Monday, April 4, 2011

day 23: Something you crave a lot

last night, was an event for ABP 2010...overall so menarik, best although it take almost 3 hours..congrate to Sam (ha..ha..memang dah dijangka)..

k, something I crave a have many thing I crave of, just note down a few things I crave of:

1. Novels..

ha..ha.. I had a lot of novel ( like I mention at the first day of cabaran 30 hari)..To me, reading a novel make me relax & learning a lot of things, info, place or anything I doesn't sy ada 1 penyakit where at one point, I can even see or read it..jadi perlu menjauhkan diri drp anasir novel2 ni..and change it to some ilmiah @ anything relate to me..
k, gambar di sebelah kiri is not my novel's collection ('culik it form google image). perhaps it might be more or less..ha..ha.. does not count how many novels I had right now..all of them at sg besar..he..he.. Gambar kanan: buku2 yg suppose di baca but x di baca..kekadang je..

k, buku2 ilmiah biasanya di borrow from cikgu ma'amor cause he had a lot of them.. k, lah I need to buat keje master nie..see you tomorrow!


Hijau Daun said...

Novel je ke??? You said 'few things'.....hehehe.....bgs laa craving with something that make you relax.

P/s: Ada penyakit juga kalo novel byk2...

hasnah said...

nie sebab byk keje ke buat..x leh pikir lama2..byk lg sebenarnya..

p/s: memang ada penyakit..cause akan sangat berhati2 dlm melakukan sesuatu perkara dlm hidup!