Wednesday, May 24, 2017

larian standard chartered 2017


yeah, menulis again after 2 months..huhu...ok, post kali ini, kalo korang pernah baca my blog, I pernah post pasal ni 2 years back...and after 2 years, me and muni still x join the event..hahaha...bila ya? in sha allah, we will join next year as participant and we will do for the easiest run which is 5 km or maybe apply for the volunteer during the event

last Sunday, 21 May 2017...was the event which was quite earlier compared to previous, maybe hujung2 thn takut jerebu berlaku which it had happened before or maybe the organizer had another big event in the end of the years..well, the real person who actually join this run was my sister: Maznah while I was there to cheer her up and I asked muni to accompany me...haha...and because she took 10 km event, the run start at 7.45 am. Maznah drove from kak diana house at shah alam to NU sentral to park her car and hoop into lrt to masjid jamek station where the event starting point is at sogo and end at dataran merdeka....well, it was good to walk in the middle of the busiest road around jalan tar and dataran merdeka...a lot of perangai manusia and gelagat u can see during the event like run with the tutu, run by carrying little children or put it inside the stroller...during the middle of event, the was a heavy run and luckily maznah had arrived to the end point...

us near the starting point

sekitar event 1

the participants

the participants 2

the most important price

the run, which is less than 10 km...and she managed to do it at 1 hour 6 minutes...kalo I maybe separuh kot masa tu...and look how many calories and steps she went through

ok, that's the wrap for standard chartered run 2017....there will be more run for me to join...yeah, so, register yourself and this event can be great event for whole family , husband and wife as well as best friends....sekaligus, i help you to still fit and healthy

tq for reading and take care ^-^


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