Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Azizah white coat ceremony


white coat ceremony.....hm...what was that? white coat ceremony is the event for final year medical students who pass their final exam...during this ceremony, ada majlis angkat sumpah where intipati during oath ceremony are treat patients equally, x kira bangsa atau agama, enemy or not etc...

jadinya, 3 days before raya last June 2017 (haha..lama tul I perap cite), Maznah, amat and me went to Kelantan for Azizah white coat ceremony...where was our parents? well, they're not coming and we went there on behalf of them. To be back to USM, well what I can say...it remind me a lots of things..the place where I know about life, patience, communication, success, fail etc...in short remind me who I am and of course goods memory with friends although most of us were not longer in USM..

The final result was announced during evening a day before white coat ceremony....huhu...they sat for final paper on Sunday and had to wait until Wednesday to know either they pass or not...Kalo I, memang x makan and minum la...huhu...and I still remember my whats app to her a few days we went there..she was so worried and cannot do anything...and afraid she failed..well, we as family, we knew she will pass with a flying colors...and the same time we also pray for her success.

A night on 21/6/2017...as we took a first flight to Kelantan, we slept at the airport...that was my first experience slept at the airport which was not bad...haha...caused there were a lots of people sleeping there to wait their flight and of course because Raya...as we touch down to the airport, we rent the car and went to fetch Ijah (I called Azizah as Ijah) at USM before drove to our homestay...so, we can saw her worried face at the morning before the announcement...haha...so, berjalan2 di sekitar pasar cik siti which was so untrue if you didn't buy something..haha and also aeon before we went back to USM to hear result. alhamdulilah, she made it and there you go, third child of En Maamor and Pn Raudzah with Dr tittle..after kak ety and along...congrats sis and as celebration, we ate like crazy during breaking fast..haha which followed by supper 2 hours breaking fast

the next morning...was the white coat ceremony...well, what I can say, I love the ceremony..ceremony where the lectures share about their story to the student and where the lectures hand back their students to the family members after 5 years...the new medic dean (during my time was prof aziz), speech was so funny and prof, actually I didn't mind if you want to speak more..haha..the main event of ceremony was the best student posting in every department...students need to face 9 departments during their fourth and fifth year.

and Ijah was surprised when they announce her as the best student for the orthopedic posting...actually, we're surprised also...haha...she also won best elective student..overall beside her scroll, she won 2 award as best elective student and orthopedic...cayalah sis

jom tengok gamba

tido kat klia2 la kita

muka bangun tido and sahur..tq marrybrown bg tido kat sini...haha...tp yg best, internet laju..ye

sampai kelate doh

muka tenang a few hours before result out

during the result announcement

aturcara for white coat ceremony

yes..she do it....!!

attendance check 

her name

award she received

the happy face

suddenly ijah ask, where was her flower...haha!!b4 tu dia kata x nak...dah ramai pegang bunga br tanya...but caused her sisters know her better, the surprised gift was prepared..tq sis caused terima order last minit...this time kita bg bunga coklat kt ijah..haha 

hapi face receive the presents. mana ada org lain dpt bunga mcm dia ms hr tu..haha

3 generations of USM ..we do it...ok, leh pack brg and blk selangor for good...well done sisters and me..haha

gamba during she got her award as best student for elective

best student for orthopedic 2017

her group picture

alhamdulilah, after 8 years we finished our study with flying colors...ms event ni, I managed to met ain, sha (who currently my teacher for statistic after kak diya) and some of genome's member...well, the feel or vibe when I enter genome was different compared my last visit...why? hm...maybe a lots of faces I know already finish her study and without I realized time moved so fast and what I can do right know, is finished my study faster and hope I will more subjects to be recruited to my study...amin...

so, now it only me left to achieve what along, kak ety and ijah had....yes, you can do it hasnah

tq for reading and take care ^-^...next post is hari raya celebration  

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