Wednesday, November 6, 2013

hapi engagement for tasya & rais


ok, story what happened last weekend..a good that happened to one of my best buddy, tasya & rais..they got engage..ok, a day b4 they got engage I spent a night in tasya's house...why? well saja2 and maybe to learn or given me a very nice picture what I really need to prepare maybe during my 'engagement' day (which  I do not know when..ha..ha...) & to prepare the candy booth (getting the idea for pak din candy booth, in sha allah) as tasya also celebrate her anak buah birthday during her engagement day

during the day...well as tasya's mother is a baker and really good in making a fantastic food & the foods were really yummy...yummy...taste like 5 starts hotel..the rice, puding roti berpisang, and others foods which I forget the names were really2 good. the pelamin for tunang was simple & nice..the makeup (her own big sister did the makeup), hantaran and also tasya's dress..

Jom tengok gambar:

b4 menjadi tunangan org....already be my fb profile picture

the hantaran's for both for tasya & silver for rais & paling best sekali adalah the cake with a lot of strawberry on it.....tergugat rs nak mkn je...

3 of us (me, tasya & yaya) met for first time in USM about 6 years ago although me & yaya (I called her yaya instead of alia) were from MSU..ha..ha...oh ya, forget to mention that tasya will be yaya sister in law cause tasya got engage with her brother: rais..what a small world and that's what we call 'jodoh depan mata...although you keep search for it in this entire world..sometime you doesn't realize that the right person is standing in front of you...he..he....

tasya & her own pelamin

tasya & yaya

tasya's dad & kelantan culture during engagement (mostly & sometime during akad nika) the man will get his own ring like woman too

happy for both of you...finally other step forward & waiting for the final stage b4 finally be a marriage couple as husband & wife 

real picture of pelamin

candid picture

ok, moral from tasya's really need full commitment from your lovely families & friends to make such wonderful event..maybe by making a list (like when u wan to go to shopping) will help you to organize the ceremony well & also the financial..ha..ha...of course important for your budget...DIY might really helpful to cut the over load budget...

To tasya & rais...happy engagement & happy to see you guys finally half together (he..he...) & can't wait to attend your wedding that will be held on 1/2/2014 and I'll be 'pengapit' during that event...

p/s: when is my turn? pray for me & who want to answer the question for me...raise up your suggestion   


take care...see you soon ^-^

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