Tuesday, September 29, 2015

dental clinic UiTM Sg Buloh is now open!

dental faculty UiTM Sg Buloh....finally, after more than 3 years, siap juga faculty dental which is located with medical faculty...and the good news is there also provide a clinic..i mean a dental clinic also and officially was open yesterday (28/9/2015)...so, this clinic is a open clinic means that public can also come for the dental treatment & check up
The dental care clinic will be operate:
Monday to Thursday: Morning session (8-11.30 am) & Evening session (2.00-3.45 pm)
Friday: Morning session (8.00-11.00 am) & Evening session (2.45-3.45 pm for appointment only)
Saturday & Sunday & public holiday: closed
For info call: 03-55211258
p/s: I take the number from the website which I think is not the latest number...Uitm sg buloh number should stat with 03-6126 and the extension..that's ok, just have a try. and there are providing a lot of services related with the teeth 
Dengar cerita, on their first day opening, ramai yg datang sampai ada patient x dapat nak jumpa dr..& dikatakan antara clinic pergigian tercanggih di Malaysia...well, I x sempat nk tengok lagi...maybe next time during my visit to UiTM sg buloh, I will go there
for any info, U guys can go to their website:  http://dentistry.uitm.edu.my/v1/
bagi yg x tahu where UiTM Sg Buloh is located...the easy landmark is hospital sg buloh...from the main enterance of hospital sungai buloh, it take about 5 minutes drive to UiTM sg buloh and along the way, there're a lot of nursery (plant nursery) which u can stop and buy your grass or flower..and in UiTM Sg Buloh, there is only one entrance for enter and exist..the UiTM police will guard u how u can park your vehicle..
ok, apa ditunggu lagi..kalo ada masalah gigi jgn lupa ke sini ya
thanks for reading & take care ^-^

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