Saturday, April 16, 2011


k, menaip blog setelah almost a week menstopkan penaipan after finish cabaran from miss eha..jadi menceritakan apa yg berlaku sepanjang ms penstopan ini...

Lets start the story with bad story..last week, sian kak c-ma aka ct mariam..she got misscarriage (keguguran cause mengandung luar rahim..), kak c-ma terpaksa di bedah to save her life and as for the result they (doctors) need to 'buang' baby tue. kalo x, memang nyawa kak c-ma dlm bahaya and I had been inform by my friends that she lost about 3 liters of blood (manusia kalo x silap mengandungi dlm 5.5 liter blood di dalam darah) & sebelah tiup follopio terpaksa dibuang..apa2 pun, just can say & pray kak c-ma to get well soon+ceria (mcm selalu)+bersabar atas dugaan drpNYA..
Gambar tengah: this is yaya & dayah with big hadiah from staffs & students of human genome centre (HGC), kak c-ma get well soon!!!

k, on 13-14 April..fiza, amin, aizat, anthony, suzairi & me telah menghadirkan diri ke 1st postgraduate conferences..overall, the event is nice+smooth but di cacatkan dgn dinner event yg x best including the foods ( nie teringat masakan aini+oh+che wan+housemate lain yg sedap!!).congrate to suzairi cause won the 1st prize on the conferences..presentation yg sangat menarik+confident+ada gaya..really hope I can speak like my turn for the presentation...I speak too fast. like 'train' said the judges..really need to learn how to speak slowly..not soo slow but in the middle mode, so another persons can understand what am I talking about. k, lah so the conclusion for these events are please to make sure your poster (to who participant as poster presentation) semuanya betul meaning your picture, result or etc dlm susunan yg baik, practice make perfect (ha..ha.. almost make me perfect if I speak more slowly), enjoy your events and others..
Gambar kiri: delegate from USM. dr hujung: fawaz, aizat, anthony @ au, amin dan fiza..Gambar tengah: iklan for the conferences. Gambar kanan: me & friends from HGC at the poster viewing event!

Gambar kiri: Our new best presenter from HGC, won 1st award for oral presentation, suzairi. Gambar tengah: the boys..sila pilih2 tp yg pakai cermin mata tue sudah berpunya..yg lagi 3 tue solo..pilih!!pilih!!he..he..Gambar kanan: bukti kami mengenjoykan diri during the confrences..bowling time!!he..he...

k, jumpa lagi!!

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