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Topic hr related to me and hopefully I can follow the tips success
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1. Secure The Best Funding Package Possible - Given how significant the increase in difficulty is when compared wit...h the previous study you have completed, it is essential that you don’t become too bogged down in outside work to fund yourself through the degree. Ideally, you want to secure a postgraduate funding package which allows you to focus all your mental energies on your research. If this is not possible, then tutoring students in your degree subject is a good choice as it pays well and keeps you sharp. To be efficient with your postgraduate degree study you should try to avoid working long, draining hours at a non-study related job, if possible.
(to summarize: it's all about money...aka postgraduate although your doing master in research in mix mode or research mode this is the most important think...grant secure...kalo x de, better u search for others although u really like the lecture or the topic...and also your monthly or daily pocket money need to be secure..if possible do part time job that will not effect your work to....haha..I pun tengah cari part time gak, sapa ada?)  
2. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help - If you’ve made it as far as entering a postgraduate research program, then you have undoubtedly already proved that you rank in the top few percent of your peer group in terms of intellect. Prior to commencing an intensive postgraduate research degree, it can be easy for some students to successfully sail through exam after exam without ever needing to ask for help. This presents one of the biggest problems to the effectiveness of many students’ research as they are not used to asking for help. It can even be a little embarrassing. However, to be effective you really need to get in the habit of asking for help as and when you need it. Soon it will become like second nature and you will be a far more effective student for doing it!
(to summarize: jgn jadi bodoh sombong...amboi bahasa...minta tlg kalo korang needs help although actually benda tu sgt memalukan utk minta bantuan...contohnya korang x leh kuar makan cause you're doing experiment yg memang x leh kemana2...minta bantuan kwn....pastu kalo korang Nampak ms dia tengah sibuk2 pulak at the next day, jgn lupa offer bantuan....buat baik di balas baik. x gitu? atau pun korang lupa nk tutup mesin ke atau korang nk Tanya pasal method etc)
3. Go Into University Regularly - Unlike undergraduate study, as a postgraduate student there are very few defined limits about how much and when you should do your research. This lack of structure works well for some and less well for others. It is a good idea, at least to start with, to make a habit of going into university on an almost daily basis. This gives you a chance to discuss ideas with peers and helps to delineate study time from the rest of your life.
(to summarize: walaupun sv dan co sv jauh di mata, jgn nk ponteng2 gi u unless memang u got something at the outside...just inform your sv or co sv where are u....kalo I lah...I memang semua keje kena buat kt U cause kat umah byk dugaan and it's way to hard for discipline myself in term of doing my homework at home..haha)
4. Build A Good Relationship With Your Supervisor - Cultivating an excellent working relationship with your academic supervisor is an essential part of effective postgraduate research study. It is vital that you communicate well with them and get all the feedback and advice you need from them on time. If there are problems with their feedback, their approach to guiding you with your research or you generally don’t have a good rapport, then you need to let them know. If the relationship simply isn’t working, then don’t be afraid to ask for a change of supervisor.
(to summarize: this is the main important work to be do....supervisor will help us till the end...although they will some arguing with your sv...please not too be rude to them...and always listen to them...although some of the thing is not right, take another way to prove u're doing the right thing)
5. Have Some Fun, Too! - Postgraduate research can be incredibly challenging; furthermore, it is inevitable you will go through some ups and downs over the course of your study. During this process, it can be easy to let everything else go and focus entirely on your research. This, in terms of both effectiveness and happiness, is not the correct approach. Make sure to balance your research with a little down time to allow for some fun and relaxation, too. You will come back refreshed to you research and, in turn, make faster progress.
(to summarize: jgn nak dok lab je...sekali sekala kena berhibur jugak and always think your work make you'll be in fun too....although u need to let go some of the thing u really want too such as gi merayap dgn kekawan di waktu opis atau mak ayah ajak gi jejalan tiba...u need to focus....just pesan apa2 kat depa je....)
ok, that's all a little bit  about postgraduate student....and that 5 tips need to be practice ya hasnah...ok, thanks for reading & take care ^-^#phdjourney

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