Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jalan2 Pusat Sains Negara


menulis lagi...sangat bahagia di kala it isn't easy to get my paper to be publish so by publish something in my blog, it feel like 'yes...i already publish something'...a normal phenomena face by our daily life as researcher..ok, story morey this time about PSN or pusat sains negara visiting with lovely muni...ok, kalo x tahu PSN kat mana, just ask mr google...PSN was located at mount kiara area and you can see a giant golf ball building in a green color...why PSN? well at beginning we're plan to go to sogo (girl without shopping, it isn't true right?) but because we're still tired after yesterday yoga+walkaton...here came some genius idea to go to PSN to gain some knowledge about science which both of us love to knew more about it plus there was a new exhibition about Islamic civilization regarding to science & technology, about who is a real persons responsible to some invention such as aero plane, lens, watch & basic mechanical for transportation in how does the transportation moving...

ticket? it was affordable...I forget how much for student..but for adult it cause about rm6 if I didn't mistake..but if you want to enter the Islamic exhibition, rm20 for adult and student & student with student card rm15.00...quite affordable right? cause the knowledge, props they present in PSN were interesting...many thing can be learn in science including chemistry (a big 'jadual berkala'), biology such as genetics, digestive system from your mouth until rectum & physics about big 'tuas' & etc....and in the centre of PSN they got place for young kid under 6 years old...place for them to learn science in interesting way and maybe apply it in life...there was also a demonstration about how science worked by PSN staff and before of that, they got some exercise together (staff & children & some parents) with some interesting move & music (I should ask the staff where the got the music from...., as one of my daily exercise & maybe I can ask my cute 'anak buah' to join me..)...

at the second floor,the exhibition about Islamic invention...what you can learn from the exhibition? there were many things...the things that you guys can say that Islamic or Muslim invention was also creative same as other religion and we as the new generation should be like them and create something that can be benefit for our and next generation. For examples:about our watch which come from an elephant watch, secret how to write a number based on the dot, who actually create an aero plane, about lens, who actually discover the sea road by using making a ship without machine and depend to wind for ship moving, cataract treatment and others...when you guys enter the exhibition, they will show some movie...really interesting movie like real cinema...story about 3 students (if you like to watch harry porter, the 3 students dress like harry porter) who need to finish their project about Islamic invention...this exhibition already start and will be end by february 2014...if you get something to ask during your tour in this Islamic exhibition, the friendly & really informative staff will help you...so, before you ends your tour all the question in your mind will had an answer just don't be shy to ask them...this exhibition get 5 section and don't worry it just in that area only (in the same floor...because in the beginning, I though it got 2 floor for this exhibition...ha...ha...)...so, maybe in the next exhibition there will be other intelligent Islamic invention I didn't know before and maybe other props to be add....

ok, photo time...thanks to muni & my camera

Presenting PSN located at mount kiara..dekat2 dgn hartamas & kwsn2 sewaktu dgnnya...mcm bola golf besar tak?

tempat2 menarik di PSN

me with hidupan aquatic 

muni berjaya tangkap ikan guna tangan lagi...cayalah

what's air pressure game is all about 

tangan kami mengeluarkan electrik

sapa2 nak tilik nasib...meh sini utk tilikan nasib yg palsu...kalo leh tilik yg betul lama dah tahu ms depan..ish..ish...mana leh main tilik2 nasib ni...

cell in side our body: mitochondria, cytoplasms, nucleus etc

me inside mother's womb...ha..ha...

muni inside mother's womb...ala...ala...cute22

upacara angkat diri sendiri...berat sih...sign I need to diet!!

muni mengagkat diri sendiri...naik lg muni...naik lagi!!!

us inside mirror

this is what we call genetic!!

a giant jadual berkala....

exercise time...demo first by PSN staff

mirror...mirror...who's the prettiest lady in the world.... 

ajaib tak?

waiting for a movie to start

muni in planet kiara

suasana di tengah2 PSN

ok, komen ya? PSN dibuka start from 1996..so currently is 2013 so it already 17 years old and there were a lot of props need to be fix..and maybe some interesting events need to be organize here..so it will interact more people to come to PSN...this place is not for student or parents who having the children...it was place for us to learn more about science and maybe get some idea in certain things working on...yeh!!!

me in kiara's suit...sapa tengok planet kiara yg dah msk second season should recognize this suit right??yeah!!!

end of interesting weekend...thanks to muni who came out with amazing idea about walkaton which I really love to do it again & cause tumpangkan umah u and belanja i & send me back to sg buloh...thanks so much...really appreciated it...

k, big event for lovely bff tasya will come this weekend the first week of november 2013...what's is it? I'll post it later...

see you again...take care...da...da...^-^  

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