Friday, August 11, 2017

kad student Komuter link hilang...What should you do?


B4 ni I pernah post how to apply for student komuter link kan? so, this time, what should you do if you lost your can you apply it back..

alkisahnya, my card was lost...huhu...I didn't remember where I put it and already search everywhere, places I always went, used to visit but I cannot find it..huhu....that's why I need to apply it back caused I can save 50% of my fare every time I travel as well as I am frequent komuter's user. so, 50% save is quite a big save and help me to save my pocket money...

how do you apply for KTM student link card if you lost the previous one? these are the steps:
1. do the police report and state in the report that you lost your card..nearest police station at KL sentral (the komuter link counter located) is outside NU sentral, under the bridge. You can ask for the direction to the security guard at NU sentral if you didn't find it..hehe
2. Print back surat pengesahan university or confirmation letter from your university..this one you can ask your register's or postgraduate office's staff to clarify your status as a student. you can download this form via internet..just log in :

and go to  Permohonan KOMUTER LINK Atas Talian Pelajar Sahaja or in english  (ONLINE APPLICATION FOR STUDENTS)

3. make a copy of your IC and student card.

4. Go to the first floor KTM student komuter link counter near ETS counter ticket. Please bring RM 15 (RM5 for card price and RM 10 for money inside the card) as well as your original IC and student card in case the staff as for it.

Counter will open from Monday to Friday at 9.00 to 5.00 pm (counter will close for an hour at 1-2 pm). Closed at Sunday and public holiday.  

If you remember your previous card number, they will trace back the card and you can get the money balanced from the, please snap the card photo..maybe it will benefit to you in the future 

so, these are the steps if you lost your student komuter link card...I already make the new one and I can save my money back..yahuuu...

ok, that's all and tq for reading ^-^ 

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