Wednesday, August 30, 2017

skating 29 SEA games kuala lumpur and hapi birthday muni


finally after 16 years, SEA game is back to Kuala Lumpur...back to 2016, ms tu I form 4 and x ambil kisah about the SEA game plus I lived at for watching television was too short and I just remembered we won more than 100 gold..the highest achievement to the Malaysia at that time...

SEA game 2017...I actually applied to be a volunteer in a ice skating sport and I got it..however, since the volunteer training was held during weekdays for 2 days in UKM Bangi, I need to forget it caused  I need to focus to my samples collection, ...huhu..I really need my other arm or my twin for this project..huh..

Why I choose ski out of many games? caused my head was full of excited to see the athlete skating although I don't how to skate (I loved to try it one day) and there was a full memory of ice princess: Disney drama in my head on how she analyzed the skate movement and in the end of story she applied it to herself. Plus it is first time ski was purposed as one of the game in SEA game and having a ski game in the country which well known as khatulistiwa country, is quite wonderful, right?....hopefully I can be a part in other SEA game which maybe perhaps other next 16 years? maybe as volunteer, staff but not as an athlete, amin...

so, since it was Muni's birthday, I asked her out aka dating to the empire Damansara...why? caused I want to see the ice skating game plus to celebrate her birthday. Empire Damansara was a new shopping complex and located not far from ikea and OU and the main attraction of the shopping complex is the ice skating...during our dating, it was a competition for the figure ski for men and women senior...and there were a lots of people came to see and of course to cheer up the favorite skater mainly in men senior. yg x bestnya, our sat was not in the best view to see the overall should be a big screen to show the performance, so most of the audiences can have their eye at the big, as a petite person it was hard for me and muni to see the full picture during the ski

to me, the men ski was wonderful event compare to women...haha..that was my personal opinion and it was due to the music as men had more than 1 music during the performance and their ski was in the different level compare to the women...that's ok, practice will make perfect and hopefully the women ice ski will be wonderful like men event, Malaysia won gold and bronze...the wonderful skate, the dance, music made my heart racing as I watched them..While for women, Singapore won gold....

at the venue

me and muni with the rimau picture

us again..sampai2 empire ni boleh rs kesejukan..huhu
To muni, thanks caused dating dgn I and hapi birthday dear...moga panjang umur, dimurahkan rezeki, kesihatan yg baik and may our friendship till jannah and congrats to all Malaysian caused we are the winner for 29 SEA games...congrats also mainly to all athlete, couch, staff etc for their superb performance and hopefully this momentum will be continue in other games...and we can be a winner when the SEA game is held in out Southeast country. 

oklah tu, sempat tengok live 1 sukan for 29 SEA games yg lain2 tengok kt rumah lah...walaupun Malaysia kalah for bola sepak event, but congrats boys for the well performance...bukan rezeki lagi utk menang gold and keep it up, hopefully we will win bola sepak game in 30 SEA game in, soalannya sekarang, do we got holiday caused won more than 111 gold? haha...wait until further announcement ya...for tonight I just want to enjoy the closing and hopefully it will be superb as the opening...yeah!!!

tq for reading and cannot wait for long holiday...I really need a break! ^-^    


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