Saturday, April 2, 2011

day 21: Another picture of something that make you happy

Wah!!mode utk menulis & membuat thesis makin berkurangan..hampeh tul lah hasnah nie..dahlah next morning i'll see my sv and co-sv. (x mahu but i need to go!). uh..uh...slide still x siap lagi. 2 org bdk genom yg join that conferences dah siapkan slide (amin & aizat)...takpe2, for sure I need to finish it before next week..yelah, need to practice because I have perasaan nervous yg sangggggt besar..dulu x pun, tp strat perasaan ms MSU dulu, napa ya? hm...

k, gambar lagi! pic that make me happy...actually, i really miss these 2 'guys'..jumpa hr tue pun for short time, just a week..does have a chance to 'buli-buli' them sooooooo much..ha..ha..lagi2 when their parents are not around!
Gambar tengah: iman (si kecil) & azam (si abang..). k, hr tue tengok kejap, be careful when you guys come back to Malaysia mainly when your coming back to sg besar..ha..ha...your uncles & aunties cannot wait to come back to disturb & 'menculik' anda.. jaga!2 see you in May 2011..k, jumpa esok!

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