Wednesday, August 2, 2017

coretan iftar 2017


Before cite pasal raya, rasanya molek habiskan post pasal bulan pose hr tu…secara keseluruhannya bulan pose ni boleh di anggapkan sebagai mencabar caused need to travel a lot…mostly sg buloh-selayang..sometimes sg buloh-selayang-cheras and in the weekend sg buloh-selayang-shah alam…and ada a few situations need to breaking fast inside the train which was cool as the staff made the announcement and we san ate in the train freely..haha, sometime when I was hungry which so starving, I will eat in the train..jom, story about breaking fast or ifftar for this year…

Start with ifftar with tiqa and tiqa’s friend at r&r sg buloh…specific at KFC caused menempuh jem di cheras..haha…see, I told you, kalo keluar UCSI after 5…get ready to be stuck in the jem for more than an hour…luckily, we manage to be there before 7 and ordered our meals…after maghrib, went to buskin robin for a dessert and of course I ordered my  favorite dessert drink at buskin robin: chocolate mint shake …hahaha..what a lovely ifftar

Second, breaking fast with buddies.. This was first year kak diya was not around us forever..I still remember every Ramadhan she will be a busy person and ask us when we will go together for breaking fast…is it will be in our annually place or what? Which actually most of the time we end up at the same restaurant except for 2015, we went to Fish Manhattan…haha..and those asking hanya tinggal memory yg me, shikin and muni will remember forever…How we miss you so much kak diya. this time, we went to our favorite place for ifftar…the chicken rice shop at midvelly megamall…tq to ikin’s hubby for joining us and let ikin lepak2 with us as well to baby caused tak meragam sgt..hehe…I really hope that me and muni’s future husband can hang out together and most important ikin’s hubby will had a friend…haha

Third: the most happening ifftar…ifftar with ex bos in shah alam…OMG, there were a lots of foods (from western to kampung), drinks, good performance etc…the most excited part during the event were solat maghrib, isyak, terawih , hajat and witir together….and after that moreh…oh my, I can still feel the taste of foods mainly the lempeng and sambal…haha

Fourth: ifftar paling jauh for 2017..ifftar at Kelantan and the most important part fully sponsor my Ijah…haha…and supper 2 hours after that with the most delicious ice cream in kelantan 

Fifth: and not forget with the closest friend in IMMB: ju, mira, yat, put, ain, fara and ju’s small family: chai, maira and adam at black canyon…the tomyam was so yummy and the foods were fantastic…you guys should try and the price was quite affordable for us as students…

Sixth: ifftar with pak din and biha at food jam, sg buloh...I wrote this restaurant before and as usual x menghampakan...haha...sedap sih..

Lastly as same like previous year..the grand ifftar at my grandma house…as usual a lot of fruits, news etc..started with bacaan Yassin and doa2 di akhir puasa

pictures time:

suasana di hari terakhir ramadhan di rumah nenek
makan beramai2 di akhir puasa...sapa yg bakal x de tahun depan ya...haha

ifftar with budies..we missing someone over here

gelagat bila ibu membawa anak2 keluar makan versus bujang kuar makan..hehe

ambil saiz sederhana besar for ifftar with pak din and biha..yummy

see...pinggan gila yg nak basuh pun suka...

geng ifftar buka picture sebenar ms kejadian but this was the attendance during ifftar..start from in front, right: fara, put and the back from right: ju, me, yat and ain

So, I guess that was my lovely ifftar for 2017. with a lots of friends and relatives..hopefully, we will met again Ramadhan 2018 with fully of activities and I will be at the end of my study phase during that time...cayok hasnah

That’s all and tq for reading ^-^..take care

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