Monday, March 20, 2017

cikgu tuition. Tuition PT3 and SPM di TTDI and seksyen 13 Shah Alam Selangor


lama dah x menaip...x de latest picture yg nk di kongsi plus kehilangan kak diya memang mendatangkan kesan mendalam...moga akak tenang di

since early March 2017, I started my part time job as tuition teacher and for this moment I am a teacher for 2 classes, which I was asked (parents and students) to teach English for pt3 as well as SPM. since it was more than 15 years I left my secondary school, the first thing was to prepare myself in term of the syllabus as well as novel. Actually, at the first week, I was asked to teach BM for pt3..haha, it sound easy right...BM..but once the students asked for grammar for example memberikan...why mem and kan were at the end...haha, payah sih...BM grammar rule is not same as, luckily the parents find the suitable BM teacher for my PT3 students...kalo x payah lah, I need to fresh  and flesh back the BM grammar. Furthermore, since I also student, teaching English help me to improved my grammar, vocabulary and learn how to explain...

setakat ni, I am fully occupied for Saturday and still available for Sunday. As for my partner, cikgu Diana, she is not fully occupied on Saturday and weekdays currently but she almost fully occupied for Sunday. For those parents who wish us to teach their children, you are free to ask us via whatsup, sms and call. Since the mid exam had finish (March 2017) before the school break, some of students already get their result and based on experienced, it is better to start earlier, mostly if the student had or facing difficulty to understand certain subjects mainly for those who will sit for big examination such as UPSR, PT3 and SPM. Maybe during the school time or school tuition itself are not enough for them to understand the certain topic
    You can learn together with your friends or doing tuition by your own aka private class...don't forget to get us a call if you're interested to join....There will be a special price for 1 class with more than 2 students..

ok, that's all and tq for reading ^-^ 

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