Monday, September 28, 2015

kerja atau sambung belajar

working or further study? cepu emas will be asked by the lectures mostly during final semester in undergraduate....and these questions will be hunting u after u made you're own decision...ok, this are my opinions why you should choose working or further study and the disadvantages
ok, if you choose's not wrong to do it....since u will gain a working experience, salary, soft skill and others. with working, u can have your dream car, house, vocation and others...meeting a new friends and buddies. but what will happened if suddenly u decide to further your study due to the same position for past 5 years, unfriendly environment and others? haha....most of the time, u will face the financial problem unless u got scholarship..i mean the secure scholarship.  how to get it? well u can have a look or alert any universities, NGOs, private company scholarship and most of them will be announced by the end of year....but I honestly my opinion, is better to working first before u further your study as it will help u in your resume and for the future...believe me
ok, if u're decide to further your study....non stop form degree until phd level.....well, the good new is you save your age number as you will get your phd less than 35 years old...well for me, it is considered as young phd holder. but u need to clear in mind as most of postgraduate students are struggle with: the financial problem such as monthly salary as well as tuition fees (it's totally the nightmare).thus, it a little bit segan to ask money from your parents. furthermore, to student who wish to do research mode in master and phd, u need to know your's not wrong to choose or terlampau memilih like you're choosing a clothes or shoes in the mall in term of your final supervisor as once you enter your programme, u need to face them, maybe 2-4 for mix mode course, u guys will entre the class for most of the time and need to had a good cgpa to pass your programme. u also need to have strong physical and mental aspects as the salary of postgraduate student is not like the working is the different...well maybe 3 or 2 or 4 times compare to working person...cannot buy house, car etc.....need to do part time work and others...and the most issue is after graduate as most of postgraduate don't have a working experience.....and most of master by research will take longer time to finish compare to mic mode as they don't have any dateline and the dateline is depends to their own determination...
to conclude, if you're asking me what should you choose...I will say working....just working for 3 to 6 months to gain the experiences and see if you still interest to further your study. at the same time, it will show your it still same or change due to time, friends and environment....and also try to find scholarship and lecture that will help you to finish your study with the colourful kites. for muslim, don't forget to ask help from sha allah, dan mudahan di permudahkan urusan. so, its your choice...working or further study
ok, thanks for reading and read my nagging....haha...take care ^-^ 


Lee-kun said...

Well said, Kak Chenah...huhuhuhu.. saya pun dah start nyesal tak kerja terus lepas abeh degree arituh.. *nangis laju2.* By the way, saya Farah Genom.. Ekekeke..XP

hasnah said...

haha...that's ok fara...masih boleh diprbaiki lg..u kan pandai lukis, can jump to other field if u want..hehe