Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Nachos kat chewbit station batu cave

post entry di kala x dpt info yg di cari....ok, for those yg suka melepak tengok bola ke..oh ya, piala Malaysia dah start kan...of course you guys (mostly male tp sekarang pasal bola, girls pun boleh join gak mcm akak...haha....), mesti u guys will search for the nice restaurant for lepak2 right? and x kan lah nk makan nasi and nasi and bihun and bihun or mee kan? apa kata I suggest one place for u and your friends to hang out and makan something light after taking a heavy meal sambil menonton bola
khas for those who lived near giant batu cave or who suka2 jln2 cari port yg best...or cari port best for lepak2 while watching football match with your friend with large skrin layar...meh nak promote 1 gerai yg menjual kudapan ringan sambil menonton bola after your taking the heavy meal....
Nachos kat chewbit stall...Nachos? ya, nachos yg mkn mcm ala2 mexico tu...and this nachos memang sedap+thump up+ serious u guys will feel no regrets after try it

the location? Nachos ni adalah subgerai under mamak republic restaurant...and this stall and restaurant was open about 2 months ago...the exact location yg mudah...sederet dgn giant batu cave korang akan nampak PETRONAS... this restaurant berdepan dgn PETRONAS tu....area rumah kedai sederet dgn speed mart...signboard kedai ni besar, and red in color so u guys should see it...oh ya, selain this nachos stall, ada 2 stall which are chicken wing(ni memang win!!) and also roti bakar (by amir raja lawak...sorry amir cause not try your roti bakar cause we had order a lots of food...next time maybe)...

korang kalo gi sana, cari gerai ni yg dijaga oleh en abg sado+tinggi and akak yg cun +comel...hehe...mamak republic juga ada menjual makanan goreng yg memang best plus service pun agak pantas...tu yg kita mahukan....hehe

jom tengok gambar...credit to ima
the nachos....with cheese+mayo+beef....wow!!!what a perfect combination...haha....makan2 x sedar diri..bg yg melepak lama tu, leh lah order more than 1....oh, the price, this one is the big one and call beef nachos cheese which cost about RM9!..it's cheaper right compare u go to other restaurant..according to the menu its for 2-3 pax...but when you're so much crazy about this..u should consider u can eat that all by yourself...and for the small size is for RM5...and I recommended u to pick the bis one instead of small one....believe me  

as always....my beloved partners in crime for food hunting as well as jalan2...kak diya & muni...on that night we ordered maggi goring & nasi goreng kampong....the taste are ok, not bad...tasty and my milo ice is not so sweet also

me & the nachos...mkn sambil tengok bole..kel vs sel...where I believed Kelantan won that match..haha...they lead sel by 2-0 when we left the restaurant

oh ya, beside beef nachos cheese, u guys can also try for the chicken nachos cheese. for operating time, ya guys can go to their ig: ChewbitStation or their FB: ChewbitStation....or call them: 0136010704...

ok guys, don't forget to go there and try the Nachos by yourself

thanks for reading..take care ^-^

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