 the picnic, it was rain for almost the single day around KL and during that Saturday morning, I can saw a normal picture of the sun...not the red sun....haha
attendance kali ni.....me, muni, kak diya, ain & hubby-en nizam and not forget our new member who just pick up, wrap up and clean up their things and bring it from Kelantan to Selangor....mar & hubby-zul... this plan all began when Ain said she wants to come to KL for short visit..at first we're thinking about meeting at the mall but I didn't think it will be a great idea as we just want to sit, eat and having fun talking together and that's why I purpose having picnic together as the last time we did it when ami was around at FRIM
ok, picture time..credit to ain & muni
makanan hr berkenaan.....meriah+sedap....makanan secara potluck...kek batik by me, sandwich by muni, macaroni goreng by kak diya, kerepok lekor cheese by ain & kek cheese biscuit & air sirap limau by mar..napa ada botol minyak di situ? cause kerepok lekor ain di goreng fresh di sini...makanya, muni mengangkut sekali her portable dapur, wok, sudip and minyak masak...setakat menggoreng ni I think it should not be a problem here but for bbq I not quite sure cause it didn't mention at the board around titiwangsa area   

makanan cam ni...thump up...ms cari tempat & cr mar agak mencabar cause parking kete jauh2...haha normal lah tu...treasure hunt sikit b4 makan....chef muni tengah tunjuk bakat memasak keropok lekor cheese

the attendance....check.....let's having some activities together later...hehe...nice chatting+gosip etc

lps tu, around 12 picnic time abis cause mar need to go to her in law's house at tanjung karang and ain need to attend weeding at setapak...for me, kak diya and muni...our journey is still continue and we went to midvalley..haha...watch pixel movie and there was an exhibition regarding to WWF at mid...and also at that time at mid valley convention centre held home & furniture expo....one thing that get my attention at the expo was that small iron...easy to bring and it's light...wish I will have it later...will write it on my long wish list paper...hoho

WWF exhibition at mid...the used cardboard to make tiger, monkey and etc...well job guys

and keesokkan harinya, I went to my aunty weeding at muzium Selangor....first time attend wed at the muzium...to pengantin angah raihan and hubby, selamat pengantin baru & moga berkekalan hingga ke syurga and having a lots of cutes babies yg soleh and solehah...sorry gambar pengantin x de...credit to my sis in law for the picture

muka puas hati dpt makan

that's all for last weekend getway....how about this week?jeng...jeng.....tunggu

thanks for reading & take care ^-^ #phdjourney

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