Friday, November 29, 2013

Interview SPA Q41


musim hujan dan musim kesihatan x menentu....demam+batuk+sakit tekak...combination of 3 common symptoms during this time...k, guys please take some prevent by drinking a lot of water, try to avoid yourself from rain & take a medicine if it necessary but for me I just took fisherman friends for soar throat and drinking a lot of plain water...hopefully I will be fully recover soon

ok, dlm sakit2 ni gak...telah dipanggil oleh SPA for attending an interview for research officer (RO) post in Putrajaya..yesterday (28/11/13)...ok, gi by train and taxi..if you're rushing of course you need a cab right?from putrajaya sentral to SPA office that located in Kompleks, you need to pay RM 13 compare by taking bus..just cost rm0.50...huhu...quite a lot of different, please arrange your time and make sure   you take a right bus...just ask the the bus driver...

ok, soalan di tanya: there will be 2 or 3 interviewers...depends...but most of the time only 2 interviewers will be around..1 interviewer from SPA and 1 interviewer from what depend on what ministry such as KKM etc..ok,at begining, perkenalkan diri & family (semua mesti ada skripnya kan)...and start from a person from, soalan yg aku kena, sebab I learnt quran sunnah & syariah during my secondary school..he ask about a hadith..'Allah menjadikan manusia berpuak2..sila relatekan dgn genetic'..OMG...memang aku pun just ckp apa yg terlintas di fikiran...& later sila habiskan ayat itu...of course lah aku x ingat benda2 tu...last2 sekali dia yg bgtahu jwpn..'Allah jadikan manusia berpuak2 supaya kamu leh mengenali antara satu sama lain'..what that's mean and related to genetic...ok, it should be yes but in term of al-quran & genetic I didn't knew about it...I should learn more..uh...uh...if I get enough information regarding to it...I'll write 1 post under the tittle

ok, the interview from KKM as me about my study & an award that I receive from my last conferences in KL, 2012 (ACPHG 2012)..and ask me how to calibrate micro pipet..ok, since I really fully answer the question, so he asked me to tell this thing...ok, how using your naked eyes cause of silinder penyukat or you can timbang bahan2 yg digunakan..for example: 1000 ul air, 1000ul air bersamaan 1ml & 1ml bersamaan, make sure you get 1g bila timbang, that's how you can calibrate micro pipet, sila lah pas2 pd kwn2 anda...mana tahu ia mampu membantu menjawab soalan or when you having viva..thanks DR(sorry I didn't knew your name)...cause taught me something I can always better lah korang bc overall something pasal isu semasa, regarding to health or government

ok, I just hope rezeki akan berpihak pada sha allah ada rezeki adalah kan cause percentage utk dpt jawatan ni adalah 3% kejayaan shj...anyway, dah dtg 1 langkah just waiting for next january to get other step that maybe will change the whole matlamat yg ditetapkan utk sesuatu yg membahagiakan...right now, ms utk berdoa dan teruskan kerjaya yg sedang di bina ini

ok, dress properly pada sapa2 yg gi interview tu & good luck guys ^-^

take care.....

p/s: already near to the end of november and december will come..   

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