Friday, March 31, 2017

movie review: life


movie review for life pulak...on the same day muni and I watched Power Rangers movie. As summary, life mengisahan sekumpulan saintis from different countries( USA, UK, Japan) membuat kajian di angkasa lepas after they obtained the specimen from the beginning, it was small...very small and suddenly it grew bigger but at that time the scientist didn't know how it happened until a few research and they knew that it will bigger due to water, oxygen and fire...However, this thing which they call it as Kelvin try to kill the scientist one by one.

Oh ya, if Kelvin managed to kill one of the scientist and drink the blood, it grew more faster. a lot of technique they used to kill him but as long as Kelvin grew, it also become intelligent and hard to be kill

Can they Kill Kelvin? how many scientist save? can they save earth from Kelvin existing? Don't forget to watch Life

Out of 5 starts, I gave 3 and half start for this movie..and what can learn from this movie is never estimate other thing who lived outside earth. Be careful while doing research and if the specimen is become aggressive (for specimen who didn't exist on earth), kill them before anything happened..hehe
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and tq for reading ^-^

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