Tuesday, November 12, 2013

warna tema for a big day


theme..that's what Caucasian people pronouns it...in Malay we called it tema..theme or tema...everything mostly event have it's own theme example during dinner events...what's clothes we need to wear..is it princess, arabic, cartoon, k-pop, back to school, traditional etc..but in my personal opinion if the organizer choose a color theme as a theme event, it'll be much easier to choose gourmet right and u can be anything you want to be either modern, traditional, formal or etc and can play with the color

why I'm putting theme color as my topic...because it is so much beautiful color that can be use as a theme color for Pak din big day, next year...when, I'll inform later..most of the color that were suggestion from me, maznah & ijah is a blocking color-combine 2 different color (quite a trend nowdays), something soft and calm color

here, some color that might be useful maybe for Pak din or maybe for those who reading and planning to do something:

for me I prefer dusty pink color..although it looks a little bit pale but I love it...ha..ha....so, for pak din's wedding...we're already propose a few colors for his wed and currently it's up to him and his lovely finance biha to decide it...after all it's all about their wedding and we just give some suggestion and maybe need to keep some wonderful suggestion for our own wed...ha..ha...

k, before I end my merepek post...I just received wedding invitation card for ain's wed..lovely card and if I didn't mistake was design by herself...

ain's invitation card

oh ya, for theme color, ain said just wear our baju kurung with some pink color on it...ok, already got one although it is not fully pink...oh ya, they already be husband and wife when this article was wrote as they akad nikah was held yesterday on 11.11.13, same date with currently Kelantan's sultan birthday...perhaps it was easily to remember right?

so it will be me, muni, mar, emi from 10 siblings which have different parents will come on 23/11 because some of us an able to come due to some business need to be done...cannot wait to see ain in her dress wedding and makeup..he..he...

gambar x de kaitan but us as guest on list that will attend ain's big day

ok, take care ^-^

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