Tuesday, September 22, 2015

International conferences of addiction, prevention and treatment (APT) 2015

it's quite a long time I'm not going to the conferences. I mean the proper conferences. the last time I remembered was back on 2012 at Kuala Lumpur...so, it was nearly 3 years ago...forgot the place but currently I think the replace the hotel with other building..hm...
ok, for this time...I'm not attended as a participant but I helped my friends ikin and ayu for the conferences as well as to full fill my external research seminar course. I took research seminar subject for this semester which required me to go to the several seminar that will be in charge by our lecture and some of the seminars are out of my field but at the same time, I glad to heard a lot of things that not familiar to me before. thus, will increase my knowledge as well as I got an idea to do something related with the field I interest with. and I need to choose one external conferences to be attend.
ok, APT 2015 was the first seminar organized by University of Malay, centre of addiction sciences aka UMCAS with collaboration with the Turkish green crescent society or TGSC with the theme 'Prevention, Treatment & Rehabilitation come together'.  In this conferences the experts of this field  was shared the current updates on this issues related with the drug and behavioural addictions. besides that, this conferences is also focused on latest method for addiction treatment, problem related to non chemical addiction, such as pathological gambling and internet addiction, effective management of problems related to drug and non chemical addiction, medical problem associated with HIV and hepatitis and social impacts as a result of addiction. for APT 2015, it was held at TMCC (Menara Telekom Convention Centre) on 19-20 September 2015.
During the event, I and my 'partner in crime': kak diya & muni were handled for the registration part and I managed to attend one full seminar entitled 'Harm reduction against HIV/AIDS among IDUs' which I think I can managed to deliver it back during the research seminar symposium on the end of October, please pray for me...During the talk, it gave me a knowledge about the decrease situation of HIV/AIDS in Malaysia and the plan of shut down the rehabilitation centre and replaced it with OSCA program. Increase my awareness of air ketum in term of color as well as the second chance that deserve by them who lived with HIV/AIDS.
anyway, it's nice to attend other conferences besides the genetic as long as the presenter give  the basic talk about their topic...so, everybody can take home the notes from the presenter..pic time & credit to lovely muni...
take 5 before someone come for register

the event banting

the 5 of us...of course u guys know the tan tin members...yg comel besides me was ayu

one of the plenary speaker from Japan gave this to us..at the began everyone afraid to try it but I started it first cause I had confident it was halal and started it with bismillah....I ate it...it tasted like keropok jagung that I always ate during my primary school...really appreciate if someone can help me to confirm it is it halal or not cause everything was wrote in Japanese...hehe  

acting back how the registration process happened

the book program and also tag for committee aka secretariat and participant. the tag also contain with the USB which was similar what I received during my first day I register last January...and as far as I remember, the tag was the wow tag I ever had during the seminar

that's the wrap for APT 2015...and sorry cause not helping u guys for the second day...besides gain the new knowledge, it also good to know new friends and plus a new thing...mostly when it related with the car parking, hehe...FYI, on weekend the car parking at the TM building was about rm25 (we parked for 10 hours, conferences took a long time..hehe)...so, my advice, to the participant or committee, ask the guard first or double confirm by asking the committee for the parking before the event...sometime, they forgot about the small thing as this was their first big event...besides that, there was a lot of thing can be improve for the next big conferences...anyway, good job and a big round applause for UMCAS for the successful event...

and lastly

our picture together before me, muni and kak diya went home

to ikin & ayu: thanks for inviting and having us as committee...for me, I really enjoy to do it and if there is any event that need my or our help, feel free to inform us...we glad to help plus I can learn something about event management...hehe...oh ya, thanks for the foods, the tag and all the goodies...sorry if we're did something wrong during the event

thanks for reading...take care ^-^  

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